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  1. Thank you both for your suggestions! I'm gonna give the corn muffins a try this weekend and let him see what he thinks. Hopefully he'll love the taste enough that he'll be willing to give them a try.
  2. My dh and I are thinking about trying the core program after a year doing Flex. My problem is this, each morning I fix him a biscuit or sandwich for breakfast to eat on his way to work with a cup of coffee. Usually a bacon and egg sandwich, or sausage biscuit, etc.. If we go to Core, could someone give me some kind of suggestions that I can do for him for breakfast? And advice on lunches would be great also. We pack his lunch and he usually takes ff pudding, fruit cups, something like a tomato sandwich or ham sandwich, chips, etc .... We really want to try core, but I'm having serious problems trying to figure out what I can do about these two meals for him. He builds bridges so he has no place to go to warm a meal or even eat much of a sit down meal. It has to be quick and filling. I'm so counting on someone here having a better imagination than I do .... Any help is definitely appreciated!
  3. Etexman, yes a serving of uncooked oats is a half cup dry (40 g). The one thing I figured out though, was when I used my measuring cup for the 1/2 cup and turned around and used my weight watchers scale, I was getting more oats using the measuring cup. I wouldn't take anything for my scales - they have helped me measure foods correctly and that makes me feel more in control letting me track my points accurately.
  4. I found another secret weapon a few weeks ago and have been using it ever since. Cream of Wheat makes a new one called whole grain now. I found that I can still use 2 1/2 cups of water with one serving of the whole grain cream of wheat (33 g.) and it is only a whopping 1 point. I like cream of wheat best with milk, but when I'm running low on points or know we're going out for supper, this either starts my day or ends it. Have a great day y'all!
  5. I was thinking about something else that I do here at home and wanted to mention it also. I don't eat this myself, cause I'm not a great fan of mayonnaise, but my husband can't eat a sandwich without his mayo and he absolutely refuses to use low fat or fat free mayonnaise on his foods. So, I buy a container of plain yogurt and in a bowl I mix half yogurt and half his regular mayonnaise. He says it tastes great and he's willing to eat it whenever, wherever and needless to say it cuts down on a load of calories and fats. Have a great day y'all!
  6. And raisins ... gee oh golly, I love raisins ... My problem is, I haven't had oatmeal for the past two days now (and I'm having withdrawals -lol). Since Wednesday evening, I've been having an allergic reaction to something (at times, not continually). My hands started itching like crazy and what I've read says if your hands itch then it's probably food allergy. My DH is determined that it is my oatmeal ... so I'm trying to prove him wrong. I guess I'll head out to the doctor this morning and see what they say. They'll say allergy test but I think I'll say .. not.
  7. CW, you never fail to say exactly what I need to hear. Thank you!
  8. Peanut butter - now why did I never think of this?
  9. Good morning BCB's, I haven't' been around in forever it seems, but life has been taking up about 26 hours a day of my time lately. I'm pretty sure it's gonna get a little more hectic in the coming months also. We are expecting our second grand baby (a boy this time) in September. Yee Haw! Anyway, I was fixing breakfast this morning and it kinda struck me that I'd never told anyone here about one of my secret weapons in our war on weight. I don't know if anyone else but me loves oatmeal, but if not I'll keep the company in business by myself -lol. You know those times when you are just hungry and you want something larger than a single cup full of something? Here's what I do - I measure out my one serving of regular oatmeal (quick cook) (40 g.). It says to put one cup of water on to boil, then add the oatmeal -- but I've found out that I can add up to 2 1/2 cups of water (depending on how hungry I'm feeling). Bring it to a boil, add my oatmeal and turn the heat down till it's boiling easy and cook it for about 5 minutes instead of just one minute. It'll probably still be runny and you'll think I'm crazy, but pour it up in your bowl and let it set a few minutes and it'll thicken up like you wouldn't believe. I guess it's mind over matter in the long run, you aren't using any more oatmeal, and it's only two points whether you use 1 cup or 2 or 2.5 cups of water. It just works for me and I have a bowl full of it once a day at some point - for breakfast or when I've two points left at 9 o'clock. I can honestly say that for me, doing this has been a huge part of my 70 pound weight loss up to this point. I'm down to 22 points a day and I have to be careful of the points I use for breakfast and lunch as our supper is always the biggest meal of the day in my family. Eating a bowl full kicks in and keeps me going for several hours. I hope if someone tries my secret, it'll help you too. Hugs y'all!
  10. Thank you for giving me an answer WnderLander. I am hoping to find the time to make these this week but I'll definitely be cutting down on the sugar amount. 2 cups of Splenda is something like 192 calories and I'm trying really hard to keep the sugar down to a minimum in everything I make and eat. Thanks again!!!
  11. Can I ask a question from those who have made these muffins? Does it take that much Splenda, or could it safely be cut way down? That just seems like a huge amount of sugar to me ...... I am going to make up a batch because they sound wonderful, but was wondering if I can cut the sugar amount down safely. Thanks y'all!!!
  12. Oh mercy my! We loved this recipe! It was very, very close to my original (before WW) meatloaf recipe. I did change a couple of things around with this one. I added bell pepper to it (cause we love bell pepper in meatloaf), used 1/4 cup of splenda brown sugar, used egg beaters, fat free Premium saltine crackers, added no milk, only used 1 pound of 93/7 ground beef, and added a 1/2 cup of oatmeal. My points value per serving ended up being 4 points. This recipe got written down in my favorites book!!!
  13. Because I'm such a goober about such things, when I got the batter made up I measured it out - not being precise or such mind you (lol). To make the 40 muffins you have to use 2 tblsp of batter for each muffin. These didn't make a huge muffin for me using only 2 tblsp of batter, but all in all they were pretty good. To us not quite as good as the whole wheat muffins I came up with a recipe for, but they are a nice change of pace... And when I said 2 tblsp, I didn't mean a measuring tablespoon, just a regular one. I stuck it in the batter and just got a decent amount on the spoon. Hope this helps some....
  14. I just got through making these muffins and they were really good. I'd definitely make them again.
  15. I tried these for supper tonight and my husband fell slap dab in love with them. I have never cooked using green chilis so I only used half the can and that was wayyyy to many for us. The first bite was awesome then the heat hit me and I was only able to eat one of them my mouth was burning so much. I'll definitely be making them again next week but without any chilis at all. We just don't do hot stuff too much.
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