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  1. Thanks, Ladies, for the encouragement!!! I've started counting points today, and plan to start meetings on Saturday. In the past, I would use the fact that I'm not starting until Saturday as an excuse to binge until then, but I know it's that kind of mentality that is making it difficult to reach my goals. I've decided to do flex at first to get my portions under control, then switch to core when I'm comfortable.
  2. Hello All! I've actually not read many posts yet, but this seems like a good place to start connecting with people. As many people do, I have a long history with WW. I joined after my son was born (he's 9 now) to drop my baby weight, and was very successful. I made lifetime 9 months after joining. I ended up moving from FL to TN right after I accomplished this goal. Over the next four years, I put on about 75 lbs! I weighed 6 lbs more than I did the day my baby was born! I've sinced moved back to FL, and, through various methods, have dropped about 55 lbs, but am really struggling. I've been going back and forth between different diets, and yo-yo'ing like mad. I would like to lose another 35 lbs, and have decided to go back to WW with my husband (who needs to lose quite a bit himself) and give it another go. I need to look around the forum, but is there a journal section? I like the idea of being accountable to as many people as possible .
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