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  1. Thanks Louanne. I saw the ad on TV about it being called the 360 plan. That is why I was wondering. I am kind of glad they didn't change the plan itself.
  2. I dropped out of WW's to have a double knee replacement. I would like to get back on plan. Just curious if you have heard of any new changes to the Points Plus Plan for 2013? Thanks and Happy New Year.
  3. Bumping this up. This was very good. Not what I expected at all.
  4. This does look good. I do have a question. Do you pre-cook the pasta?
  5. Our store carriers Bob's Red Mill Oat Bran. I can also buy it at the heath food store, so you may be able to get it there. You can also buy it online. In the winter I eat oatbran usually 4 or 5 times a week. I also make oatbran waffles, which is one of my favorite.
  6. I love this recipe and so does DH, so I usually double the recipe. Last night I made it with apples. I diced the apples and put them in a skillet with a little water to help soften. I added some of the splenda directly to the apples,(left some splenda and added to the wet ingredients) and added cinnamon. After I put my bread in the casserole dish, I added the apples and additional cinnamon and topped with the wet ingredients. It was excellent, and the apples were just right.
  7. Laurie you can increase the font size. I think it says something like 41%. There is a little drop down arrow, click on 100% or higher is you need to. This will increase the font so you can see it. This is great Carol, thank you..
  8. Thank you Nancy. I will look for them when I go to the store. I hope we have them here. They look like they might be good.
  9. I hate to ask this, but what is an Arnold Thin? I probably can't get it here anyways, but maybe if I knew what it was, they would have something similar.
  10. I made this a long time ago and it is very good and no it does not turn out dry. It really is kind of sticky. I think I let mine cook for over 4 hours. I thought for sure it was going to be awful, but it wasn't. Thanks for posting this recipe. I forgot all about it.
  11. I have tried in the past making my own Polenta and it usually comes out runny. How do you make it so you would be able to use it in recipes like the Polenta Chips? Thanks,
  12. Here is one I got off of this board, but I can't remember who posted it, but it is an excellent and very filling muffin. Add a glass of milk and you have a great breakfast or even makes for a good snack. Pineapple Oat Bran Muffins 1 1/2 cups oat bran 1/2 cup brown sugar 1 1/4 cups nonfat milk 8 ounces crushed canned pineapple including juice 1/2 cup egg substitute 1 1/2 cups whole wheat flour 2 teaspoons cinnamon 1 tablespoon baking powder Mix together oat bran through egg subtitute and let sit for a few minutes while you mix the dry ingredients in a separate bowl. Add dry to wet and stir just to blend. Fill 12 muffin cups which have been sprayed with nonstick spray and bake at 350* about 20-22 minutes, til pick inserted comes out clean. 2 points per muffin. You can add one or more of the following, but add the pts: dried cranberries dried cherries fresh or frozen blueberries Orange (rind and some juice) chopped pitted dates chopped nuts Another favorite which adds no additional points is to sprinkle the tops before baking with a mixture of Splenda and cinnamon. Note: I have tried the Orange with the rind and it was very good. I found adding the splenda and cinnamon onto a little too sweet for my taste, but you may enjoy it.
  13. These are my favorite and DH's also. I actually make waffles instead of pancakes as they are easier to cook, at least for me and I can freeze them and pop them in the toaster for a quick breakfast. You can top them with your favorite S/F syrup or fruit. They are high in fiber, so they stick with you all morning. Oatbran Pancakes or Waffles 1 cup of Oatbran ( Bob’s Redmill is a good one) 1 tsp baking powder ½ tsp salt (optional) 1 egg or egg substitute ¾ cup FF Milk 2 T. Splenda 1/8 tsp vanilla 2 tsp canola oil (optional, but highly recommended if making waffles) Mix all ingredients together and let set for 10 minutes. Poor onto hot griddle sprayed with Pam,. Makes about 5 or 6 4” pancakes, or 5 waffles. I found waffles take about 6 minutes to cook. Without oil 129 Calories, 1 grm fat, 20 carbs, 4 fiber, 6 protein 2 pts
  14. This looks very good Kimberley. Nice and easy too. I do have a question? Does this turn out kind of like Tamale Pie? I noticed that there wasn't any mositure in with the meat, so I was wondering if it turned out dry? Just curious. Thanks for the recipe.
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