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  1. Thanks so much for your replies! I did end up eating that whole bag when I asked this question, but since then, I have only eaten 10 baby carrots at a time and counted as 0 points. And it's true - I didn't need anymore. In reality, I think I just needed the comfort of eating something I didn't have to think about and I didn't have to feel guilty about. But now I've come to learn that if I'm not truly hungry, then don't reach for the food (even the carrots!). So thanks again, everyone!
  2. that's wonderful! this wednesday when i weighed in after my first official week, i stayed the exact same weight. of course, i got discouraged because i tried my best all week, but my leader told me to switch some things up. so i'm trying that this week, but i think it's great that you didn't give up after GAINING! and it's paying off! keep it going!
  3. Hey everyone, On Monday my mom and I are planning on joining Lucille Roberts. Has anyone ever tried this gym? I know it's an all-women gym which is mainly why I want to join it, but I'm just curious if anyone has had any good/bad experiences with it. Alrighty, let me know! I appreciate it
  4. Firechick, I love those green tea fraps, too! BUT, although its not the same, if you get a Tall Iced Green Tea Latte with Nonfat milk it comes out to 3 points. The same thing in the Grande size is 4 points. It's not a frappucino, but it's pretty close!
  5. Yeah, good point. I'll definitely keep that in mind. Thanks for your input!
  6. I love them! I just got the coffee light one yesterday. I'm not sure if you know already or not, but if you go to starbucks.com, they have an awesome nutrition section where you can play around and plug in different beverages/foods, find their nutrition info, and then you can figure out the WW points on your own. It's very useful!
  7. Ha not a problem as I don't have a kitchen in my dorm! I already finished the bag and counted it as zero points , wooohoo Thanks for your repsonses
  8. Quick question: I'm sitting here eating raw carrots from a bag. While raw carrots are zero points, how MANY raw carrots can I eat before it turns into points? Using the nutrition info on the bag, if I ate the whole bag (5 times 3 oz serving size) it would come out to 3 pts. So do I cound the bag as 3 points or zero? Thanks!!
  9. oh thanks so much! I'm at college so I actually have nooo idea what kind of tofu I'm eating (which doesn't make me too happy). But I've been counting as three points, so maybe I have a 1 point cushion, maybe not. Anyway, thanks so much. Only one more week of school and then I can actually look at the nutrition info of my tofu!
  10. Hey guys, I'm just wondering how everyone measures the point value for tofu? In my dining hall, the tofu in the salad bar come in cubes (about 1 inch long,wide), and I have about 4-5 cubes. I count it as two points, but I have no idea if that's correct. If anyone could help me out, I'd appreciate it!
  11. Hey everyone, I'm new here and just wanted to introduce myself... I'm Lauren! I've been reading posts here for a few weeks, so I figured i should finally join. I'm away at college now and have been trying to do WW for the past month using my old books from when I joined 3 years ago. I quit that time because I was really frustrated with going up/down the same .8 lbs every week. So, now I'm trying again. I want to lose 15 lbs and I'm becoming frustrated once again. I reallly want to stick with it because I know it will work if I don't give up. I come home from school in a week so I know I'll be able to eat far better food with a kitchen. But until then....I'm hoping by joining, I'll be able to keep going and not give up!
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