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  1. Ahh i c thanks. Are you aware of any other programs that allow you to carry points lists with you to go on a palm that do not involve having a monthly fee?
  2. Well I picked up my starter kit today!! I tried to attend a meeting, but I guess the listing that was online hadn't been updated and it was a join/weigh in only time. I don't want to join without trying out a meeting first. I was a little disappointed in how little was in my starter kit The WW Center is independently owned so they substituted some things for what is listed as included "internationally". I have been doing points my own the last week and not even very well--and I lost 2 pounds!! I am interested in WW on-the-go because I think it would be useful to have points available esp when out to eat and there is no way I'll carry my Dining Out guide around with me all the time. I don't really want to be part of WW online, because I have a journal I really enjoy keeping on paper. I'm not sure if there are any other services there that would be useful to me. Since it is free to join WW online right now I was thinking of getting the add on for On-the-go during the trial period. I am sure On-the-go is something I would use frequently, but I can't understand why there is a monthly fee for On-the-go. Once you have downloaded the points values to your palm, what do you need on a monthly basis? Thanks for any help you can offer!
  3. You all have sold me on the "try one meeting" idea, so I went to the website to determine where the best time/location would be for me to try. I had chosen one in a nearby town, but then I noticed that a little further away is a Weight Watchers Center that has meetings most every day of the week and several times on many days. It is a little farther, but the times would be a little better and I just wondered if you all felt there would be a benefit to getting my info at an actual WW Center. It seemed to me that there would possibly be a good chance of getting a good leader and maybe some better information there, but I don't know. In reality, my plan is to try this at home with friend support for the most part. I just want to buy the materials and be sure that I understand the program well. I don't even want to Weigh-in there. I am happy to weigh-in by myself at home...I've never wanted to weigh-in even at the doctor's office when I didn't have any extra weight on me!
  4. I am 5'2", 33, and have been putting on an extra 5 lbs a year since I hit my 30s. Now that I'm starting to grow out of some of my clothes, it is becoming clear that I need to take this more seriously. I want to lose the 15 pounds and keep it off forever while being able to eat yummy junky things (cake, french fries, potato chips) that I enjoy occasionally. As an option, WW is coming out pretty well in the research I've done, but I am curious as to why some of you made this decision in favor of WW. Every "Plan" seems to have its die hard fans and success stories. I've read Dr. Abravanel's book and took his test and can see some validity in his dominant gland approach (I gain weight and have cravings accd to the gland I tested as--gonad), but I had serious issues with some of the diet guidelines...most particularly the long times required between meals so I never tried it. I half heartedly attempted Michael Thurmond's six week makeover to prepare for a cruise. I did the exercise wholeheartedly and the food halfheartedly (which was always my intention oddly enough) and I toned up to my pre-wedding size of my late 20s (though not at pre-wedding weight). I want to start out as I mean to go on and want to believe in the process and program, so that I can stick to it. I hate the idea of a "diet" and don't know many people who've kept weight off once they have gone on diets. I've seen a LOT of spectacular failures though. I understand that my body is changing and I need to learn to eat in a way to take that into account, but I have a couple WW concerns. I hate the idea of the meetings and weigh-ins, and if they did interest me I'd have a major problem finding time to go. Also the JAMA article that heard about that claimed there was only a 6 lb average loss among ppl who stuck with WW for 2 years. I am hoping that was misquoted because I'd never stay on any program for 2 years if all it netted was a 6lbs loss. I set today as a goal date to begin something before I considered WW, so as of now I'm working on my exercise/nutrition journal, drinking 75 oz of water, exercising every day, and eating every 3 hours. At the end of the week, I'm hoping to know if WW is the way for me to go, if a different plan is the way to go, or if controlling portions/making healthy choices of my own is the way to go. Any help any of you can offer or stories you can share if you've been in this position, I'd appreciate it so much!!
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