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  1. Our local HEB sales these for get this - $2.99/6 pack!!!! I LOVE the vanilla ones and am going to try the strawberry shortcakes one next.........I used to just eat plain ice cream sandwiches (4 points) but that is when I was allowed 30 points per day - but now that I am down to 26, I save those points!!!
  2. hummm.....must not have looked hard enough at their site! Thanks for the link.
  3. Do I have to factor everything on the salad to get the overall points? I love the restaurant guide here, but it is very localized...........I love the Big Chef Salad from Jason's Deli, but not sure how to figure the points!
  4. WOW!! I made the devil's food cake/pumpkin muffins (added 1 cup water) and cooked on 325 for 15 minutes and they came out SUPER!! My kids even ate them and never suspected they were not the real deal! This is a keeper. Next time I will try it with carrot cake! Oh - and I got 28 muffins from one batch.......more than enough for breakfast this week and to share with my mom and friends!!!!! I used Betty Crocker Cake mix and Libby's pumpkin and caluclated the points.........2 per muffin.
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