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  1. Thanks so much for the encouragement, everyone! My little girl is loooong and skinny (as I once was) and she is committed to helping me with my exercise! I already can't get her off of my new "Wave" . She says "I will make your exercise schedule, and MAKE you do it!" And believe me, she will. She's a persistant little thing. My normal way of eating is to eat NOTHING in the mornings until I get very, very cranky, then eat everything in sight. This morning, with my WW approved food, I'm finding it hard to get in my breakfast. I'm doing it, as I need to get in the habit of eating breakfast (the most important meal of the day and all that) but man, it's a CHANGE! Hopefully this will kick-start my metabolism. Oh, and I took Excedrin BEFORE the "no coca-cola" headache started. I think my first goal will be 5% of my total weight (so 12.5 pounds.) I am pretty excited at the thought of a new me!
  2. Hi, I have been here before. I THINK this is my 4th try on WW, but I have never stayed with it over 2 months tops (if that long.) The scale now says 250.6 and I am back. I re-joined WW online. I could say a few different reasons why I think I failed before, but ultimately it all comes down to one thing, I didn't stick with the program. I do have to say, before I had the mindset of "I can eat anything as long as I come in under points". While that is true, I wasn't sticking to healthy guidelines, etc. THIS time, I went to the grocery to stock up, and picked up the healthy guidelines foods first, along with things from the filling foods lists. Also, as of today, I gave up coca-cola. (because if I have one, I want another, etc.) In addition (and in tradition of the new year!) I bought a new piece of exercise equipment, "the Wave" from the Firm. I haven't used it yet, but today is DAY ONE of "the new me" so I certainly will begin. Brief autobiography.... I am 44, single mommy to a beautiful 9 year old who I homeschool. I also work from home, which ends up to me not having a lot of activity. I grew up not worrying about my weight, I was 110 at age 18, and around 125 at 25. Once I went out on my own after college, I steadily gained from less activity and eating badly. I was 190 when I became pregnant, and needless to say my weight went crazy during pregnancy. I blamed "baby weight" for a long time, but I sure can't do that anymore. Especially now that I weigh more than I did when I was 9 months pregnant! I have a Disney vacation the first week of September, and I would LOVE to lose 50 pounds by then. That's about 35 weeks away, so I don't know if my goal is too lofty. (Obviously I'd love to lose MORE by then.) Ultimately, I would love to weigh 125. (and be half the woman I am now!) So, Happy New Year, fellow Bootcampers! Dee Dee
  3. We had these tonight and they were delicious! I could eat them daily.
  4. Had these tonight, but doubled the amount of chicken. They were YUMMY! We all loved them, and we definitely have them again (and again!)
  5. Thank you all so much for the welcomes! I really had a hard time getting all of my points in yesterday, I was TOO FULL! But I did it, and got in an extra bottle of water to boot. I'm still not feeling so well from the stomach flu, but I am SO HAPPY knowing that I am on the way to finally losing this weight! The support here is incredible, I am so thankful to be back.
  6. Hello and Happy New Year! This is my THIRD time beginning WW. I first tried around July '06, again April '07, and now I am back to it. I didn't last past a few weeks either of those times. I wish I could pinpoint exactly why I didn't stick with it, I am sure I could come up with several factors, but the truth of it is, maybe I just wasn't "ready" to commit to it. Since I've put my story here before, I'll just do a very brief recap. I am 43, and a single mommy to a gorgeous little 8 year old girl. We homeschool, and I work from home. It's a great set-up for us. I was thin growing up, and into my 20's, weighing 110 around age 22 or so. Never worried about what I ate. When I moved out on my own my meal choices became fairly bad and the weight crept up and up. I was probably 190 or so when I became pregnant. I believe I am about 235-ish right now (I will weigh "officially" in the morning.) Obviously I can no longer blame it on "just having had a baby". I have tried (and failed) Nutrisystem twice. I think I did Atkins only once, lasted about two days on that one. WW has been the only thing I stuck with more than two weeks. It just makes sense to me, to eat REAL food, not some freeze-dried who-knows-what. I could say "oh if only I had stuck with WW either of the other times, I would be at my goal weight by now." And while that is true, I can't look at it like that. I can only pick myself up and try again. I have a few reasons that I think I failed before, that I can avoid this time around. First, my life the last couple of years has been very hectic family wise. (Parents split up, very ill grandmother, etc etc.) Things on that front have finally calmed down and I feel like I can breathe again, and take care of ME. Secondly, the other times, while I tried to eat within my points, I didn't eat the best things. It was always what was quick and convenient, since there was so much running back and forth with all of the family stuff. When I looked back on an old journal, I was disgusted by the things I justified to eat. (a 17 point milkshake?? Four WW oreo cookie bars in one day?? FOUR?? ) THIS time I have the freezer stocked with chicken and fish, plenty of veggies, a new smoothie maker and fruit, and DO NOT have my "trigger" foods laying around. I still have things I enjoy stocked, just not things that will make my journal ridiculous. (and try my willpower too much!) Lastly, on my other attempts I did not exercise regularly. Heck, maybe I exercised once or twice. While I have no set plan on what WILL get me to do it now, I just know that I will this time. I cannot remain fat. I cannot. I do have a treadmill and a Transfirmer set, as well as Walk Away the Pounds, etc. It seems the only thing I lack is action on my part. Anyway, that's my long re-intro. I am looking forward to getting to know you all as I STICK AROUND this time. I will need some motivation, so kick me in the pants all you want. Happy New Year to all! Oh, I forgot to add, I am getting over the stomach flu, so maybe I do have a little head-start on my weight loss! I'll add my stats tomorrow. Catbite7
  7. OOPS, I obviously didn't finish out my calculations. Thanks!
  8. One of my favorites that I found here on BCB is Stove Top Meatloaf. It's SO yummy, very inexpensive and about as easy as they come. I've never been a big meatloaf fan, but I love this. You can find it here under the beef section of recipes, or here is the link.
  9. I just bought some Laura's Lean ground beef today (92/8) and it is 640 calories, 9 fat grams, for a total of 14 points. (for 16 oz)
  10. I just made this, and it's YUMMY! Okay, now I have to wait and see how my body responds to it, but it was a nice way to get in a milk serving. And so MUCH! I plan to try a lot of the other suggestions in this thread as well.
  11. I haven't had the problems with cheese that I do with milk, I have no idea what the difference is in my body, why it one works and the other doesn't. I've never tried soy, except for soy nuts and somehow I doubt those count. But, I will look into any and all suggestions to find what will work for me! Would a local grocery have the WW smoothies?
  12. Thanks for both answers. No, I am not a cereal/milk person. My body does not like milk. Once in a while I'll have a latte (which I sometimes regret) and I tried to do the milk thing again (drinking straight milk) last week, thinking MAYBE that my past troubles were my imagination. They weren't, it was bad. I do like one kind of yogurt, Dannon La Crema strawberry, which I think is 3 points. I might will try that. Also, where do I find the WW smoothies? I am using the WWAH kit, so I don't attend meetings. Is this something I can buy in a store, or online? Thanks for the other cheese suggestions, I will look them over. I haven't been adding cheese to too many things, adding them to eggs as mentioned sounds nice.
  13. I cannot drink straight milk, be it plain or chocolate. My body doesn't like it! I don't like cottage cheese, or most yogurts. I WAS using Laughing Cow cheese wedges as my dairy. (two wedges = 1.5 ounces, for 2 points and one dairy serving, double it to get two servings and that's 4 points for dairy daily.) But then I was told here on BCB that Laughing Cow cannot be counted as dairy. (I had thought it fell under the "cheese" category fine.) So, I purchased a bar of Kraft Colby cheese, and was planning on eating 1.5 ounces per serving. Well, double that since I need two dairy servings a day, and it's SEVEN points for my dairy. Does that sound excessive? I know it sure as heck looks like a lot of cheese, but it's no more cheese that I had with Laughing Cow. I really need some help/guidance in finding something suitable for my dairy requirements, it's my biggest hurdle. Please help! ~Catbite (Dee Dee)
  14. Thanks for the reply, Luanne! Each wedge of this is 3/4 oz, so I've been eating two for 1 dairy serving. (total= 1.5 oz) So one "dairy" When I run out I'll check into a different cheese so I can be on the up-and-up with this. As for the oil, I sure like considering it was ONE point per teaspoon instead of 2, so I think I'll go with the e-tools answer, too.
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