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  1. The Red Team SW = 189.2 GW = 145 Weigh in day = Wednesday Week 1 (4/14 โ€“ 4/20) = 190.2 (+1) Week 2 ( 4/21/ - 4/27) = 193.2 (+3) what's wrong!! More workouts- hopefully see big loss next week Week 3 ( 4/28 โ€“ 5/4 ) = 198.2 ( official WW WI scale- mine was obviously way off) would like to use free pass if possible Week 4 ( 5/5 โ€“ 5/11 ) = 197.8 ( - 0.4 ) Week 5 ( 5/12 โ€“ 5/18 ) = 198.6 (+0.8) grrr! Get it together this week! Week 6 ( 5/19 โ€“ 5/25 ) = 197.6 (-1) YAY!!! getting better!! Week 7 ( 5/26 โ€“ 6/1 ) = 198.2 ( +0.6) GRRRR Week 8 ( 6/2 โ€“ 6/8 ) = PASS Week 9 ( 6/9 โ€“ 6/15 ) = PASS ( I have been very sick and have not been to WI in 2 weeks) Week 10 ( 6/16/ - 6/22 ) =
  2. The Red Team SW = 189.2 GW = 145 Weigh in day = Wednesday Week 1 (4/14 โ€“ 4/20) = 190.2 (+1) Week 2 ( 4/21/ - 4/27) = Week 3 ( 4/28 โ€“ 5/4 ) = Week 4 ( 5/5 โ€“ 5/11 ) = Week 5 ( 5/12 โ€“ 5/18 ) = Week 6 ( 5/19 โ€“ 5/25 ) = Week 7 ( 5/26 โ€“ 6/1 ) = Week 8 ( 6/2 โ€“ 6/8 ) = Week 9 ( 6/9 โ€“ 6/15 ) = Week 10 ( 6/16/ - 6/22 ) =
  3. I would like to join you I weigh in on Wednesdays and my start weight is 189.2
  4. I am addicted to grapes right now, usually eating appr 5 cups a day. Could this cause water retention?
  5. WOW!!! You look amazing? How did you get so toned?
  6. WOWEEE!!! You are beautiful! You are a total inspiration!!
  7. I had WI tonight and definately got back OP. And the scale was very nice to me. I lost 4.4 pounds this week taking me into ONEDERLAND!!! I am so excited. I am never making the trip back to Twosville. I also had my moms wedding to go to last Saturday and when I went to try on clothes, NOTHING fit! I had to run out and buy some new clothes. Boy did that feel great!
  8. Welcome aboard. You seem to be doing great with your weight loss! Keep up the good work.
  9. Great job! You look so much happier, you are glowing. Keep up the good work and you are an inspiration.
  10. That was too funny! Made me laugh.
  11. Thanks so much. I took your advice and did the in between number. It was a really good work though. I had a ton of fun!
  12. How do you know how many AP you gain for doing an hour of water aerobics? I am just starting this tonight. Is is considered moderate, or what? TIA:bcb_up
  13. We were told you have to have 3 plain glasses of water and the rest can come from any fluid. I was really not a fan of water to begin with. But now it is pretty much all I drink. Mind you it has to be ice cold, and from the cooler. I do not like the taste of tap water. I was actually shocked to see we had went through 4, 18L jugs in 2 weeks. Ususlly this lasts us an entire month and a bit. You will get used to it, start out slowly if you need to and build up. It's all in our minds.
  14. Thanks guys, I feel a bit better now. I was pretty upset with this gain, but I figured it had to do with my body adjusting to exercise. Maybe this week I will try eating all my AP and maybe some of my WPA. I am just woried that if I do that I will end up with a gain of 3 pounds or something and then I will have to try and re-lose that. If anything I will eat my AP's:bcb_up
  15. I have done a ton of brisk walking and some exercise videos this week. And I never ate over my daily points allowance, yet I gained 0.4 pounds. Could it just be my body needing to get used to the exercise? I was always a couch potato before. I have done 37AP this week. Should you eat all your AP? I never use my WPA ever. Please help, I ma feeling really down.
  16. Sounds delish! Do you add the water to the soup or use directly from the can in concentrate form? I would like to try this!
  17. Welcome aboard! I too am a newbie that started in April, the 11th actaully and have lost 9.8 pounds so far. Here's to a healthy rest of our lives! THis is my first shot at WW and hopefully my last!! I plan to live a happy healthier life!
  18. Do you have to count your 2 servings of oil as 2 points total from your daily points. Or are they kind of a freebee. I realize anyhting above that would be "actual points". TIA
  19. It says right on the firmdirect site that they do ship to canada. THey just dont ship the vitamins. Did you find it anywhere else in canada? I am also from there
  20. Still wondering what the FIRM is?
  21. What is the FIRM? I am new as well and have been doing some walking and treadmill.
  22. chimom3

    OP question

    I figures out the OP meant on plan, but does that mean only healthy foods or can you have for examle a WW 1 point cake peice in your daily points allowance and that still means you are on plan. Or does cheating with something not so healthy mean you are not OP? Again, this is not using any of your weekly points.
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