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  1. I everyone!! I am finally finished with the family holidays and I am rearing to get back in action.. I've been pretty frustrated with my weight since June (since dad passed..) I haven't really lost anything and its frustrating.. I have slowed down my work outs, I have increased them, increased and decreased the food, changed up my menus, added and subtracted water, etc and nothing has helped!! I hope this month's rotation will finally push me back to a steady loss pace.. Everyone seems to have different opinions as to why I am not losing.. most are consistant in saying that I have lost so much my body is just trying to adjust and as long as I hang in there, it will get better.. some say stress.. while I would agree in the beginning, I am not so much there now.. I mean you'll never truly get over it, but I am back to living as normally as I ever will, and its been 5mos, so............... here I am again Thanks for the PM's those who were worried, nope, I never stopped WW, just didn't have as much time (Sept-Oct seems to be the busiest time of the year for us). Congrats to those who have hit their goals (skinny jeans and all) and to the girls who met with the MI's, you all look fabulous!!
  2. Hello everyone! I just returned from our trip in California (2nd yr wedding anniversary) and my birthday is thursday so I don't think I will be getting much exercise in this week I am going to attempt this schedual.. WED: Tight Buns & Killer Legs THU: Rest (no idea what DH has planed) FRI: Jiggle Free Buns SAT: Rest (keeping weekend open - read below) SUN: Rest (keeping weekend open - read below) I just heard earlier that my uncle got his hand caught in a chainsaw, he didn't lose any fingers or his hand but he has to have surgery and he has a VERY weak heart so they are sending him to the hospital his heart DR works at since its so risky to put him under.. I don't know much of anything else at the moment so I need to keep my schedual light this week , just incase I need to return to Mums.
  3. I don't think I personally would like them cold.. but they have these faux meat strips both beef and chicken that are good cold.. i pan fry them just like regular chicken or beef strips and then eat them.. those are good cold They are called Smart Strips.
  4. Sorry ladies.. I started a new work out schedual and I just am finding very little time to play online I am training hard to try and make it to the pancreatic cancer walk next year... I think it would make my daddy proud. SUN: Rest - DONE! MON: 1hour elliptical + Cardio Overdrive - DONE! TUE: 1hour elliptical + Total Body Time Crunch - DONE! (borrowed from a friend, the FIRM just shipped my replacement today.) WED: Rest - DONE! (needed a grief day) THU: 1hour elliptical + Cardio Party - DONE! FRI: 1hour elliptical + Cardio Inferno SAT: Rest
  5. NinaS

    flab arms

    Agreed. The FIRM is an all over body system and it works out your body like crazy. While you can't spot reduce you can target tone, and this will help you develop muscle. You should start lifting weights.. the FIRM incorperates the weights so heavy up when you can. You could look for upper body rotations from the FIRM that use videos like Upper Body Split, Upper Body Sculpt, & Jiggle Free Arms heavily in their rotations, but its important not just to focus on your upper body and neglect your lower body and cardio. You need to burn fat through cardio to shrink your body over all, and tone it up with their sculpting videos. Their C+S and S videos are a God send! Good luck!
  6. I have been FIRMing for a little over a year and I think my progress has been pretty amazing. You can see pics of my progress on the pics section of my website in my signature. I have muscle tone that you can see even at my weight and that includes abs! My stomach has lifted, my arms are toned and cut, my legs are thin, my hips have slimmed, and just all around I am much smaller than I would have been at my current size. I have all of the systems and use them all. All of them are fabulous.
  7. We're finally home!! DH's trip to Minsk was fabulous and he brought home all sorts of goodies. I spent some time with Mum while he was there and got busy with some of my needle crafts and made two baby quilts! You can see them here for anyone interested http://www.flickr.com/photos/andthenshecameback/ It's good to be home and I am glad to be back to regular FIRMing SUN: Rest - DONE! MON: Cardio Party - DONE! TUE: Hard Core Fusion *Express* - DONE! WED: Cardio Inferno THU: Total Body Time Crunch *Express* FRI: Cardio Overdrive *Express* SAT: Hi-Def Sculpt *Express*
  8. Heidi: Are you planning to get the Deluxe kit set? if so, I would get that purely for Kelsie's video! If not, then that's a tough call! The new videos are great but I LOVE Kelsies Tight Buns & Killer Legs... and while Cardio Party has a lot of mixed reviews, its one of the few FIRM cardio's I don't get bored half way through... I think it has to do with the different instructors. Well ladies! I leave you all for a little more than TWO weeks!! DH is traveling to Minsk and I am going to visit my Mum.. I think it's too soon after Dad's passing for me to leave the country just yet... however my in-laws are less than thrilled.. I've been married almost 2yrs and I still haven't met them! But we speak on the phone from time to time. I think they understand why I stayed behind this year. Next summer though for sure, I will be perusing around Red Square, Moscow with my in-laws in foot! I'm packing up my weights (even though they are too light for me to use all the time, they are much easier to travel with) and my new dvds and heading to Mums. I plan to try and keep a consistant work out schedual. Since she doesn't have the internet my hobbies only include reading (the new HP book, yes I know.. my geekdom is showing!), quilting, and exercising.. so maybe I will be buff when I come back!
  9. Kimmi: I think its perfect for travel. You don't have to do a lot of jumping (only plyos if you want) around so the people below you shouldn't even hear you
  10. I just finished Cardio Inferno.. it was my first time working out with Sue Mi as a lead.. and boy was it suprising to hear her talk! I don't know what I expected her to sound like, but I didn't expect the way she sounded.. I think it is the accent.. lol I actually kind of liked the video.. wasn't a great choice after lifting heavy yesterday and using 5lbs, I should have used my 1 or 3's.. a couple of times I had to drop the weights. Did anyone notice Allison forget her place during the warm up? My favorite leader so far has been Kelsie. (I love Allie too, of course.. She feels like a faithful friend after being with her through now 4 BSS series!) I REALLY hope Kelsie is in more vids.. I liked even watching her positions on this video.. she always has good form and some how, goes slow enough for you to catch what shes doing.
  11. My advice is increase as soon as you can. As long as you are still able to keep good form, you'll be alright. If you find your muscles fatigue quickly swap out the heavy weight for a medium and continue the reps until you complete your set. The key is to lift with good form as heavy as you can, until your muscles are fatigued. Women won't bulk up like men or body builders.. so you don't have to worry about that either! I am using 3,5,10,15,20 lb dumbbells. Just keep challenging yourself.
  12. The dvds weren't set into the cases so they were loose during the entire shipping processes.. The cases hold them pretty well so I am assuming they were just never attached at the factory. Either way, I am less than pleased with their quality control at this point..... Edit: Erin is shipping replacements now. She's a God-send!
  13. So, the 5 new dvd's came today.. TWO of them were loose in the box, all scratched up and won't play. I still don't have a replacement for Hi-Def Sculpt, and I am just feeling so... about the whole thing! Did anyone else have loose dvds? I emailed Erin... *sigh* I don't know what it is about their new cases or distributer... but they STINK!
  14. Joanne, mine haven't come yet either! My ETA is the 18th though so soon I hope! HeidiB: they are a seperate link in the FIRM store, i dunno if you will be offered them but I know you will be offered the deluxe set, and you could add that on, and then the link for the new videos... that link is here.
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