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  1. I made this last night with a can of pinapple- but the blueberry sounds really good. Jus t to clarify- Do you use a can of plain berries... or is it pie filling? I was thinking of using frozen berries and trying that.
  2. avocado freezes well for guac later. Just toss it in a freezer bag. when you thaw it, just sqush it up in the bag then add your other seasonings, lime, cilantro, peppers, onion, whatever. tastes great. I use lots of veggies in mine so I can have a bigger portion.
  3. I adore Gnu bars. 14 g of fiber, 140 calories or less, 5 g of fat or less. 2 points on the old plan, but I don't know how many pp... I am just returning and only have access to my momentum points counter. they taste great, and are super filling. Just remeber to drink water with them or you might get some...er.. tummy problems
  4. I pretty much empty out the produce section, lots of frozen shrimp and fish, laughing cow cheese, La tortilla wraps, and Josph's lavasch bread when I can find it.
  5. I had this for lunch today on a La Tortilla Factory wrap with turkey, lettuce, tomato, and banana peppers! I LOVE the LC lite wedges!
  6. I started weight watchers back in 2007, loved it, and did great! I met my lifetime goal, lost over 55 pounds...and then I gave myself permission to stop counting points, eating everything in sight, and got right back to the weight I was when I first started WW way back then. A month ago, I started the Atkins diet- which I also love because of the quick results during induction, but now I am ready for a healthier way of eating and a slower, but hopefully lifelong weight loss this time. My super busy time schedule keeps me from meetings for the time being, but I plan to use my old program materials until I can get back to meetings on a weekly basis. I am looking for some buddies to keep in touch with and be accountable to.
  7. I like the bruscetta ones. I just load them up with 0 point veggies- Lettuce, tomatoes, a little onion, some srouts if I have them, pickles, spicy mustard.
  8. Hey Leesa- Just got you message...back from a looooong binge. Hoping to do better. Hope you are still out there.


  9. Hey Chef! Just popping in to say hi and I miss chatting with ya on the Babes thread. Hope everything is going good for ya!

  10. Lisa- Gatlinburg, TN??? My almost ex sil's family owns property there. wouldn't it be a hoot if they were your hosts for the weekend?!? Okay, maybe not a hoot, but a strange coincident. Mom is doing better. She has a small Heart attack, and all the tests and junk to go with it. No damage done, tg. the cath. didn't show any blockagaes, so they sent her home after they zapped her heart back into the correct rhythm. funny how things that were so major years ago are in and out in a couple of days now. we had a busy weekend. D1 had district band and qualified for regionals again. She got 2nd chair for her part, and 6th overall out of all of the clarinets. I think there were 30, so that was pretty good. Regionals will be a lot more competetive though. We didn't ski yesterday. My car died... well more of a grinding squeal....sounds expensive. Post picts of all the kids Melissa! How much snow do you guys have?
  11. hi girls... I thought I would come back to pages and pages of stuff to catch up on Sorry I have been mia... Mom has been pretty sick, but she is on the road to recovery now. I have been bad the past few days. I feel pretty icky without my veggies and my ever so important fiber! (I REALLY miss that, lol)
  12. chefbna

    Caramel Apple Salad

    I forgot about this recipe! Thanks for the reminder.
  13. Thanks, Luanne! I was almost afraid to eat again ! MaybeI just misunderstood my trusty leader when she was telling us that...or maybe I was crunching too loudly on my free sample of those yummy new crackers. Either way, that will teach me not to tell "what I know" before I know it! Thanks again buddy!
  14. okay...now this is bugging me... I have my handy dandy little book here (and I see I can find this info in week 5 book, but since I just started back on program, I get week three tomorrow...) Lets take apricots, fresh, 3 medium for instance.... Are you saying that if I eat them at home it is one point, and if I eat them out somewhere it is 2? Or if I eat 4 oz of T-bone steak, trimmed at home it is 7 points, but if I eat it out in a restaurant where I don't know how much is being served or how it is prepared it is 5 points? Joanne! CW! Can you help me out here?
  15. woops... sorry for the bad advice Marc... I guess I had better get that clarified at the meeting tomorrow night. I could be doing this all wrong. Could you tell me which weekly book I can find this in? thanks LuAnne.
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