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  1. You look amazing! So motivating to those of us still on the way! Cheryl
  2. Thanks so much guys! I really appreciate the comments! Allysmom - I had a few interesting comments so far too - "Well, you've lost a lot of weight, was that on purpose?" duh...how else do you lose weight? accidentially? Or do I look ill? I didn't really respond to that one. Another weird one was "did your husband leave you or you having an affair?" ??? Cheryl
  3. I decided it was time to share some pictures. I've been on WW since 3/07 and I've lost 35 pounds - the first 30 were easy and fairly quick - the last 5 have been so hard to lose and I'm about 20 away from goal. I recently visited with out of state family for Christmas - haven't seen them since last Christmas (pre WW) and no one said anything about my weight loss. I was so disappointed. I worked really hard to get this far and I needed the boost. Before - 3/07 *********** -20 pounds - 6/07 ****** -35 pounds - 12/07 Cheryl
  4. Got these this morning - ordered on Monday. Nice variety all from the WATP series so they would be 2001-2005 I think, ranging from beginner to advanced 1 mile workouts-Power Mile, Walk with me, Muscle mile 1 mile/toning - Morning mile plus abs, Evening mile plus legs 2 mile - Walk away your stress, 30 minute walk, Walk & Jog, Heart Healthy Walk 30 minutes - Walk and Kick, Yoga Walk, 3 mile Walk
  5. Amazing difference, keep up the good work!
  6. Ordered mine tonight - from Ohio it was 16.59 (tax), but an awesome deal. Great to have on DVD and if there are duplicates, what a wonderful gift to someone just starting WW! I love WATP tapes, some of the older ones are my favorite! Rewarded myself for losing 25 pounds!
  7. Made this tonight for the family - I didn't have the brown gravy so I substituted a low fat county gravy and it was good, maybe a little salty but family loved it. It didn't change the point count at all. With the rump roast I used it was 4 points for a 3 ounce serving.
  8. Made these tonight...they were so GOOD! I used a rubber handled screwdriver since the tools are scattered all over my garage:bcb_grrrr and it worked just fine. Definately a keeper, everyone in the house loved them!
  9. Awesome for 1 point, definately worth it even though I think they are a bit pricey!
  10. Had the shrimp with pasta in a cream sauce. Yummy and it was on sale for less then a dollar at Krogers!
  11. Oh my gosh! Love the chocolate brownie! Can't believe it is only 2 points. I added some ff chocolate syrup and sf/ff whip topping. I felt like I was really getting something!
  12. Cheryl40

    16 weeks

    Thank you for the support! This time, I really do feel that I can do it. It's just one day at a time, and on the bad days, one meal at a time. But it is all adding up!
  13. This may sound stupid, but how does everyone figure their activity intensity? I don't sweat when I'm working out, my heart rate zooms right up where it shoud be, I feel hot and I'm breathing faster, but what intensity is that? I do exactly what they are doing on the exercise tape and while they are dripping sweat, I'm not at all! I can't figure out how to get up to 28 activity points a week. Who has the time? Any suggestions?
  14. I hadn't even thought of his tapes. I have some of the old workouts on VCR tape somewhere. (I never throw anything away:bcb_blush ) Thanks for the suggestion!
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