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  1. I pack them for my preschooler. I like the blogs lunchinabox.net, veganlunchbox.com, and http://willowsbentobox.blogspot.com/ (WW leader).
  2. I basically followed the nursing plan - 3 oils, 3 dairy servings (low fat instead of fat free) and 8-9 fruits and veggies a day. Otherwise as written.
  3. Sunday Breakfast: Oatmeal 2 c. milk 1 c. cherries multivitamin Lunch: Salmon salad (2 Points for 2 t. mayo) bulgur Tomato wedges, 1 t. olive oil Dinner: Bean soup Corn on the cob Green salad with cucumbers, 2 t. olive oil and vinegar 1 c. milk WPA (Weekly Points Allowance) points used today: 2 WPA points available: 35 Activity points today: 2 (Walk Away the Pounds) Activity points this week: 2 Daily 8 - the 8 Healthy Guidelines 1. Fruits and veggies (8) - 8 2. Whole grains - none today 3. Milk (3) - 3 4. Healthy oil (3) - 3 5. Protein - yes 6. Limit sugar and alcohol - yes 7. Water - 8+ 8. Multivitamin - yes
  4. I went back to WW yesterday and was pleasantly surprised. My meeting leader was excited to see me and said she'd missed me; she remembered that I was on Core and asked about my local foods. I weighed in at just .2 lb. above my last weigh in weight, 11 days post baby!! I told my meeting leader that I'd followed Core with my doctor's permission and had a very reasonable gain (my doctor was happy with it) but didn't expect it to be gone so quickly. I'm feeling very optimistic that I can be right back on track.
  5. Thanks for all the love! Jax is such a sweetie and keeps wanting to hug and kiss his new sister. We're all getting used to each other, and with gifts of food being brought by friends, I'm waiting another week before heading back to WW. I have no idea how to count out all the casseroles we've been given, but I doubt very much that I could do them in 35 points a week and I'm not cooking!
  6. They usually list servings sizes in ounces and grams as well as portion of the package. Get yourself a good food scale and use it to weigh out the serving size. If you want more than a serving size, just calculate how much extra it is and count the points. For example, if 2 oz. of something is 4 points, and you want 3 oz., do the math and figure that it's 6 points for the amount you're eating.
  7. I haven't tried it, but read that it doesn't work to preserve food in the way that sugar does unfortunately.
  8. I posted pictures on my blog - locavoreoncore.com. Thanks for all the love! She is so sweet, even with the hours of screaming and lack of sleep.
  9. Our little girl, Lucy, was born on Tuesday, 8/19/08, at a healthy 8 lb. 6 oz. and 19.5 inches long. She has a full head of hair and big blue eyes. She's a great nurser and quite the snuggle bug. We're smitten! And yay, I can go back to my meetings now! Is it sad that WW meetings are part of the excitement of not being pregnant anymore?
  10. Mmm, bulgur... I cook mine, too, on the stovetop. I use the grain cooking time linked above ALL THE TIME - print it out and tape it inside the cupboard where you store your grains. It's really helpful.
  11. I'm on Core and love it. It has completely changed my relationship with food. When I was on Flex, I always felt the need to clean my plate whether I was still hungry or not because I didn't want to waste the points. On Core, I listen to my own body's hunger signals and stop when I'm satisfied, not when the plate is empty. I'm often surprised by how little food I need to actually feel satisfied. I have also put a greater emphasis on whole foods since starting Core, and I eat much healthier in general. I used to balk about getting in the oils and dairy when I could use the points for "fun" foods, and that mindset has changed for me. Now splurgy foods come out of a weekly "budget" of WPAs rather than my daily "budget" that should be used first to meet the 8 GHG, but were easy to overlook so I could have my splurges. It's just a different mindset.
  12. Do you have the 8 Good Health Guidelines? Plan your day around that and your daily points if you're on Flex and you should be fine. You can have 4 oz. chicken 3 times a day, but it seems to me that would get old really fast. You're supposed to have at least 1-2 protein choices a day, but there is no specific maximum. Dairy, like yogurt, can be a good source of protein.
  13. Shred it and freeze it for use later in the year. In December, you might want some zucchini bread and you'll have just the thing tucked away in your freezer, taking way less space than the bread itself.
  14. Snap Into a Slim Core. Tonight, Let It Be Core. Get the Core Habit. When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Core. It Needn't Be Hell with Core (heehee) The Incredible, Edible Core. Can You Tell Core from Butter? (yes, yes I can) For That Deep Down Body Core I Wish They All Could Be Core Girls. Because Core is Complicated Enough. One none of us wants: I Was a Core Weakling And one for my kids: Core Born and Bred And one my husband might say: It's not all Core, Core, Core, you know.
  15. That article is certainly unclear! High Fructose Corn Syrup, a man made product that has only been around about 25 years, is NOT the same as Fructose, a naturally occuring sugar found in fruits! They use the two interchangeably, which is just incorrect. And with a sample size of 6 people, this study isn't exactly wide ranging. That said, I avoid HFCS like the plague that it is. Terrible for your health with no nutritional value? No thanks!
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