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  1. Sounds good! Will be making this soon!
  2. Just made it this week and I loved it!! I plan on adding more vegetables next time I make it.
  3. I love Jillian Michaels workouts! She really gets you sweating and I love the fact that she incorporates strength training in with cardio. I have her 30 Day Shred DVD and did Level 2 the other day...I was proud of myself for making it through! I also love her Last Chance Workout on Comcast On Demand. Are there any other Jillian Michaels fans? If so, whats your favorite workouts?
  4. I found some salad pockets today in Kroger's bakery section (if you have a kroger). They were by the Pita bread. Haven't tried them but they're only 1 pt. The brand name is Kangaroo.
  5. So I made a Chicken Spaghetti (i had a craving) with: wheat spaghetti, chicken, and 2%milk velvetta cheese, 2 cream of mushroom and chickens and rotel. I used the whole pack or can of each. And the points are: Wheat Spaghetti- 21pts Cheese- 16pts Cream of Chicken- 5pts Rotel- 0pts Chicken- 5pts __________________ Total= 47 pts of Chicken Spaghetti in a 9x9in sqaure pan. What I would like to know is how many points do you thin I should allow myself for each serving? I used a spatula to dip and cut a square.
  6. Get it gyrl!!!! You look awesome, awesome, awesom!!!
  7. Such a beautiful lady, you look great!! Keep it up, you inspire me to keep going:bcb_bravo
  8. Which one is better?? Sometimes when grocery shopping I come across foods that have several options available. Regular, Sugar Free, Fat Free, etc. So I was wondering which one is better? I'm sure their both okay to have but is one better to have than the next:bcb_confu Next time when shopping, which one should I choose? What do you guys think??
  9. "Flashdance ... What a Feeling" By Irene Cara:bcb_huh: (never heard it )
  10. I have read that canned chicken noodle soup is 1 point for 1 cup. Well going by the label on Campbells, it is 2 points for 1/2 cup. I used my point finder and on-line calculator and still get the same rsults. Are there certain brands that are actually 1 point? I've been really getting into soup lately and would like some suggestions on any low point soups that are good. Oh and the nutrition label reads: Serving Size 1/2 cup (about 2.5 servings), Calories- 60, Fat- 2g, Fiber- 1g. Thanks in advance!!
  11. Okay, I knew about activity points just didn't know thats what AP stood for. Thanks guys!!
  12. What is AP? I keep reading it throughout the boards.
  13. Every morning 4 days out of the week, I go walk/jog. I'm not for sure if it should be moderate intensity or high intensity. I know they have ways to figure it out by how long it takes to sweat or the talking/singing test. But if I'm walking first, then jogging and back walking its kinda hard to determine because when I'm walking, yes i can talk, and of course I can't when running. Another thing, I don't sweat hard or fast (never have) and when theres a breeze outside (like today and yesterday) I hardly even sweat. So what would you guys consider this activity? If any of you walk and jog please give your input and me know what you do. Thanks in advance:bcb_bigsm
  14. I joined WW on Aprill 19th and lost 4 lbs my first week. Today is my next weigh in and I was wondering what should I wear. Although I do take off my shoes when weighing in, I would like to wear something light to keep extra lbs off. What do you wear to your weigh in? Any suggestions?
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