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  1. I asked a lady who recently lost over 100 lbs, how she jogs daily without ever havng a tummy tuck, since I suffer with the same "flopping" sound you mentioned... She told me to go to Walmart-in the sports section, exercise yoga mats, balls, etc area..and for $5 pick up a weight loss waist band.....it is amazing! It is adjustable (make it tight!), velcro, and does the trick..no more slopping, flopping, farty sounds....best $5 I ever spent! lol
  2. Love, Love, Love these! I have tried the Whole wheat and white, and they are both good.....next I want to try the everything bagel thin(anyone try this one yet?)..these are great toasted too!
  3. For Spring vacation, we are traveling to Florida...(from Ohio)...I will be there for 2 weeks...my question is, do I look for a WW meeting while there, or just pass on weigh-ins while I am gone?? What would the benefit of weighing in be? (besides keeping my weight in check) What does WW say about this?? I know if I didnt go I would mess up my chance at the 16 week award (at least I think so, right?)...I forgot to ask at my last meeting so any help would be appreciated! P.S. I already have all the meals on the road planned, (we are driving) and a cooler will be packed...no stopping for fast food! My sister who we are visiting belongs to a gym and she haas already obtained a guest pass for me, so I will still be working out! any other tips??? thanks!
  4. I believe that one of the reasons that the shipping is higher, is that they ship only on certain days, and the delivery has to be fast because they are frozen, they need to be kept cold. I've ordered a number of times, and they are delicious...my fav is banana nut.. Also, check out hungry-girl.com, as she has alot of coupons and codes for Vitamuffins.
  5. Laynee

    Need ww points

    I'm not sure which sandwich you had, but check out this site to help find out.... http://dwlz.com/Restaurants/mcdonalds.html
  6. I just went to Aldi's today, and found these fudge bars! WOW, yummo..and 1 pt! I will have to hide these from the kids :-) They were six in a box for 2.99....they also had other flavors, and they had the ice cream sandwiches (similar to skinny cows) in orange flavor! Tastes just like an orange creamsicle.... I also found at Aldi's: roasted red pepper hummus Fit & Active reduced fat wheat thin type crackers FA- FF devils food cookies FA-Egg Substitute FA Fruit and Grain breakfast bars Crayola kids water in 8 packs flavored with splenda-daugher loved it Frozen blueberries, raspberries (cheap!)
  7. We tried this last weekend, and I was so excited that I could eat KFC--WRONG--this stuff was nasty!! And I second the smelling up the car thing, wow, what was that????? Dry, tasteless and just overally nasty.....I commend KFC for trying, but strike1..back to the drawing board..so sad
  8. Thanks so much everyone! And yes, this is the "apron" a perfect name for it since it hangs like an apron! Im checking into all the ideas! Laynee
  9. Thanks for the link, but its NOT the "sisters" that are bouncing, but my tummy flap! (when it flops up and down as I run, it makes a slapping sound!) i checked out the sight, but didnt see a supportive brief that would work
  10. Ok, here goes.....I am down about 60lbs from my highest weight, but I had gotten a little lower a few years ago. I love to jog, and am finally feeling able to begin again, but when I have tried recently, my belly pouch (that awful hanging thing!) slaps up and down and makes a horrible noise!! (embarassing too!) Has anyone had this problem, and what have you done? Ive tried wearing a girdle type panty, but it still flaps! HELP!
  11. My favorite on the go breakfast is a 1 pt ww flat out, spread with 2 pts of PB and small banana rolled up inside, yummy and a great 4 pt portable breakfast!
  12. Amy's are very good(yet expensive), and I have found them at Giant Eagle here... I know what you mean about the selection. My peeve is this, although I am not a vegetarian, I am allergic to brocolli, and almost every single dinner has brocolli in it! (I cant even pick it out cuz even if it touches something else and I eat it, i have a HUGE reaction!) So my selection is also limited. There is an angel hair marinara(no meat) and butternut ravioli that is delicious! (i may be mixing up my lean cuisines, and smart ones)
  13. Ok, I just finished eating a bowl of this, and WOW! I was skeptical at first, and never thought my picky eight year old daughter would touch it, but she loves it too!! I didnt have any tomatoes on hand, so I drained a can of diced tomatoes, and added those. Yummy! Thanks for an awesome recipe! This will come in very handy this summer!
  14. WOW, this meatloaf is awesome! I am not doing core, has anyone figured points for this recipe? A keeper for sure, as even my 8 year old meat hater gobbled it up!
  15. Laynee

    Fiber ?

    My leader told us to put the points finder halfway between 0 and 1 in this case...thats what I've always done!
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