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  1. I LOVE the bulgur and tomato recipe, I use diced tomatoes with green chilies and then add a little ff cheese or ff sourcream on top, the last batch I made I added a can of kidney beans, I've also added roasted chicken. It makes a fabulous lunch and loads of left overs.
  2. I made this last night for the second time. My husband loves it, I stir fried some peppers, onion, broccoli and carrots to go along with it, this is definately a go to recipe.!!
  3. You know it's a hit when your husband goes back for a second bowl. I also added red pepper flakes to give it a little bit of heat. This is going in the save pile!!
  4. I can help! Two years ago I found an infuser called an ingenuitea, it's at www.adagio.com there is a 16 oz, and a 32 oz, I have both I use the 16 oz every morning, it makes a real healthy mug of tea. You put the boiling water in the infuser and the tea wait 5 minutes then set the ingenuitea on top of a mug and the tea drains out into the mug, there is a video that shows how it works. I've become a tea snob, no more lipton bags for me. Adagio also has a great selection of loose teas and you can get samples starting at $2.00. I hope this helps, I've gotten much tea there and many gifts for my mom.
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