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  1. The Lime Tilapia and salad are wonderful.
  2. justjan

    "NO Potato" Salad

    another bump...I have to try this
  3. Not Good. Bread is soggy. Not enough toppings. Lean Cuisine is much better.
  4. justjan

    How big?

    Is there anywhere that I can look that spells out how big a 3 point potato is? Or a 1 point apple,orange ? etc?
  5. Hi All, I have decided that I will officially join WW. Can someone please explain the Weekly Meeting stuff? I plan on joining tomorrow. I will probably pre-pay on the 10 week plan. However, I have a vacation scheduled for the 3rd week in October and will be out of town for 8 days. Will I be penalized for missing the meeting that week? Thanks for any answers.
  6. I browned the onion (and 1 clove fresh garlic) in Pam olive oil spray. Lasagne is cooking right now and it smells outstanding. Thanks again for the recipe.
  7. Congratulations!! What kind of reward are you giving yourself?
  8. Picked up an Orange Asian Beef meal. 260 calories, 4 fiber, 8 fat. = 5 points and very yummy.
  9. Red Lobster has lots of choices. They also have a "light" menu listed that actually contains calorie information. The Grilled shrimp with Baked potato and pico di gallo is great and only about 8 points.
  10. bump so I don't lose this before I try it.
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