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  1. this recipe sounds very good -- since I do FLEX I figured out the points 4 waffles (with egg ) – each waffle cal:84.3 fat:2.3 fiber:1.6 PTS:1.56 per waffle 4 waffles (w/ ¼ cup egg beater) – each waffle cal:73.1 fat:1.1 fiber:1.6 PTS: 1.23 per waffle
  2. Sounds like a great plan - my concern would be how long the veggies last once chopped????
  3. I know I might get blasted for this -- but I usually do the calculation on each serving and then if I eat more than one - I just add up the servings according to how many points they originally totalled. I think this is a gray area ..... but so far I have had success!!!
  4. Does anyone have the points calculated for this recipe?? It looks good!!
  5. Just made these last night (am on flex) and they are DELICIOUS!!!! Has anyone made them into muffins??? was thinking of different possibilities. thanks
  6. You can use this website to figure out the calories burned and then give yourself 1 AP for every 100 cals http://www.healthdiscovery.net/links/calculators/calorie_calculator.htm
  7. I know this is sifi - but any idea how many points a cup would be?? thanks
  8. thanks Kimberley for the points!! I know you havent made it yet, but do you think yellow squash could be used instead of the zucchini???
  9. this recipe sounds great!!! I know it is a simply filling recipe - but any idea of the points??? thanks:bcb_bigsm
  10. OMG!!! I just had this yesterday at a Sushi restaurant in NYC and had told my son I wanted to find out how to make it. Where do you find the seaweed in a food store? Is it the same dried stuff you use to make sushi?? and was is Miso?? a seasoning ?? thanks so much - I really liked it!!
  11. The recipe does look good - can you share the point calculation please!!
  12. I was wondering if using brown rice and ff sour cream would reduce the points at all?? thanks
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