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  1. We had this tonight. YUM! Even the kids liked it. We'll have it again.
  2. I made this for dinner last night and everyone (age 4 - 40) loved it!!! That is amazing in this household. They asked if we could have it every night. Probably not, but nice to know that we can have it again. It was easy, delish. Oh, I did make a change. I marinated the chicken first. Mmmm...
  3. Has anyone tried both Boca and Morningstar crumbles? Is there any differece? Do you have any preference? I just noticed the Boca crumbles in my grocery store and they're a lot cheaper. Plus each package holds 1.5 lbs of meat equivalent vs. the 1 lb. in the Morningstar package. Could I really save that much money or is the Boca just yucky? Thanks!
  4. This was delicious! Thanks for the recipe! I substituted whole wheat flour for the regular flour - I love the nutty flavor! The kids and DH ate it up!
  5. junglejoy


    Thanks for the heads up! How do you prepare it? Does it taste like the Crumbles? How about nutritional value, points? How much do you have to purchase at one time? I use the crumbles for a lot of things and would love a less expensive alternative. Thanks, abcdef.
  6. I'm so glad you all are enjoying the recipe. I forget about it then make it two times in two weeks and wonder why I haven't been making it all along. I also love all your changes. I get tired of the same thing all of the time. And it is a great recipe for company. I always serve it for house guests and they always ask for the recipe and are surprised to find out it's low-fat. I love eating well and staying fit! Before WW I never thought it would be possible.
  7. Quilter in VA, have you tried purchasing them at Costco? I found a six pack for around $7. What a deal! Now if I can use them all up by their Novmeber expiration date. I am addicted to the egg substitute with the precooked crubled bacon and 2% cheese made into an omlette. Only three points and YUM!
  8. junglejoy


    I can't get this at my local grocery store but it's at Costco in the refridgerated deli section. YUM!!! I love prosciutto. On pizza, with pasta, on a sandwich or just plain.
  9. Question on this... You really just mix everything together like a thick soup and then bake it? The tortillas or chees aren't layered or anything? Sorry, but this sounds a little gross. I would like to try this because it sounds easy and the ingredients are yummy, but I'd like to hear from someone who made it. Did your family eat it? Thanks!
  10. I've been wondering the same thing. Come out, come out, wherever you are...
  11. This is so good!!! YUM! Thank you for posting. I have already made it twice and the entire family loves it - the baby, the picky 4 yr old, etc. I would even make it for company - it's that delicious!
  12. This sounds so good. I can't wait to go to the store and get some yogurt so I can try it. Thanks for posting!
  13. Nope. No nutritional info. I finally found it on the WW site and it said 15 points. That sounds about right. I really wanted to know how many points I saved if I switched from ground beef to Morningstar Beef crumbles. Sounds like I'll save about 5 points. That's about a point a serving. Very worth it!
  14. Oops! Just saw the Gardenburger. Sorry...
  15. This looks great! Are chik n grill patties by Morningstar? Thanks for all the wonderful recipes, Deedle. You should get a prize!
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