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  1. The actual temperature where your live may or may not be an indicator for global warming. What definitelly IS an indicator is the fact that you guys over there get a LOT of snow, even in places where it usually doesn't snow much. Or you get storms/hurricanes and woods burning in fall. For Austria, what global warming does to the climate is give us very wet winters, and in some parts it snows like crazy, while in Vienna there is no snow at all anymore - just rain. It's weird and interesting at the same time what the climate change does to different regions of the world. At least, in places where it snows during the winter, you will get more water come spring
  2. Lol, CW... I'm guessing it's all about the person in question. For me, that doesn't hold true. Give me a solution and I'll be happy, anytime Actually I think that all those "men are like this, women are like that" kind of things hold little truth for most individuals, and it kind of ticks me off that people would assume I'm like any other woman on this planet. I've been reading up on John Gray and I guess we wouldn't be good friends Soda - thanks for asking this question, it has been a problem of mine as well. I can't give you better advice than the others have given you already, it's great to have such awesome people on BCB to help each other.
  3. If it doesn't have to be rock, and you're willing to try something totally new, I recommend Drum&Base for running. It's very fast, but for me there's nothing better for the middle part of my running (I do use lighter stuff for warm-up and cool down, though ) I really like the group Pendulum, would be my face Drum&Base artists.
  4. Hiho! Just wanted to say hi to everyone around here! Sounds like you girls have great plans for the day. I also love multi-grain cheerios, they are very tasty. But I'm not allowing myself to by any at the moment because we always order our muesli online (you can blend it the way you want) and there's a selection of 4 different ones in the kitchen. Very tasty, too, though! Laurie - Hey there, girl! Way to go on your loss! How are things with you? Love, Soph
  5. As I reported the other day, it took me ages to sigh (40 mins), but when it came it was pretty obvious. I'm sure I sighed before, but just never paid much attention to it! I make a point of putting down my fork after putting something into my mouth now, that way when I pick it up again I know what to do after the next bite (= put that darn fork down again!). At the moment I'm really afraid to just stop eating when I'm full, because on Flex I need to get to my points target, right? That really conflicts with the slow and mindful eating only when I'm hungry. Wish WW Austria would offer a Core plan, I'm sure it would be so much easier!
  6. Not on Core, but wanted to report about my slow and mindful eating, as well: I had noodles with veggies and a cheesy sauce for dinner last night. Since I was really doing horrible at eating slowly the whole day, I took my time during this meal. I ate for 40 mins, and I could only finish half of it because I SIGHED! Yes! After a while I couldn't eat at a faster pace, because I felt stressed when I chewed faster. Interesting. Isn't dinner over in the US the time of day when the family gets together to talk? When my family is over for a meal (ok, we're 8 people, just my siblings and parents) it takes 3 hours at least - so much to talk about! Although, lunch is usually the big family meal around here. Soph
  7. I just make normal coffee and add sweetener and skim milk and some ice cubes. To me, it tastes just the same as the Starbuck's ones. I sometimes also add SF vanilla or caramel syrup. But I think that over here we generally drink our coffee stronger than you folks over there. Just make some very strong coffee, I guess?
  8. My laptop lunch one is dishwasher safe (even the lids), and I've had it for two years now (and am using it almost every day). Nothing damaged, except for one fork that fell apart - they replaced it without asking!
  9. Carol, I was guessing you love the book when I saw your signature on another thread. I also enjoy reading it, although I'm not doing any of the exercises at the moment. I still think it has helped me keep a watch out for my dictator - wild child sides (like one of the things my dictator is always saying: "Yes, you have the WPAs for that, but to lose weight you are not allowed to eat them!" which then of course leads my wild child to rebel). I do treat myself to the occasional cake, ice cream or whatever now, because if everyone else is having it, I don't want to feel left out (and can more freely say no to other things, like alcohol). Anyway, good book and so funny!
  10. I like the Fit 'n Fresh lunch box option, especially with the ice pack! (Darn, I have mine at the office at the moment, else I could take a cold picknick to the pool today...). I also have the salad bowl, which also comes with an ice pack, but I don't like that one all too much, the material is a bit. Laptop Lunch boxes are IMHO one of the best, because they pack a lot of things and have a decent size to fit into my backpack. I use mine all the time Does anyone have experience with freezing noodle based meals? I'm a bit worried that the noodles might come out dry?
  11. Hey there! I'm not on core, but I think freezer cooking is one of the best things to do (I tend to make bad choices when I'm tired and don't feel like cooking when there's nothing to quickly warm up around). I'm also a bento chick, and I ALWAYS have two kinds of frittata and mini quiches (just veggies, potatoes and eggs plus spices - no crust!) frozen so I can take them out for lunches or a quick dinner. Egg dishes generally freeze well!
  12. Of course, the classic version would be over mozarella and tomatos. Yum! I also love to glaze carrots with it! Love, Soph
  13. Ok, here goes: There are certainly a lot of different methods to lose weight. You could count calories, you could eat healthy and only when you're hungry (that's what WW core does), you could stay clear of carbs (Atkins, South Beach), you could starve yourself and only eat one apple a day, etc. Some of those methods are healthy, some aren't (I'd never recommend Atkins to anyone, and starving yourself won't make you healthy or happy, either). Weight Watchers gives you guidelines that will help you lose weight in a healthy way. There are also the meetings to support you and give you tips, and you guys over there have the e-tools that can add to or replace the meetings. It's all good stuff and the people at WW have lots of experience and know what they are doing. I'm not a calorie count person, and I miss the guidelines and support on the "just move more and eat less" kind of approach. I learned a lot on WW - what's healthy and what's only good when eaten in moderation. I now am able to sense what my body needs most of the time. Yes, you can ignore the guidelines and just stick to your points. You will probably lose some weight, but it won't change your eating habits so that you will be able to keep the pounds down! If you really want to change something in your life, get healthy, be slim and fit, work on being a role model for your future children, etc. then I am afraid you WILL have to make some adjustments. I know all the guidelines can be overwhelming at first. I've always loved veggies, so that was not an obstacle for me, but I never was big on fruit. However, I tried to incorporate them and over time, I found out that I like a lot of fruit. Still working on it, though. I can, for example, eat a cut up apple, but would never be able to eat a whole one. It took me a lot of time to even get to this point, but I'm proud of myself for accomplishing it. To get some veggies and fruit in, a few suggestions: If you make yourself a hamburger at home (boca burger and a whole wheat bun?), how about adding 3 slices of tomato, a large pickle and salad leaves? You could also add some veggies to a home made chili, and puree them if you can't stand eating them whole in the sauce. Potatos do count as veggies, too (sadly, beans don't...)! How about a nice large baked potato to go with a lean steak? I also enjoy apple sauce or other purreed fruits, and add in some cereal or pudding or cinnamon or even a sliced banana. I don't find one piece of fruit filling, either, so I make a small meal of it. I also enjoy adding fruits to stir fries (pineapple or mandarin oranges work well, and you can buy them canned and already chopped up, so no extra work), or make a sandwich with cheese, ham and a pineapple slice. Start small, and increase the intake of fruits and veggies over time. I'm sure you'll be able to do it! Love, Soph
  14. Well, staying UNDER your points is definitelly not going to help you lose your weight!!! You have to meet your daily points, because this is the amount your body needs to function properly and not go into starvation mode - if you're starving yourself, your body will start storing fat as soon as you eat more. WW has the H8s (I think you've read up on those already), and they clearly state that you should eat 5 servings of veggies or fruit plus 2 servings of dairy every day. Plus the water intake. (In Austria, instead of the multivitamin one of the H8s is to earn 2 APs each day) That is somewhat healthy, right? You still can eat other stuff (like "unhealthy" stuff) within your points, of course. If eating healthy and exercising more would have worked for me, then I wouldn't need WWs. Sadly, it hasn't and I need the rules and points to keep me on track. Love, Soph
  15. Good morning! It's actually lunch time here. Life is so busy these days, even though work isn't too stressful. But since I'll stop being president of this organisation soon (only 4 weeks to go!) I really need to start getting a life and finding other ways to occupy myself with. Today will be my 4th day OP, which isn't that much BUT I've noticed good changes already. I once again can feel hunger and thirst, and also the feeling of being satisfied. And I seem to be getting up earlier (when I was OP I usually couldn't sleep past 7:30), I think partly because all the veggies and fruit are giving me energy, but also because I get hungry in the morning. When I'm off program I usually feel sick in the morning. So now my next goal is to start exercising on a regular basis! Maureen - how did your run go? Good day to everyone! Only two more days till the weekend! Love, Soph
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