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  1. I am literally obsessed with this product. When I know I get to have it for dinner, I think about it all day. I am so relieved that I can have some kind of Indian food without spending every last point - I actually think that's part of what I allowed to derail me before. Anyway, I am having thoughts of trying the other Indian meals by Amy's, even if they're a point or two higher. Has anyone done so? Any reviews?
  2. Yup, you do. Congrats on your hard work!
  3. What a totally rock-star NSV! Good for you, girl.
  4. When it's super-hot, I feel the same way. I only get everything in by making myself get everything - no magic trick here, unfortunately. I do find I eat a lot more of my points in fruits though, which is a good thing. Banana = 2 1 c fresh pineapple = 2 40 grapes = 2 For me, those can add up pretty quick. You can also make some frozen/cold drinks. The Blender Innovations section under recipes here on BCB is good for that. You can also check out www.hungrygirl.com because she has all kinds of swaps for delicious cold drinks.
  5. Assuming you had the regular and not the light kind, they are 4 pts each. 4.5 if you counts halves.
  6. I'm glad y'all posted about this. My leader suggested that I might want to try a week on Core, since I haven't been losing consistently on Flex (and I have been OP, so ...) The problem is that one reason I picked WW and specifically Flex was to get my portions under control. I have a really difficult time stopping when I'm full, or even knowing when I'm full until I'm FULL. That makes me a bit scared to try Core. Actually, Core is basically how I ate before WW because I was always weight and health conscious. My leader also said that it's unusual for someone to lose more on Core than on Flex, but she's seen it happen a couple times, so it might be worth giving it a go. She said that they suggest Core to a lot of folks on Flex who are losing too quickly. To other leaders - is this true in your experience as well? Is it rare to lose more on Core than on Flex?
  7. Netty, I'm with Jackie - if this is what you love, just mix it with your oils. Flavor and nutrition. I think I'm going to try this, btw.
  8. petitebubble

    Tara Asia

    This is an excerpt of what WW says about thai food: Wise Choices POINTS Values Tom yum kung (hot-and-sour shrimp soup), 1 cup - 2 points White rice, 1/2 cup - 2 points Beef satay, 2 skewers without sauce - 5 points Thai chicken with basil, 1 boneless, skinless breast, 3 oz - 5 points Ginger chicken, 1 cup - 7 points Thai seafood salad, 2 cups - 10 points Not-So-Wise Choices POINTS Values Thai coffee or tea, 1 cup - 7 points Pad thai, 1 cup - 9 points Thai beef salad, 1 cup - 14 points Mussaman beef curry, 1 cup - 19 points Thai coconut rice, 1 cup - 8 points Watch out for dishes with coconut, peanut sauce (like pad thai) and curry (mussaman or panang). Instead, stick with white-meat chicken, tofu and fish stir-fries, as well as steamed appetizers like spring rolls and dumplings, lime juice-based salads, and broth-based soups. Kind of depressing advice, I know.
  9. I'd add chicken for a hearty meal. Yum, good recipe.
  10. petitebubble


    For a 4 oz glass, 2 pts. Or 1.5, if you count 1/2s (it comes to 1.6 exactly.)
  11. Did you use full-fat, low-fat, or nonfat sour cream? It sounds really good.
  12. Made this yesterday w/ vanilla sf ff pudding and no Davinci syrup at all. I did add some stevia, which I won't do next time - a bit too sweet for my taste. I also added strawberries, vanilla protein powder, and 1 T peanut butter. Adding peanut butter takes care of your oil without making it slimy. Doing it with soymilk reduced it a point; adding strawberries, protein powder, and peanut butter added 5 points. However, I had half of it for breakfast, then half of it after my workout because it was so big and very filling. Thanks for this recipe! It will definitely be a staple.
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