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  1. Wow, look what I started. Thanks!!! I was sure this had been discussed before but I didn't have luck when I tried to search the forum, maybe there are tricks to that I don't know yet. Fage is super yummy Greek (thicker) yogurt, and the 2% cup has 20% of the RDA for calcium. So I don't think I'm losing out on calcium. It's expensive, so some people make their own thicker yogurt by straining regular yogurt but I'm not sure you end up saving so much money in the end, ounce for ounce. I just bought Dannon Light n Fit (1 pt), hopefully it won't taste to Splenda-y. Thanks to all of you. Knowing how many people are out there and excited to share their experience makes this SO much easier. I just returned from my second meeting and hadn't lost much, but hey, I didn't gain!
  2. I've been on the program for a week and it's been a little rocky! One issue I have is getting my milk/dairy. I love yogurt but I'm picky, and the kinds I like (non-fat Fage, for example) seem pretty high in points, which is a bummer! I hate all the artificial sweetners in most yogurts, and I'm not a big milk-drinker. I want to get my dairy - help! What are some good natural low-points dairy items? Thanks! I've been following this website since long before I officially joined WW and it's wonderfully helpful.
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