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  1. All right a little more attention whoring on my part. You just read about people that did weight watchers and wonder if they kept it off. I'm at about 3.5 years now since I started "the program" and while I'm not an avid points counter weight watchers taught me to be mindful of points and how I was eating which I use at every meal today. I've kept it off! Here's my latest pic of me in a 1 mile race. My time was 5:45. You can see that there's some extra skin around the belly but I'd rather than that all the extra weight I was carrying around.
  2. Hey Jack! Just stopping in to say hi and as usual you made me laugh with the Hi girls, are you from wt watchers. I hope you're all doing well! -Nick
  3. My brother in law ran a 50k today. About 31 miles in some of the worst weather I can imagine. Rainy with wind of 30 mph and gust of much higher. Parts of the train were knee deep in water and the whole thing was mud pit. He finished in 6 hours flat, an impressive time period and a great time for the conditions. I worked an aid station which was a really fun experience. I like being able to cheer runners on, fill up bottles and get nutrition in them. Each runner passed our station 6 times. I had a really good time, learned some stuff and got to cheer on my brother in law.
  4. We went long today- 32* and a little windy. It was cold at points but it sure makes for good running. 14 in 2:05, 8:56 m/miles.
  5. Easy 3 today. Jack- I think the military might skew our numbers around here...not sure though.
  6. 6.8 miles today in 1:02, I think I did a little bit more than that but who's counting. Um...30. yes I move to a new age bracket and for the next 5 years my age bracket will be a little bit less competitive until I hit 35 and then it picks up again- go figure. For instance the 5k I ran on sat I placed 7th in my age group and if I were 3 days older I would have placed 2nd. Thanks for the birthday wishes!
  7. Easy 3 today @ 9 m/mile pace. I felt pretty good. My right leg is a little tight from the speed on saturday and the hammies a little tender but that's what I love about a 5k. Easy recovery.
  8. I remember you posted that a long time ago and I'm pleased to tell you I use that for every time I need water on the course. Truth is that bullet is in there cuz it's a copy and paste from Runner's world. I was poking fun at a guy that ran a sub 20 the other week AND stopped for water.
  9. A couple of notes before we get started: I didn't stop for water. Previous 5k pr set thanksgiving 2008 @ 21:20 I had a goal to run a sub 20 5k this year. This was my only legitimate attempt at said sub 20. I've been doing pace runs but no shorter intervals or significant speed work. The plan was to run as hard as I could and see what happened. So last night I watched Lord of the Rings for a little inspiration. I ate Lamis bread for breakfast and was hoping for a little Elven magic. Finished in 20:37. PR by 43 seconds. Like I figured the speed just wasn't there but I'm happy with my progress over the past year. I'll hit sub 20 soon enough. hmmm...let me know if that pic doesn't show up. I hot linked from runner's world and it looks like it actually worked.
  10. Easy 4 today. 5k tomorrow, one of my goals before I turn 30 on tuesday is to run a sub 20 5k. The likelihood of me doing this tomorrow is small but I'm gonna go for it and see what happens. If anything I'll use it as my base line for next years races. The elf costume should be a crowd pleaser.
  11. Liz- holy crap! Glad you made it back... Fitter- great pics, I've never been to vegas- only seen it in movies. today- 8 miles in 1:10 with a decent bridge at the middle and end.
  12. Nice work Fitter! I always like reading race write ups. Easy 6 for me today @ 8:30 m/miles. 5k on saturday. I don't think I've got the speed yet but I'm going to go for a sub 20 time. We'll see.
  13. ahh the joys of the family get together diseases. Congrats on the half, fitter! When's your next? Easy 3 today. 30* which isn't cold for you northern folk but I almost turned to ice about 1.5 miles in.
  14. moderate 3 today with my neighbor, it was cold tonight- for the first time really and that kinda hurts.
  15. Take it easy today and see if you can get in a nap. Don't forget to hydrate today. Stay in the corral you're in and enjoy the slow pace for a mile or two. You have plenty of time to make up the difference if you feel good. Remember my favorite race motto- start slow and then taper off. Don't forget to have a good time. Enjoy the crowds, if you're like me they will fuel you- it's amazing. Just keep it in control. Have fun! ps. we want to see pics, especially of the pre race look. Make sure your bib is showing for all the race photos.
  16. 13.1 in 1:56. My garmin said 13.2 and running friend's said 13.0 so I split the difference. Felt good, I've been doing my marathon pace days the day before my long run as per Higdon intermediate 2 and I can say that I feel the difference. The last few miles of the run I'm worn down and putting forth more effort which is the entire point of doing the pace work the day before.
  17. 6 miles at 8:30 m/mile, it turned out to be about 5 miles at 8:00's and then a mile total for warm/cool.
  18. You won't lose fitness by resting this week. If easy running helps clear stuff up then go for it.
  19. 6.35 miles today in 54:00 Happy December running friends!
  20. Mike- when it comes to the feet I go to the people at the running store. You're right in knowing the foot will affect the rest of the body and can cause strains and injuries however I'm not comfortable figuring this out for myself. If you haven't hit a running store yet I would encourage you to do so. You might be correctly assessing the problem or you might be over correcting causing yourself more problems. You might also be able to save yourself some money.
  21. Easy 3 to close out the month. 107 miles for the month 1195 for the year
  22. long run today (mistake) my training plan calls for pace runs the day before long runs so I treated my 10k yesterday as a pace run- the problem is that my pace yesterday was 1 m/mile faster than my pace runs are supposed to be. So I was sore and it wasn't fun but I ran 11 miles this morning. The weather sucked too, cold and windy. So some directions we would roast and others we would freeze.
  23. Jack! Jack! Jack! Great work. 5k- I ran with my wife. There were 4 port o johns for about 800 runners. We needed to go about 15 minutes before the race and I knew we didn't have enough time. I told my wife that we would miss the start and we agreed that it was ok and we'd just go by watch time. We started about 4 minutes after the gun. Which was perfect because we didn't waste energy bobbing and weaving between runners and we got to pass lots and lots of people. It was fun being able to pace her, I encouraged her to hold back and had to reign her in a few times in the early miles. She ran well and ran strong- 34:00 on her finish. She was elated. We met up with the group from church, talked for a few and had a good time. I walked back to the car with them said my good byes and put on my sleeveless for the 10k. As I walked over to the 10k they announced the start in 5 minutes. I hit the woods for one more relief session and then worked my way up to the start of the line. Gun went off at 9:45. My goal was 7:25 m/miles. Finished in 45:41 that's 7:22 m/miles. Success.
  24. Mike- I know some of my running buddies way more than I want to- especially the women. It seems that while running nothing is off limits from conversations to places to use the bathroom. At the Marine Corp Marathon at the start I ducked into a copse of trees to pee. It wasn't weird with a guy to my right but the lady to my left was a little awkward. Nobody blinked so I just rolled with it. Then right there in Georgetown there were hoards of runners line up in the trees to pee; men and women alike, some more well hidden than others.
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