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  1. Good Afternoon everybuddy Just wanted to check in ...i am here and lost 2.6 this week. We have been walking and threw in a little running here and there too. Today is my little man's bday...he is 3 today!!! Hope everyone is well and staying warm. Hi to all my buddies new and old!!! Have a great day Julie
  2. Good Morning I am back...hi to all my old buddies and hi to new ones too!! I am starting back to meetings tomorrow night and am off to the grocery store this morning to stock up for the week!! It is wicked cold here and the wind is terrible but I must brave the storm and get some good stuff in the house. So much has happened in the last year since I was last on.... ~hubby lost his job last January because of changes in the company...found a job within a month and he loves it...that month was the most stressful time of our lives ~my mother is going through her 3rd round of chemo and started radiation for lung cancer...still smoking....very sore subject with me ...grrrr ~Lauren...my 5 year old started Kindergarten..she loves it...she is in enrichment and goes to a 1st and 2nd grade class for reading ~Sold our home in Cohocton and purchased one in our home town...Dansville...hubby drives to work now instead of working out of the house like he was before so we moved a little closer to cut down his drive ~my cousin took his own life in October...very shocking there nobody saw it coming ~Erik..my 2 year old keeps me very busy......he turns 3 in just a few weeks ~I am still a stay at home mom A friend of mine have been walking at night at least 3 miles 4 or 5 times a week...even in the freezing cold...we bundle up and head on out...so the exercise part is already taken care of and we really enjoy getting out and laughing a lot!! I am looking forward to re connecting with my old buddies and getting to know some new ones Julie
  3. Erlas

    Hi Friends

    Karen Hi neighbor....I am in Dansville....about an hour south of Rochester. I live up in the hills so we have a good amount of snow but what is worse down here is the wind...it just cuts right through ya. You get WAY more snow than we ever do up there coming off the lake...brrrr. Stay warm...i unfortunately have to run out in this stuff today to stock up for the week...starting back to meetings tomorrow night!! Julie
  4. Hi Friends I'm back!!! Been gone for a bit but am back and starting back to meetings on Monday!! Hope everyone is well and that you had a wonderful holiday with family and friends. Can't wait to re-connect with my old buddies..I missed you guys!! xoxo Julie
  5. Good Morning My weigh in day is now Wednesday ..so I weighed in this mornig and this week I am down 8.2 pounds ..yippee!! I am completely wrapped for Christmas. Our tree has been up since the day after Thanksgiving..I am so sick and tired of picking up pine needles..and wiping 8 muddy wet paws.... RW-Have a great day Bridget-Have a great day Becky-congrats on the loss Sarah-have fun making crafts Vern-HI...hope you have a good day Linda-I love the outlet..hope you find some bargains Lizy-GO MICHELLE!!!!! Vicky is evil...congrats on the loss Hope everyone has a Fantastic Wednesday Julie
  6. Hello fellow core buddies First thing...yes I am on track and doing well Second...I am doing it online Third....I know about the new program but my lips are sealed I hope this finds everyone well!! We have been so busy with Thanksgiving and now getting ready for Christmas...I have been reading just not posting. I miss all my core buddies Julie
  7. Good Morning I am earlier than usual. DH is on the way to the vet with both dogs so I have both kids up and dresses and we are now at the breakfast table finishing up some waffles before taking DD to school. The birthday party at McDonalds yesterday actually wasn't too bad. The kids played then had happy meals then played a little more then had cake and ice cream then played a little more and then shoes on and watch the birthday girl open her presents. Some of the kids were 'helping' her open her presents. They were tearing off paper and taking tissue paper out of gift bags and holding up the little girl's presents....and their parents said nothing.....I am super proud to say that DD sat back and watched and was respectful of the birthday girl. Kim-yikes around the block...yeah I love a good deal but waiting around forever...not so much..hope you get in today RW- you are singing my song.....my house was clean Saturday night....yeah yesterday...tornado central...so I will be cleaning AGAIN too Linda-glad you are feeling a little better...hope you get everything done today that you want too Becky-aahhh a massage...have fun..happy belated birthday Hope eveyone has a great op core Monday hi to all my buddies Julie
  8. That is correct....only Canadian bacon is core!!
  9. Good Morning Core Buddies Got lots done yesterday. 2 loads of laundry folded and put away along with a few other loads that were lingering around upstairs..they were folded just not put away. Made core meatloaf for dinner. Cleaned the playroom. Ran to my neighbors and returned the clown costume stuff she let me borrow...I mean it is almost Thanksgiving after all....and her and I are going to run into the 'city'...Rochester next Saturday first thing and I am going to finish up all my shopping...I literally have 4 presents to buy. Today we are going to a birthday party at McDonalds..the one that has a play ground inside...now I am not a germafobe but I am not crazy about it. We will be washing hands before we leave to head home. I will be having a Diet Coke ONLY while we are there. The pup, Molly, goes to the puppy dr. tomorrow overnight YES...oh was that out loud...to be fixed and Shadow has to have a thyroid test. Vern-Have a fun safe trip....it isn't too bad up north here...I mean it is only 20 degrees outside my kitchen right this second...bundle up!! Linda-france schmance.....you are far richer than she will ever be....you are kind, giving, caring, a wonderul close loving family, she will never have what you have...she should be intimidated by you... RW-ah the efforts of DHs....mine would have done the same...I haven't tried the all in one meatloaf....last night I just made the regular core meatloaf Judy-I hope you can get into your kitchen and enjoy it for Thanksgiving Sarah-I hope your back feels better soon...take of yourself Hope everbuddy has a Great Core OP Sunday Molly headed to the vet...Julie will enjoy a quiet night tomorrow night aaahhhhhhh Julie
  10. Good Morning I am up and cleaning away here this morning. I need to take videos back to the library. I will do laundry today too. We have a birthday party tomorrow, and I am still working on addresses. Last night about 9:00 I was bored. I had enough of the computer but wasn't totally tired. My first thought was EAT. Mentally I was hungry and physically I was not....thank goodness physical won out because I did not get anything to eat. I said to myself ..how do I want to feel in July' so I went upstairs and got my book and read for a bit and stayed out of the kitchen. Linda-hope you are feeling better soon Bridget-great job on not missing a day of exercise this month Vern-Hi....I would cut off my right arm for 51 hehe....I think is was 5 degrees here the other morning...have a safe trip Kim-hope you got into your class..hope you find some great deals at the toy/book fair...you know I love a sale!! Have a great core OP day Hi to all my buddies Julie
  11. Good Morning Good Morning I am on this morning because I had to update my ticker....lost 3.4 this week!!!!! DD and I are headed to a birthday party on Sunday for one of the little girls in her class. On football day.....no less. Hopefully I won't miss anything too important. Need to clean for the holidays as well. Wednesday night we always go out to the bars in my hometown...about 10 minutes away and see tons of people we went to school with because their parents still live here and they come home for Thanksgiving. We get our Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving so that will be fun to decorate with the kids. We always used to put a santa hat on the top of the tree but I found a star yesterday that has white lights to match the rest of the tree. Then next Saturday I only have a few xmas presents to pick up and then done done done. The majority is completely done just a few odds and ends. Yoga next week will be on Tuesday with the holiday on Thursday so that will be nice to get one in otherwise I would have to wait 2 weeks. Linda-hope you are feeling better...working with a cold is the pits...hope DDog is doing well too RW-I am on board with the whole cleaning thing...not thrilled about it but it has to be done Kay-I hope you get some much needed rest....I was in your shoes 2 weeks ago and I was exhausted...hopefully the colds will stay away from our house for a while Carmen-DH just said the same thing..we are in western NY and can't remember when we have had this much snow so early...ugh I hope it isn't like this all winter Bridget-have a great day...hopefully your calves calm down to a whisper..have a good day Kim-glad the storm missed you but I hope we don't get it.....enjoy your weekend...nice job on the maintain..especially like you said if it normally is your up week Hope everyone has a Great Core OP Friday Hi to all my buds out there...stay warm Julie
  12. DH eats everything I eat and is even willing to try new things so no problem there. But I have a 1 and a 4 year old so if they don't like what we are having....like chili(spicy), spicy shrimp etc. I don't make them eat it. They love core pancakes and chicken, turkey, veggies, fruit, eggs, ff/sf pudding and jello, grilled cheese with low fat cheese and whole grain bread, dd loves broth bases soups which I always have this stuff on hand and it is core but we, DH and I, just may not be having some of these things on a given night. For me with my kids as long as they are getting something healthy I don't mind making them something different. DH on the other hand I would tell him if he didn't want to eat what I was eating...fix something for himself...we call it fend for yourself night. I think kids is one situation and DH is another situation. Young kids can't fix for themselves but DH certainly can. Good Luck!!
  13. Good Afternoon OH my goodness I have been busy. Tuesday night I went and got groceries, Wednesday I got my teeth cleaned then FIL came over for dinner, today yoga....and throughout all of it I am helping get addresses around for about 140 people to update class information for DH's 20th class reunion next summer.....calling parents, looking up on the computer, in the phone book....ugh...I have over 100 done already so hopefully it won't take me much longer. Weigh in tomorrow morning. Oh then then is my family...not DH and my family but my sisters, mother....my mom is 74 and has lung cancer and is going through chemo for the second time. I have 4 older sisters and a bunch of nephews. I called my mother last week and asked what she was doing for Thanksgiving...she didn't know. Ok I called her this morning and she still doesn't know. She said she would call me this weekend and let me know....I am feeling like she is waiting for something else to come along. She gripes about my nephew who is in the military...I think he is good boy but she has a different opinion. She says he is a use and a taker. DH has a gym in the basement and when my nephew is home he comes over and works out WITH DH....my mom says well he USES DH's equipment...I was like you're kidding me here right?? Oh ready for this ....my sister...this nephew's mom is the first one to go to my mother and ask for money, vehicle, etc(and does it quite often)...and my nephew is the user/taker??? Then his brother had a birthday earlier this month and I called him to say happy bday...he told me he walked out on his job...ok....so my mother says this morning....just how do you know exactly that he has no job.....um he told me on the phone...well his mother hasn't said anything about it.....just had to vent but I think she is losing it....it is just so frustrating...can you say dysfunction!!! Sarah-I won't say it too loud...I am done Christmas shopping...I do enjoy shopping online..I hope you find some great deals RW-hope you had a great day Becky-Happy Birthday...hope you have a fantastic day Bridget-have fun tonight with your family and dd's birthday Kim-we have snow here too...bbbrrrrr...I have yoga tonight..I can mention it because we don't have enough snow for me not to go...hope you get there tonight Linda-thankgoodness for discounts....Shadow's surgery was crazy...DDog will feel so much better after..Shadow chases Molly around the yard, jumps on the couch etc...we are having Molly fixed on Monday..I told the vet take a double shot of craziness out of her hehe Jodi-cardo boxing...now that is a workout Fit-I am sending a box of snow and a whole lot of cold your way LOL....I live about an hour south of Rochester Hope everyone has a great rest of the day Julie
  14. Good Evening Everbuddy I had a really good day today. We got a bit more snow this morning. I went and got groceries this afternoon....I saved $60!!!!!! Oh I love a sale then having a coupon on top of that....oh I have died and gone to heaven. I am sitting her typing and watching The Biggest Loser....oh Vicky is EVIL!!!!! Tomorrow I have a dentist appt.....just a cleaning. FIL comes for dinner tomorrw night...not sure what we are having yet. My kids have finally stopped their runny noses...still a little cough but hopefully now that their noses have dried up their cough will soon be gone as well. I hope everyone had a Great day today. Hope everyone has a Great Core OP Wednesday Julie
  15. I should actually post at the end of the day too. Once I turn this blasted thing on I think I need to check it every 10 minutes....bcb, email, aim etc. Instead I could be doing a WATP tape while DS is napping and DD is at school. I could make sure my house is neat and picked up for the day. I could run on the treadmill...DH can come up from the office and listen for DS. Spend more time with my kids....I am a SAHM I spend time with them all day but every little bit counts. My kids are in bed no later than 8 so I think I will jump on after they go to bed and catch up on the day. Count me in Carol for the night time check in....we could do a 'what we did today' thread. I am on the east coast but I stay up til 10 or 11 my time so I will catch the west coast buddies. See you tomorrow NIGHT....have a good Tuesday!!!!! Julie
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