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  1. OP day. MT~thanks and good job on the Blue Dots!! Peg~glad your cataract surgery went well. Nice thing about it is fast results.
  2. Thanks Annie. Hoping for another OP day. Hoping you have the WI you deserve!!
  3. Today I faced the scale, I owned the numbers, I now have an OP day on the books. The struggle is real!
  4. Welcome Kitty! Peg~good job owning it and moving forward. Glad your back full force! OP day, tomorrow is WI day for me.
  5. Fabulous OP day! Feeling strong, tracking. Need to do better with water. Peg yes, 9 DGK's. It's wonderful! Glad the GYN was good! Good job tracking. tracking/planning = better success for me.
  6. Peg, just move forward starting now. Overeating, eating poorly will just add to the stress/anxiety. Thinking of you Peg, hoping for good things at you Dr. appt. I am OP. Enjoying my healthy eating.
  7. Got it Peg. My DIL has lost around 60 pounds on SmartPoints. I agree that it's a healthy plan. I wanted it to work well for me. I may try it again once I hit goal. It's just too many points for me to lose well on it.
  8. These are ALL so good Super. Keep them coming! How is your journey going??
  9. I am good with how I did on Thanksgiving. I woke up this morning feeling good. Is WW planning for any new changes this year Peg?
  10. Happy Thanksgiving to those celebrating! I am down 1.1 pounds. YAY!!!
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