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  1. Fairfight, how has your week been? I hope better than you expected. One of the ways that keeps me OP is keeping SFI foods always around the house. This week I had 2 different salads (Chop/Chop and Butterscotch Apple Salad) made and ready to eat in the Fridge. In the freezer I had Zucchini Chocolate muffins, several different soups, and other meals ready to heat and eat. Those are things I have prepared and no body around my house will bother my SFI food. (Well, that is a mixed blessing. LOL!) A well stocked SFI kitchen will help you make the right decision when things get hectic or rough. You will learn what really tastes good to you and I encourage you to keep those things around that make you feel satisfied (instead a victim of a "diet"). I look forward to hearing about your success.
  2. I'm continuing to work on 3 things: 1. Stay OP 2. Exercise, and 3. Sit down eating. The OP and Exercise are going well. I am doing a lot better with the sitting down. I'm not there, but I will be. It is a habit I want. I'm not working from the view of what I don't want, but what I do want. Dr. Julie, keep on tracking and it will get easier, and that goes for the exercise and food journaling. Determination today leads to success tomorrow!
  3. Thanks for the quick reply Carol. For some reason I've not been able to get on BCB most of the day. I guess I wouldn't mind trying a WS if I could just buy it from a store (not an internet order) and then check it out. That way I could easily return it if it didn't work. I looks like they have an inform quality problem. Some work great and some are awful. For right now, I've super glued mine once again. I do like the fine chopping that I can do, especially for the onions. And I'm like you, Carol, the choppers do speed up the veg. chopping.
  4. I continue to work on sitting while I eat. I'm doing better. I've stayed OP for 6 days and the weight is coming off. Yeah!
  5. I know we have had this conversation in the past, but I can't get the search engine to work. What is your favorite vegetable chopper? I have had the Vidala Chopper for several years, but I keep breaking it and super-gluing it back together. So I'm wondering up an up-grade. Carol, weren't you the one that had a "real favorite"?
  6. Veronica, thanks for keeping your before/after pictures as part of your signature. What an inspiration.
  7. Veronica, thank you for posting your before and after pictures on your signature. What an inspiration.
  8. I've stayed OP. Slipped a couple of times, eating while cooking, well it was more tasting than eating. I almost really slipped and just said what the heck, I've tasted while standing, so why not continue. But I remembered that I'm trying to put a new habit in effect, so saying no was a good choice. I'm giving myself credit for that. Hope all of you had a good day and was successful in your intentions to walk in good health.
  9. Walk, Sculpt, Tone DVD with Debbie Rocker. Just over a hour.
  10. Julie, you are reading my mind. I was thinking that "intentions" was a better word instead of goals. I really want to live an intentional life through the bumps and valleys of the day/life. I'm in for this thread! Today, my intentions are to be OP and to sit down while I eat. The sitting down, or should I say not standing up is such a habit, that I'm having to work at this.
  11. Lynn, I've bumped up the interested/committed thread. Is there someplace else that has the healthy habits quiz? Carol, I guess I just felt like all my plates fell and at times I didn't have it in me to keep one plate moving. I got into a survival mode. I realize that most of my life has not had so many things that were dragging me down as they did last year. It is just that I want to keep the plates going when it is good and when life throws the bad.
  12. Oh Carol, you are too funny. The thing is, I can just picture people sitting on the couches just to taste test food. LOL!
  13. This thread has made me wonder about what happened last year. Until April I was OP for the most part. I was getting close to my "goal", but several things happened. 1. I hurt my upper back and shoulder so much that I couldn't work out or even walk. 2. Finding out that I was very anemic 3. the months of fighting against and then coming to the realization that I had to have a hysterectomy and finally 4. Having the hysterectomy and dealing with a very slow recovery. So, I wonder, why did I drop the OP ball. Was it because I couldn't work-out? The all or none "stinking/thinking"? If I want the SFI program to work, it must work through the good and bad times of life. How do I do this?
  14. THanks Lynn and Carol. Healthy to me really is the state of mind, ie. attitudes/thoughts and that in turn produces healthy actions. SFI just points you to healthy foods and actions! It is as simple as that. I just realized that I've been making roasted Chickpeas and what have I done: stood and tasted. Cooking and tasting. While sometimes it doesn't cause problems; at other times it is a BIG danger.
  15. Cardio Overdrive for 1 hour. Feel good for doing it! yes, sweat and all. Julie, you are "healthy".
  16. Has anyone used this recipe without the bread machine?
  17. I've been thinking about your topic. Yes, I have a goals thread right now. It is the result of seeing that I need to live an intentional life. When I'm not eating healthy, then I'm tossed to and fro from this feeling to that feeling. I eat unhealthy things and I am on a roller-coaster of highs and lows. Is it the goals that beat you up or the pursuit of perfection? The all or none attitude? Yes, I deal with it and maybe I've not got it all figured out. I've read an article that liked to use "getting stronger" instead of "getting thinner". It is an interesting twist on how you think. Our culture says "thin" is stronger and better. But is it? I don't think so, but do I really believe that? Stronger can speak to many issues, not just food. Exercise and to me it (stronger) is an attitude, a character trait. Could I say Dr. Julie, that you have changed your "goal" to: "Be healthy"? Oh, maybe I'm rambling... I'm off to exercise and get "stronger and healthier," because I want to live life to the fullest.
  18. Why would you want a Ninja Master when you have a blender? Am I missing something here?
  19. I met my goals of exercising and staying OP yesterday. That makes 2 days in a row. I didn't meet the goal of "no stand up eating". It is such a habit. I'm doing better than I had, and when I caught myself I quickly moved to a chair. Today, my goals are the same as yesterday. I've already caught myself licking a spoon while standing up. So my goal is eat only while sitting for the rest of the day. One step at a time.
  20. Well Happy Birthday, Judy! May 2010 be the best year yet, full of blessings.
  21. Here is a thread about fullness/hunger that will be worth the time to read: http://www.healthdiscovery.net/forums//showthread.php?199548-Fullness-Levels Another thread about choices that was started by Dr. Julie: http://www.healthdiscovery.net/forums//showthread.php?199548-Fullness-Levels Thread about being interested vs committed by Lynn: http://www.healthdiscovery.net/forums//showthread.php?194705-Interested-vs-Committed There is more... but I don't want to overwhelm you.
  22. Kos, you got the idea of SFI down pretty good. Fairfight, it is Friday, and many people seem to get busy with life and less busy with posting. You have some good questions. Worth responding to. Don't get discouraged.
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