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  1. I work some late nights as well and also often get up in late morning/early afternoon as a result. I still try to space out at least three mini meals, and definitely try to eat as soon as I get up - even if I don't feel famished, I know my body still is. But, I think it's a myth that breakfast has to be eggs, toast, etc. I say, eat whatever you are in the mood for at the time.
  2. Well...I can't help you on the water bit except to say that's pretty much good in all its forms - hot as tea, cold with lemon flavor, in whatever form you prefer. Some of my favorite chocolate fixes are.... - 60-cal Jello sugar-free pudding (I like dark chocolate) - I think this is 1 point - A small piece of 60-70% dark chocolate that I can savor and melt in my mouth instead of regular chocolate, which you just want to eat! - A weight watchers 1-point fudge bar, or other sugar-free fudge bar - A cup of chocolate rice krispies, dry - A frozen banana, thawed for a couple of minutes, sliced in half with 2 tablespoons fat-free cool whip and a drizzle of sugar-free Hershey's syrup - A half of a reduced-fat graham cracker sheet (2 small rectangles) with one large marshmallow and a tablespoon of chocolate chips, wrapped in foil and put in the toaster oven until melted (3 points) - And chocolate frozen yogurt!
  3. Hi everyone! I too am a huge HG fan, and am loving the book. I have tried and recommend the BBQ Chicken wraps (although I made mine with a very low-points wrap - http://www.flatoutbread.com/movie.html - and marinated the chicken first in BBQ spices), the Turkey Ruben (yumm!!), and the onion rings. I even went to her book signing, and had so much gossiping with everyone about which recipes were hits. I haven't tried the tofu noodles yet, but want to so I can have pad-thai (a much missed favorite of mine!). Hooray for Hungry Girl!
  4. Hey Keg - Me too! It was fun walking into a meeting again, and it's nice to see I'm not the only one. I stopped being on program about ten months ago, and after gaining 10+ lbs., am ready to be back on...for good! Also had a fun time digging through my old recipes and making a trip to the store for my ww essentials (carrot sticks, lean cuisines, chicken breasts, salad fixins, lowfat bread, etc.).
  5. Mmm...they sound de-lish. I'm in L.A....I'll see if I can try to find a store that carries Fit & Active. Were they in the frozen section?
  6. What's everyone makin' for Easter dinner? I'm having baked flounder with roast tomatoes (in WW complete cookbook) with steamed red potatoes. Any ideas for a festive, low-points dessert? (Candy is out this year as I asked everyone to skip it for me..but I might have a Peeps.) Happy Easter everyone!
  7. Unfortunately for us, Cheesecake Factory hasn't released NI. The dishes that I could find, including the "Weight Management" salads were between 10-14 points....one of my friends that waitresses there estimated that an average plate of pasta could easily be between 2,500-3,000 calories. If it were me, I'd probably consider using the majority of my weekly allowance points and move on.
  8. Ok - I know it's not an actual holiday, but for those of watching our weight, it's a major food day and worth preparing for. I am going to a potluck party with some friends who are total foodies. Anyone have some good ideas for sophisticated/awesome appetizers or fun drinks that I can bring so I'm not stuck with 7-layer dip and beer? As for me - I mostly watch for the commercials and halftime. Happy game day all!
  9. First off - big congrats on the weight loss! Must feel great to be 45 lbs. lighter! Sounds like you are dedicated and having great success. As far as the exercise, I am not a doctor or a personal trainer so I'm only speaking from personal experience. However, I have trained for a marathon and am pretty athletic myself. You are working out 2X per day every single day of the week with no rest. That does seem excessive. There is an actual compulsive exercise-type disorder but only a professional can diagnose it. Most compulsive disorders are characterized by the behavior becoming more nad more important and taking the place of friends, family, work, other life activities, and impairing functioning. Seems like your workouts are a very positive thing in your life and as long as they are not interfering with other parts of your life and are making you happy. I would check into it for your own knowledge and mention it to your trainer/doctor. In case, as stated above........big kudos on your big change.
  10. An ex-boyfriend of mine, an amazing chef, taught me the following rule of thumb: the thicker the greens, the thicker the dressing should be. For instance, thin baby mesclun greens would drown in thousand island, and using a vinaigrette with romaine might make you feel like the dressing is too light. (Same goes for pasta - the thinner/smaller the pasta noodle/shape, the thinner the sauce should be and visa verca). That said, if it were me, I'd do lowfat blue cheese with spinach and shrimp. My favorite brand, Litehouse (in the produce section) has a lowfat blue cheese that I believe is 4 points for 2 tablespoons..? Anyway, I also LOVE shrimp louie salads so that could be why I came up with the suggestion! Hope you find something you like.
  11. I like pounding out chicken breasts to make them flatter, marinating in ff Italian dressing for a couple of hours, and then stuffing with reduced fat herbed feta cheese and baking under a sheet of foil. This is great sliced up the next day on sandwiches, salads, or over pasta.
  12. I just read through my Kick Start booklet and love the list of 1 & 0-point snacks! I stuck it on my fridge and it has been very helpful.
  13. I found a nutrition facts calculator for anyone who eats out at Chipotle: http://www.chipotlefan.com/index.php?id=nutrition_calculator I tried it and was astounded at the amount of fat and calories in the meals I had when I was off WW (4 crispy chicken tacos w/ guacamole had something like 1,000 calories and 44 - that's right, 44! - grams of fat). I tried caluculating the points and my pointsfinder doesn't even go up that high! Should I go again, I will probably try a salad with beans, salsa, chicken, & veggies and skip the cheese/guac/chips/etc.
  14. Thank you Luanne! Surprisingly, this site doesn't list tamales as being all that bad...good to know.
  15. Hi Buddies, I am at work and forgot today that I had a lunch date at a tamale restaurant. Ok, I'm not sure what the damage was yet...but trying to figure it out and see if I can still be OP for today with dinner. I don't have my food guide to look up the points for a tamale, but I ate one black bean tamale and a bowl of split pea soup. The split pea soup was advertised as "vegan" but could still have had plenty of oil. I think I remember most bean soups being about 4 pts. per cup? So the bowl might be 7-8 points. The tamales are supposedly "lard free" so I'm wondering if they might be lower points than regular ones...? How do you tamale-lovers out there caluculate your points for them? Thanks for any help you can give!!
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