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  1. Wow! Congratulations Mute. You look great!
  2. Is it really necessary to take a multivitamin every day . I eat lots of fruits and veggies get my servings of milks products and get my meat in ?
  3. I also felt a big surprise when I felt that round hard bony prominence at the end of my breastbone ... Scared me a bit I must admit LOL
  4. My breaking point was when I could not even bend down to pick up the things I dropped. I got out of breath just taking a shower! Had trouble tying my shoes and could not walk a decent distance without running out of breath. I was totally disgusted about myself It was time for me to go back to WW.
  5. Welcome aboard Kim. You will find lots of encouragements and inspirations at the BCB group! I'Ml looking forward to read about your weekly success
  6. Welcome to BCB, chelscH. Congratulations for the twins; taking care of them and your 9 yr old must be worth lots of activity points! All your family will benefit of your new lifestyle I'm sure of that!
  7. Welcome to the BCB Mamakendraf. You will find inspiration and support here.I'm looking forward to read about your weekly success!
  8. Annie


    Welcome to the Bootcamp Pam, love, and Jenny . You will do great you'll see
  9. Welcome back TokiDoki.
  10. Annie

    Hi Everyone!

    Welcome back among us Susan. We will all do this together and we will succeed!
  11. Welcome aboard Jenny and Stephanie. I hope that you will feel better soon Stephie.
  12. Happy Birthday to you and welcome on board.
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