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  1. Seems like all is getting into Christmas here. How nice.:bcb_march
  2. I make this only I used 1 pkg. onion soup mix and 1 pkg of brown gravy mix. put Potatoe , onion and carrots in first, sprinkle the soup mix and gravy mix over veggies add 1 cup water and a nice size roast. Really good and tender. cook 3 to 4 hours on high in crocked pot. Marie
  3. Just checking to see if this goes thru Marie
  4. Hello, Just testing to see if I can post here. have not been able to get on in a long loan time.Marie
  5. Hi--rieriecat here--- I haven't been able to post in a long time here. Just checking in to see if I can get in.
  6. Hi, I just checked your account - everything looks fine and you shouldn't have any issues. Everything is fine with our board as well - no issues and no other reports of problems.



  7. Hey I haven't been able to get on here in quite sometime. So lets see if this works:bcb_march
  8. Hi ---just testing out to see if I can get on
  9. hello out there Well at last I am able to post here. Missed you guys Don't know What happen but so glad to be back here.And a big hello to all. I am doing fine but with my congested heart failure and retaining fluild I am unable to lose any weight. But I am keeping my blood sugar undercontrol.Ao that is good. Hope to be around more often now I am still going by core.
  10. For some reason I have not been able to post on this site in a long, long time. So will try to give it another try.
  11. I don't know what I am doing wrong for my post don't show up. If this go thru I will post later.
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