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  1. Hey Heather!!! I just rejoined ww too... after yrs and yrs of losing weight and gaining it back... the same 40 lbs for 10 yrs... soooo annoying. I decided it was time to get back to basics and learn portions and not to be afraid of any food anymore. I was a huge part of the 100 plus group, but it seems to be hanging on by a thread, such a drag because it was sooo awesome. But maybe we just need to make our own group. I am at one of my highest weight, and it is time to change!! I also live in Canada.. On Vancouver island. I am going to be 53 next month, eeek.. married, fur kids, and run a family daycare. Hope we can get things active again.
  2. Hey,

    I miss you too!!! I did e-mail you, again. But, I guess you didn't get it. Selma, was nice enough to give it to me again. It was the same one, I had used in the past. You can e-mail me if you want to. I hope you do post more often. How are you doing? Take care!!!!

  3. Hey Missy , how are you???


    I was lurking a bit.. really need to post more.... and see there was no kimberley?? Where did she go?

    How are you??

    I promise I will try harder to post daily

    Miss you... hugs

  4. I have been making this bread for yrs and yrs.... I now do it in muffin tins and tripple the recipe.... Yesterday I made it and used whole wheat flour instead... they were still yummy and I always add grated orange peel.... So does ww change the count????
  5. rocky

    Body bug????

    I posted this in my home forum, but do any buddies here have one?? Or opinions of these??? http://www.healthdiscovery.net/forums/showthread.php?t=196341
  6. I just love looking at your site.... it is truly amazing what you have done. You look soooo fabulous.
  7. I am trying to plan a few parties, and would like to have a drink or two.. but only if i can get the points down. I hear about coconut rum??? Is that Maliubu???? I am stuck, as I love it but have no idea how to count points and was wondering if it is what ppl say is coconut rum is?? thanks
  8. Wow amazing pics.. You have done sooo awesome, you look so young and cute and happy. Great job.
  9. Wow amazing!!!! You look fab. I can't wait to see those numbers either... thanks for more inspiration.
  10. Have made this many many times.. when I was following the Dr Oz plan.... this is soooo yummy and I forgot about it.. think it will be my new pot luck dish.thanks for sharing.
  11. I make this all the time.... but I don't use milk.... and I only use one egg....add a little water.. and everyone in my house loves it... you can also just make it into a regular loaf as well. Yummy.. glad it is core because I am starting core on thursday.
  12. Ok, don't think I posted this right the first time [it went to mine]LOL!

    Hey, I'm doing great ... hubby is fine too ... truthfully, I've been doing Sparkspeople just to try shaking things up a bit. Calorie counting ...who would have ever thought I'd try that? How are you doing? I do sneak in once in a while and read up on everyone ... I miss the group but I get so caught up with posting that my day is shot & nothing gets done by the time I'm done writing everyone ...LOL


    On the new site I only track what DH & I eat & maybe read an article or two but I don't feel like I'm living on the computer all the time ... how are you doing? My weight is still down from when I lost on BCB but I'm going slower this plan, [so] I've only lost 11 pounds ... I set the goal for 2010 [duh]; so, I don't get hungry & give up [like before]. My total loss is 35 lbs which is sad having lost 60 last year ...grrrr But, how are you doing???? I sure appreciate you writing, I truly feel that I have made some good friends on BCB ... hope people never leave so I can always come back! (...boy, doesn't that sound double standard?...LOL) Take Care, Lynn

  13. I'm doing well. I'm 76 lbs down from my highest. In another 10 lbs I'll FINALLY be at a weight I haven't seen in YEARS. I'm doing WW at home, since I can't really afford the weekly fee. How's married life? I hope all is well.



  14. Hey Lynn, where have you been??? Sure hope you and dh are doing great.

    Fill me in ok. hugs

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