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  1. Mm, yum. I shouldn't be browsing the recipe section before I've eaten breakfast.
  2. Thanks for the milk clarification and the butter/margarine input! (Actually, using that spray for a grilled cheese sounds good...now if only I could find low-fat [non-mozzarella] cheese!) And I was able to find the taquitos on CalorieKing.com! I'd never been to that site, but definitely have it bookmarked now. Thanks!
  3. Got this recipe from bellasmommy (who got it from idigthered) over at the _weightwatchers community on livejournal.com (link) She writes: So, my batch just came out of the oven. I tried one with butter to sample. Then I had to try one without butter, just to see if my tastes were deceiving me. ;-) They're really good! Now, I don't like pumpkins, or gourds in general, I don't even like pumpkin pie, so you can bet your booties that my palate is very thoroughly testing for any residue of pumpkin. There is none! Just yummy chocolate. And it leaves a really nice chocolatey taste in your mouth. The consistency is good too. Not too light, not too heavy. But, yeah, really easy to make (I used, like... a bowl, a spoon and two cupcake trays that I don't even have to wash 'cause I used liners). Mine took approx 19 minutes to bake, but they were probably what some would consider on the small size. (about twice as big as one of those Hostess 100 cal cakes though). Word of warning though, I thought that these would melt into nice smooth even cupcakes as they cooked, like cookie dough, and as a consequence, just plopped them in the liners. But they don't. So my cupcakes look pretty much like big dog turds. LMAO. But they taste good. AND I made 24 cupcakes, which by my calculations is 2 pts each. But I could be wrong, since I just went off the boxes... Just added up all the info for the entire mix and pumpkin can, then divided by 24, which is probably not how you're supposed to do it... I just used a brand name milk chocolate cake mix.
  4. Okay, I guess these are kind of n00b questions somewhat, but... 1) Is skim milk the same as fat free? Or what is the difference? 2) I am having a hard time finding "fat-free" butter or margarine? What brand do you use? I had bought the 'I Can't Believe It's Not Butter' spray, which has no calories, but I might as well be spraying cooking spray on my food for all the flavor that comes through. So today at the store I bought that 'SmartBalance' stuff... it was the best I could find. 3) My fast food Achilles heel right now are the steak grilled taquitos from Taco Bell. I get them with sour cream (eep!) but I could always bring them home and use ff sour cream. I went to the Taco Bell web site to get nutritional info, but they're not on there. Is there another web site where I could try to figure out the points (without having to tear one apart and measure how big the tortilla is and how much meat is in there)? Or has anyone else already calculated the points value for these?
  5. I don't think I've ever said this to anyone before, but... WOW. You look 20 yrs younger!!! Amazing! Thanks for posting. So inspiring...
  6. I made one of the individual servings tonight after dinner. 2 T of the powder mix + 1 T of fat free vanilla yogurt (which I providentially had in the refrigerator from a while ago--yay!) and stirred them in a little bowl and microwaved for a minute... yum! Totally satisfied my wicked day-long brownie craving. I could discern no "diet-y" aftertaste at all. Tasted like the real deal. The only downside is that I got no delicious flaky crust on top. But beggars can't be choosers. :-)
  7. I wasn't very impressed with the Hostess cakes. I bought the chocolate and yellow cake varieties. I thoguht the cake was spongy, I couldn't taste the dab of cream, and worst of all was the chocolate on top which was grainy. However, I gave one of the yellow ones to my mother and a chocolate one to my friend at work (who's also on WW) and they both really liked them. So. YMMV. I've never tried the WW ones.
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