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  1. Make "healthy" the new "normal."
  2. Well, whoever did that - you rock!
  3. Can someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong? I'm trying to upload a custom avatar and even though I know it's the right size, it just won't go in! TIA PS - Here's the picture:
  4. Greetings all I'm new to the forum, recommended by my work associate and friend, Verngator1. I'm classically trained in French cooking and also cook many other ethnic cuisines. Cooking is a passion of mine so needless to say, I walk a fine line between eating for health and indulgence. I firmly believe in the CORE program and pretty much live my life that way. I'm not against the occasional celebration food but my diet is overall pretty healthy. I'm in pretty good shape, I workout at least 3x/week. So help me, these last 10 pounds are going to give me a rash. Looking forward to helpful hints and good recipes!
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