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  1. Christmas 2006...YIKES Christmas 2007....40Ibs lighter....and still dropping!
  2. I made this recipe for dinner tonight...is was SOOOO good! My fiance LOVED it! I had a piece of whole wheat bread (homemade) with it and it was just awesome! Thanks for sharing!
  3. This seems like not a lot of food. Personally - I would be hungry! but remember - The 0 point, 1,2 point ww food is listed if you only eat one serving. If you eat more then one - use your WW slider to determine the point value. Diet Coke is 0 points. I know the soup in 1 cup serving is 0 points but if you eat 2 cups it ends up being 2 points. I would suggest you eat a bit more lean protein - up your points and it will keep you full throughout the day. Just an idea...
  4. Amanda1021


    most veggies are 0 points per cup if they are raw. Some are 1 point if they are cooked per cup. Fruits are all different. Bananas are 2 points as an example.
  5. Thank You! The little guy is m godson. His mother and I have been friends since pre-school ) They visited again last week. I am still putting my house back together! I do miss them...I'm in ME and they are in Idaho, but his dad is from MI - where the tigers hat came from!!
  6. next time you grill a burger...I prefer turkey... use a light english muffin as the bun...toast it first. SOOOO good!!
  7. ugghh...One year ago... and now....still a ways to go!
  8. awesome!!! You look great. Keep it up!
  9. 80's music...LOVE IT! haha
  10. Ok -- made this up myself - and I got to say SOOOOOOOOO good! It makes me think I am eating bad!! 1 Josephs Flax, Oatbran, whole wheat Pita 2 pieces or 3 oz Perdue BAKED chicken tenders 2 Tblsp Kens Buffalo Wing Sauce Marinade 1/2 Cup baby spinach 1/4 cup chredded carrots 1/4 diced tomato 1 Tblsp Hidden Valley Ranch Light Dressing Combine veggies and Ranch Dressing in bowl...add to pita Bake tenders as directed (10 mins oven @ 425) heat up buffalo wing marinade in Microwave 20 seconds Coat tenders in sauce, cut up and add to pita w/ veggies... 6 points! Let me know if anyone else LOVES this idea!!
  11. I would reccomend seeing your Dr. It may be as simple as just needing to be iced but I can't give that reccomendation without really knowing...and since you are having dizziness, it concerns me. Call and make an appointment!
  12. I made this last night!!! Awesome recipe - although...next time I will cut it in half! It made sooooo much and it was just me and my boyfriend! SOOOOOOO yummy! I also added green peppers since I had on in the fridge that needed to be used. Also a few jalepenos for a kick!!
  13. oh...am I feeling it today too! My legs are sooooore. But..its a good sore...I know its working~!!!
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