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  1. Hey guys, just letting you know that I'll be using a pass this week. I've been sick for 5 days now, and I didn't weigh myself on Monday. I'm having trouble doing the ww thing-always harder to do when you feel "off" and lethargic. Give me a kick, buddies---I'm in danger of doing a backward slide...........
  2. Woo hoo, the BCB is up and running! Lots of great losses here this week, and red is on fire! Have a nice vacation Sue!
  3. Wednesday March 25 Breakfast 2 sf pina colada muffins ff cappucino Lunch Egg salad sandwich Dinner SF spinach pie Snacks V8, ff popcorn Exercise 1 hour aerobics class
  4. All right Amy and Sabrina on the losses this week. I also lost 1.6 pounds for the red team. I hope to have an even better week. GO RED! Congrats also to Angel, Amy, Sabrina and all the other losers! March Break is over, back to routine. Let's have an OP week everyone!
  5. Monday March 23, 2009 Breakfast 2 sf pina colada muffins Lunch Mexican wrap Snack ff cappucino v8 grapes Dinner coca cola chicken, brown rice, carrots and green beans Exercise Callanetics
  6. Just broke out my callanetics (10 in 10) dvd! Thought some of you would be interested in this thread. Some before and afters. http://www.lowcarbfriends.com/bbs/exercise-board/446399-callanetics-before-after-photos.html
  7. Thursday March 19, 2009 Breakfast 2 sf banana muffins, coffee Lunch Fruit and yogurt salad, v8, Snack ff cappucino, ff popcorn Dinner Restaurant- something sf, or mostly sf
  8. Oh yeah, keep us posted on the couch to 5K program, Amy. I'm curious to see how you do. I've thought of trying it, but frankly, the thought scares me! Are you doing it outside or on a treadmill?
  9. Good morning everyone! Congrats Cindy on the loss, and Amy for sticking to your plan at the restaurant. Making good decisions in restaurants is one of the hardest things to do (for me anyway). Well, another day of entertaining the kiddos during March Break. We're going to see the Birds of Prey show at the mall. The kids are excited to go see the birds, but I think they're more excited to have super pretzels for lunch!
  10. Wednesday March 18 B- 2 sf banana muffins L- Dr. Praeger Veggie burger with ff cheese and salsa in a LTF wrap D- Hamburger and salad Snack- ff cappucino, fruit and yogurt salad
  11. Good morning everyone! Thanks for the encouragement yesterday. Good thing the red team did well despite my gain. Hope your little Tobias is feeling better, Amy. Nothing worse than a sick kid. Well, I'll check in later for the results.
  12. Tuesday March 17 Breakfast- 2 sf banana muffins, ff cappucino Lunch- fruit and yogurt salad, coffee Dinner- bbq chicken, baked potato, salad Snack- ff popcorn Exercise- Walk away the pounds, 3 mile
  13. Hello Buddies, I weighed in yesterday, and I'm very sorry to report that I gained .6 pounds while on vacation. I made some good decisions, but made more than a few bad ones. This week will be better, red team! Please feel free to give me a kick in the butt- I deserve it!
  14. My plan for the next week is simply to make good choices, and not give in to "vacation mentatlity" (you know, I'll just have the Alfredo, because I'm on vacation)!
  15. Congrats Nubian, Amy and Angel on the great losses! Well, I was down exactly 2 pounds this week. The weight has been harder to get off this time around, so I'll take it! Gotta go to airport in a few minutes-- I hope it's not delayed. It's crazy foggy out right now! I'll check in during my vacation. DH has an internet business, and never leaves home without his laptop. Ciao everyone!
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