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  1. Thursday May 13 b cottage cheese w/ pineapple l bbq pork w/ mixed veggies d- tuna pita w/ all fixings and chips water 40 oz so far monday op/journal yes/ no exercise Tuesday op/journal yes/ 30 min wii workout day 1 of 4 Wednesday op/ journal yes/ no exercise
  2. WEdnesday May 12 food bag: b cottage cheese w/ fruit l ham and cheese sammie w/ 1 cup chips d- grilled ground beef patty w/ steamed veggies snacks - grapes monday op/journal yes/ no exercise Tuesday op/journal yest/ 30 min wii workout day 1 of 4
  3. Tuesday May 11 food bag: kashi granola thing....(pumpkin spice flax crunchy) cottage cheese w/ fruit ham cheese sammie w/ 1 cup chips hamburger/buglar swiss with green chile bake grapes monday op/journal yes/ no exercise
  4. Ok I thought I had my starting wt for the challenge but cant find it any where.... so will go from memory.. week one. did not meet all exercise goals exercised 3 of the four day did drink more water and meet the 64 oz 1 day//// Week 2>>>>> I have a hard time finding this thread everyday....?? more coffee exercise 4 days journal every day monday food bag b- granola bar l- ham and cheese sammie w/ fixings and chips d- steamed veggies w/ chicken snacks- cottage cheese, grapes. 5-2 - 199. 5-9 197.4 5-16 5-23 5-30 6-7 6-14 6-21 6-28 7-4
  5. Welcome Grannie. join in. we also have a daily post "the buddy system with the days date" if you would like to stop by and say hi.
  6. MAY 6 b-banana l- turkey sammie w/ 1/4 cup chips d- beef fajitas w/ veggies s- pineapple parfait, granola bar water - 52 oz!!!! almost 64 exercise 35 min wii fit plus, 20 min walk in dark looking for odie, 3000 step goal met for the day Food goal met: yes Exercise gal met: yes (day 2 of 4 min) ___________________________
  7. Sandy's 10 week challenge Goals: Week One: Set measurable and attainable individual goas 1. Journal daily 2. 30 mins of exercise 4 days a week (at least.) 3. work on getting 64 oz water daily MONDDAY, MAY 3 B-1/4 kolache l- marie c forzen meal d-chicken breast/ veggie stir fry snack- 1 sugar flower pop water 40 oz exercise 32 min wii mixed workout Food goal met: YES Exercise gal met: YES (day one of four) __________________________________________________ _________________________ TUESDAY, MAY 4 b- kashi breakfast bar l-frozen dinner- canned peaches d- beef fajatias water- 38 oz exercise, bathe fluffy dog, 2000 steps for day Food goal met: YES Exercise gal met:YES __________________________________________________ _________________________ WEDNESDAY, MAY 5 b- banana l- sammie. whole wheat bread.deli meat 1/4 cup chips d- left over fajata s- fruit parfit exercise- 1 hour in dark walking looking for Odie to start day. water- Food goal met: Exercise gal met: __________________________________________________ _________________________ MAY 6 Food goal met: Exercise gal met: __________________________________________________ _________________________ MAY 7 Food goal met: Exercise gal met: __________________________________________________ _________________________ MAY 8 Food goal met: Exercise gal met: __________________________________________________ _________________________ MAY 9 Food goal met: Exercise gal met: __________________________________________________ _________________________ MAY 10 Food goal met: Exercise gal met: __________________________________________________ _________________________ MAY 11 Food goal met: Exercise gal met:
  8. Well we had our snow day yesterday. Remember this is southern Texas. here at work almost 4". left early. do not like driving in it. Not much at the house at all. got to come in work late. good to get things done at home but here I am just spinning my wheels. Cant get started and now it's lunch time... Nancy sorry you are going stir crazy already. Hope it gets better for you. My doc says I can go shopping after the procedure. (I am not counting on that) after the heart cath it took me a week to really feel good. so for now that is what I am planning on 5 days to recoup. Procedure wed,off thru the weekend. and planning on going back to work Monday. That is without any complications or speed bumps in the road. Fred is taking off Wed and Thurs for sure and will play the rest by ear. I was there when he was talking to his boss. he told them I was having heart surgery. That hit me kind of hard. I have been calling it "procedure" nothing else. I try not to dwell on it or the what ifs what cans. i am looking to the end and the feeling better part. Cressa hope your day isnt too bad. Esther up .4 is not bad at all for coming off vacation. and you had a loss on vacation. I think you are doing great. Rhonda hope you can recruit the new sales person. I am like nancy not really a sales person. did the scrapbooking sales thing for a while. something I really like and but just not the salesperson I need to be to make it work.... katy you and SC have a safe trip. sounds like you had a wonderful day yesterday. Tanya I just dont get golf.???? glad you are having a great vacation. Karen how are things in your world today? Keri better?
  9. good morning...started a post and then lost it. Everyone anxious here ..... there may be snow.... bad start to the morning. blow dryer didnt work. ended up fixing hair in the kitchen using reflection of the window. Plugs in bathrooms tripped. Mr. wonderful didnt get up until after I was done... ahhhh my hero... Katy hand is much better today. I soaked it last night. Most of the swelling has gone down. Have neosporin and band aid on it today. (I was ready to go to the doc today if it wasnt better) Your dinner looks yummy. nancy have you seen the travolicty commercial. the garden gnome singing la de da.... la de da... I've got to get out of here.... I am kind of seeing you singing that song soon. I didnt get to my measurements last night will do it tonight . I PROMISE!!! Lisa hope hubby gets better fast. and I agree with you. rather have sick child than sick man. glad there is going to be some relief for you at work. Tanya glad you are having a great vacation. Rhonda way to go on your party last night. Brought everyone's goodies to work and they are all really happy. we had a sniff the scent party Ok need to get a little bit of work done.
  10. oK official date. march 3- wednesday. will work better for me any way. fred will have to take off but he says that's ok. Rhonda pkg is sitting on my porch according to tracking...cant wait to get home..
  11. ah ha Karen R coming to help in the shower..... I took a long soaking bath Friday night and almost slipped getting out. thought to my self that really would tramatize Joey if I had to call and get him to come help me get up....thankfully all is good...no traumatized kid... I know Nancy...Its payback in a way I guess. when I was younger my grandmother wanted to tell me where things are and what her wishes were for when she passed. I wouldnt talk to her about it. finally I grew up and did what needed to be done. good thing since I was the one that ended up taking care of her. He will come around. I just tend to baby him. Yes I know he's fixing to be 31 time to grow up. He comes through when I need him.
  12. Morning. I am here lurking. Lisa Miss M and dad's picture is so wonderful. I havent had my procedure yet. there seems to be misunderstanding as to the day. I thought Feb 26 this friday. doc has it March 26. Waiting for him to call and confirm or change. dont want to wait and stress about it that long. rhonda hope your party goes well tonight. still waiting on package. tracking said friday. hopefully today. Karen hope you can catch up and come play. glad Keri is doing good. hope it helps this time .... I know what it's like to hurt all the time. Nancy so glad to hear you are up and about and doing so good.. will send you my measurements tonight. Tanya sounds like vacation is going good. enjoy... snow did someone say snow. ????? 2 to 3 inches is predicted for us tomorrow afternoon and evening!!!! Esther hope everything is good with Ger and the doctor is just being over cautious. I may have to go to doc. Odie bit me this weekend. (next time I will let him eat the napkin.) the spot is red, swollen and hurts. he's current on his shots so I dont have rabies....other than that had a 'date' with ds and had a wonderful time. have not laughed so much in a really long time. He wasnt so good when I told him about procedure. does not like to think or deal with things like that. so we just moved on. glad I have fred on my side with this. I am trying to get it scheduled on his week off but he has told me just schedule it. he has sick time. that is what it's for. Katy so sorry for you loss. will keep SC and family in my prayers Our neighbor was killed in a car accident this weekend. No one is sure what happened. he was coming home from work and went off the road and rolled his suv. ok back to looking at small print looking for numbers....
  13. Wohoo it's Friday! Nancy you are in my thoughts and prayers. You will be up skipping and running in the yard in no time... Katy- wow bus driver flirting with you. great compliment.. and going to be with SC. Flight will be over and in no time you will be wondering why you missed him enjoy your time in Fla... Tanya VACATION!!!! you made it. ENJOY... Rhonda sorry it didnt work out for the one craft show. Gee I never realized all the stuff that goes into one. Insurance?? makes sense but just thought you make your stuff cart it and sell it...I hadn't thought about granny squares in a long time. I did work on the afghan last night. felt good to be doing something crafty. Morning started good had my coffee date with bank co worker that I have stayed in contact with. Was suzy home maker l night..baked banana nut bread and no pudge brownies, did a load of laundry wash and fold!!!! I had to be taken over by and alien or something. tonight is talk and clean all night with sis in law.,... he hubby is on night shift and on those nights we talk and clean into the wee hours of the morning. Just have to get thought "work"...
  14. happy vacation dance for you tanya. enjoy.... karen my day has been busy but in a good way. spreadsheets are done and balanced. so that is good. now tedious copying is left. been putting off for longer than I thought I have 4 months of phone bills to do. so that will keep me busy for a day or two...guess it didnt take too long to get into the slow pace of mind here. hee hee
  15. hey Karen...how's your day going. past the halfway mark....
  16. Rhonda that is so neat about Nicks uncle. they say the world is a really small place. have been chatting with daughter guess she is over being mad at me. granddaughter's bf wanted to get her a puppy. He leaves next month for service. parents said no...wellllllll it seems things have changes..it's a pitt bull and a cutie. going to be interesting to see how new puppy works in with old ratty that has ruled the roost for over 10 yrs. cressa I used to crochet all the time. I burned myself out one year. made 3 full size afghans for Christmas. havent done much since. stayed in and read and took quick nap at lunch. probably should have left the building. got here early and now I am ready to get out of her. 4 hours to go. ok need to get back to spreadsheets... ugh
  17. Rhonda as far as the kids they both know something is coming up but not what or when. daughter is not happy with me right now but will let her know what is going on. Will tell Joey this weekend. we have a shopping date for Sat. The ladies are excited to get their products. me too... I cant believe there is only one more week and Feb will be gone. Time is just flying by. I drug out an afghan I started probably 2 years ago last night. It's from scrap yarn..then watched tv and didnt do anything...will work on it tonight. I need to get something crafty going...till I can get out and play in the dirt.
  18. Tanya the boys are so cute. Thanks for the link. took me away from spreadsheet and then went back and found the .59 i was out. good morning Esther. sometimes the greasy spoons are just what we need to take care of a craving and then get back on track. Rhonda the snow is still so pretty. but loosing its attraction for me cuz it has to be cold with it. I am just so sick and tired of the cold. and I know my cold is a warm front for you guys... I am soooooo sleepy right now. it is actually warm in our building today. I am going to have to shuck a layer of clothing pretty soon. On more spreadsheet to do and then its copy and scanning for the afternoon. not a lot of fun but it is something to do...so I will take it. and I dont want anything left undone for next week.
  19. Tanya the videos are so cute. Nancy think of your recouping time as pampering time...you are special and need to be treated special..no confinement thoughts...get on the computer and make a scrapbook of your flower pictures, and then the animal ones...snuggle with the pups..Come on you are the strong positive thinker of the group...you can do this and the recoup time will go fast...big hugs and I will be thinking of you tomorrow.
  20. I've decided that the stuff falling through the cracks is confetti and I'm having a party! -Betsy Cañas Garmon -Betsy Cañas Garmon
  21. good morning all... Tanya vacation is almost here. You deserve the break. get all that you can and then go enjoy your vacation. Katy have a great day. I must be ok with the decision with the procedure and the doctor. I slept like a rock last night. Odie was being contrary when I went to bed. He wanted to stay on the couch. so I went to bed. he gets in the bed on my side and has to jump/walk over me to get to his pillow. never felt him. woke up this morning with him snuggled next to me. Nancy how are you this morning. Getting all the last minute things done? Christie way to go on the shopping. I miss the thrill of it when you get the bill after coupons. It is a little bit of work to hit the stores for the sales but so worth it. I am just now starting to run out of things I had stock piled while at the bank. There is a lady there that is really good at this and she would tell me where the best sales were and how to work things for the overages and such. I hope you get things worked out with your heart rate while exercising. You need to be sure to tell trainer and talk to doc. How is Adam this morning. Did your headache get better? Cressa how is your day looking. Friday is getting closer...Yippee... I am ready. Karen are you working today? Isnt it tomorrow you go to with Keri? Rhonda the sewing maven how are you this morning? did the machines get a break or are they still smoking away... Esther how are you and Gerry this morning? Big plans for the day? I got on my wii last night...didnt want to but knew I had to get back on. end up doing 45 mins of dancing...(stepping in and out of rhythm) maybe that is part of why I slept so good last night.
  22. Just talked to doc. My procedue is Friday Feb 26. will do the pre op and stuff next week. hubby has 'penciled' me in his schedule so all is good. except now I am a nervous wreck. I was better at being pissed that he hadn't called. Katy when do you leave?
  23. "This bright, new day... complete with 24 hours of opportunities, choices, and attitudes... a perfectly matched set of 1440 minutes.This unique gift, this one day, cannot be exchanged, replaced or refunded. Handle with care. Make the most of it. There is only one to a customer." ~Author Unknown
  24. good morning Rhonda. You hopped on while I was typing. You need to teach Nick how to be a stand in and you can keep appointments and machines humming away
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