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  1. Edit, Looks like you already got your answer.
  2. In all fairness it was because I had a baby but it felt great none the less as I start my (loooong) journey back down the WW road! I took a break from WW for this pregnancy and my last (only 8 weeks in between) and I can't wait to start WW again! I'm I'm excited to find a few nursing Mom's that can share some secrets and hopefully a few parents that can help me find a way to incorporate exercise with 3 little ones. Looking forward to getting to know all of you again, hearing about your success and meeting those I have yet to have the pleasure of meeting.
  3. Thanks everyone... boy, I didn't realize how little time I would have to frequent this MB. And I REALLY want to! I've already learned something new just in this thread... I didn't know lack of sleep may have an impact on my loss - argh. WI is on Tues AM so we'll see how things are going. I need to really sit down, plan my week and join a challenge. That's what kept me going before! I already feel ill prepared this week. And not being able to exercise is frustrating.
  4. I had to take a break from WW because I got pregnant. Throughout pregnancy I couldn't wait to go back OP... well I had my little one last week and attended my first meeting yesterday AM! Unfortunately, I gained 30lbs of the 38lbs I lost back but I know that I can lose it again and it's not as if I could have gone my whole pregnancy without gaining anything so... here I am back OP with a goal of losing 74lbs - Yeah! I can't wait to get reacquainted with everyone, support and be supported! This is a great place to be! Also, I thought I'd share my little one, here's Shane! http://www.healthdiscovery.net/forums/showthread.php?t=170229
  5. Amazing job! I love how as you shrank your smile grew!!!
  6. Looking for number of points for Taiko Sushis' Rocky Roll.... tempura prawns, crab salad, avocado, spicy mayo, teriyaki sauce and masago. Could not find this or anything similar @ http://www.afcsushi.com or Taiko's site. Thanks.
  7. I always try and remember to vote... but these reminder posts help. Now... how can we get you 2k votes and into 3rd place?!?!
  8. I too was wondering this... thanks for posting. My first few months on WW I started out having a protein shake (including fresh fruits) then working out about an hour later - this was great. Then I started incorporating other types of breakfast meals (eggs, charizo, oatmeal) and found that I was not as pumped to workout. I went back to my shake yesterday and it was the first time I've worked out in a while... and it felt good. P-shake or fruits work great to get you moving. As far as what's right/wrong - if we're feeling lathargic that can't be a good thing so I'm sticking with a shake 60-90 before as Padre suggests. For me it was not just about when I was eating but what I eating. Something in your system before working out def. has my vote.
  9. Before and after pics always make me smile! You look fantastic - Great Job!
  10. Congratulations! 90lbs - that's amazing! You look fantastic! Thanks for putting yourself out there. I just don't have that in me yet but when I see and hear such personal thoughts and feelings of those who are true before and after's it's inspiring. For a long time I was skeptical of such huge achievements - yours is true and so completely motivating. Thank you for showing us the incredible payoff of your efforts!
  11. I voted again... you're doing great!! Keep it up!!
  12. This is really cute... I'll have to share the link with my family. Mine: 1974 ... "Kung Fu Fighting" by Carl Douglas Cricket, you are too funny!
  13. Congrats! Isn't this fun!? I love reaching milestones! Good vibes to you on working towards your 10% goal!
  14. This is a great little trick... if only I took after my son and liked veggies as much as he does (then I wouldn't need tricks like this to get my veggies in) - lol. Thanks.
  15. Welcome and crongrats on an OP day! Post often - share your accomplishments and frustrations - that's what we're here for right?! I have found myself referencing good one-liners on almost a daily basis. One that came to mind when I read your post was: "It's easier to say 'no' once in the store, than 'no' twenty times at home. " - I can't even have those WW cakes in my house. I don't crave them when they are not here but the one time I did purchase them, I ate like three in a row. I ended up tossing the rest only because when I knew there was cake in the house I wanted it. For me, cravings pass and it's just better not to have stuff like that around. WW suggests acknowledging what you crave and finding a healthy substitute. I crave salt so 1pt popcorn or the 2pt WW Sweet & Salty bars work for me. Also, think "HALT" - Hungry, Angry, Lonely or Tired. Once you figure out which is the reason you want to eat, deal accordingly... Hope to see you around! Shannon
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