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  1. Yep, it's most likely just your body adjusting. One of the things with WW is that you end up eating like you're supposed to. And you end up eating the things you're supposed. Once your body adjusts and "knows" it will always have enough food it will stop holding onto the extra. It doesn't take long to adjust, usually about a week. A little gain once in a while could actually be a sign that you're doing it right. Don't foget to adjust your points if you're on flex at every milestone. That will make a big difference, too. And sometimes, you just gain a little. We all do from time to time. It could be due to so many of the things that Nina mentioned. The most important thing is not to beat yourself up and keep moving forward. You've only failed if you give up now. I also gain about 1-2 lbs. of water with my period like clockwork. You're doing good! You made it 2 weeks. Now it's time for week 3. Like Nina said, just stick to the plan and as the weeks go by you'll find it becoming easier.
  2. guihong - You won't believe how easy it is to be healthy here. Just living in SF is motivational. There is so much to do outside, and walking the hills is a serious workout. I come from the midwest and I know the lifestyle differences well. It's a whole different world here when it comes to health. You hardly have to try, it just comes naturally due to the social influence around you and overwhelming availabilty of fresh produce year round on every corner. ~sassypants
  3. Hello, I can't believe I just found this board! What an awesome resource! I'm new here, but not new to WW. I'm 35 in July. I currently live in San Francisco with my DH and one psychotic cat we call "Moxie". Right now, there is so much going on. I've recommited myself to my weight loss goals this morning after 2 weeks off the wagon (WW online), I also quit smoking today, AND we're beginning to prepare for our second cross country move in a year. Wheeee! All of this will hopefully culminate in our being able to start trying to have a baby later in the year. I can't wait to dig into this site and discover more. I've been lurking for a while and everyone is so incredibly helpful and positive. ~sassypants
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