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  1. Thanks for the break.
  2. What did you all think of last week's episode? It's still the beginning, but I usually have someone I like... the bet this week was a good one. However, red team were in over their heads for second week. I'm happy the person who went home, went home. He seemed... too something.
  3. I - I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston
  4. I like this season. I didn't get into last season... it just wasn't doing it for me. OMG if Jillian comes back, I will be so happy. I love Bob and always will, but yes, Dolvett is definitely "eye candy."
  5. That was a great video. There are lots of excuses for not moving and I find that I say I never have time. But really... I do.
  6. I noticed it in my face first.. I agree, I looked "less puffy" too.
  7. Exactly the same... but I'm on the right path so far this week. I gotta feeling, this week will go well. 07/03: 223.6 (starting weight) 07/10: class (no wi) 07/17: 222.8 (-0.8) 07/24: 222.8 (0) 07/31: 08/07: 08/14: 08/21: 08/28:
  8. Thanks Cheryl. Every little bit counts.
  9. I finally got a loss. It's just so long since I have seen the scale go down, but it made me feel so much better. Got my kitchen in order and my meal plan ready to go. 07/03: 223.6 (starting weight) 07/10: class (no wi) 07/17: 222.8 (-0.8) 07/24: 07/31: 08/07: 08/14: 08/21: 08/28:
  10. I would like to join you all. I've had a rough couple of months and gained some weight. But I'm back and ready for the summer! The goal is 15lbs in this challenge. 07/03: 223.6 (starting weight) 07/10: 07/17: 07/24: 07/31: 08/07: 08/14: 08/21: 08/28:
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