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  1. Morning all! Woke up to lots of snow again. I am not planning to watch the superbowl, DH will. It's not a food issue day for us, luckily! My plan for today is getting the boys a head start on the weeks hoemwork, buying groceries, and then heading to swimming lessons this afternoon. Might also meet a buddy for coffee. Also need to walk Odie. B: oatmeal rest TBD when I look in the freezer / get to the store! Have a great day buddies!
  2. Hey buddies! So, I told my 3 friends here yesterday that we are moving, lots of tears. Also found out that my neighbour was up & crying most of the night after I told them it is hard to see how our decision affects those around us. Had a fabulous time at dinner last night, we were treated like royalty!! Enjoyed some treats (no WPA's left for me I'm sure!) and a healthy main course of chilean sea bass with grilled veggies. This morning we told the kids about the move, more tears. Their little faces, it was heartbreaking to see. We then headed off to Ottawa to have a nice family day out. There are going to be plenty of ups & downs to come with the kids, but at least they are over the inital shock. We walked 3-4km while the boys skated. We are having chilli & brown rice for tea...power foods all the way until monday! Have a great evening buddies! Becky
  3. Morning all! We walked Odie for an hour this morning, a good start to the day! I am having lunch with 3 close friends today, and I am telling them about our move. I have made a yummy butternut squash & sweet potato soup for us all, and another friend is bringing veggies. They are good at helping me stay OP! We are also telling the boys tomorrow, so it could be a tough weekend. They are 9 & 11, and this is the only place they remember living (the oldest was 15 mths when we moved here 10 yrs ago). I am expecting a lot of emotions as they realsie all the things they have looked forward to that they won't get to do - mainly from the older one. He goes to a slwwpaway camp for a week in the summer that he loves, and he has worked really hard to get into the 'Excellence' program for high school (was supposed to start in Sept). We hope that the fact that school will be English & not French will help, and they have been to Wichita to visit our friends. The plan for tomorrow is to take them to Ottawa to skate on the Rideau Canal. B: oatmeal L: butternut squash & sweet potato soup D: we are going to a restaurant that our next door neighbour owns with his son in law. Need to loook at the menu! I do have 40 WPA's left. I tend to use only a couple of WPA's though the week, on a hot chocolate, or a Skinny Cow fudgsicle (2 pts). That way I can have a 'treat' for Saturday dinner without worrying about going Op. Have agreat day buddies!
  4. Hey buddies! We aren't snowed in, the roads have been cleared of the snow that fell yesterday & it's a beautiful sunny day. I spent most of the day running errands. B: oatmeal L tuna on lite bread, orange D: tbd Exercise 60 mins dog walking! Theresa - I love Sifi, and wish it was talked about more in meetings. I find it an easy way to have the whole family eating healthily. I know some buddies are counting, and every now and then I switch it up for a week. Jump in, ask questions & you'll get answers & support!
  5. Kimberley - what a day you've had. I hope that the tests have good findings. Two weeks in hospital - that will be tough on all of you. You need to eat your points, otherwise the plan won't work!!! Snow tyres have to be on the car by law here in QC. I am heading off to bed now with a library book. Good night all!
  6. Michelle - try drinking some hot tea, a couple of cups as hot as you can drink it (just regular tea works, or herbal tea, coffee etc) one after the other. That can sometimes help things along. A trick from my nursing days!!! You really need to make sure that if you have increased your fibre you increase your fluids too. soda - good for you for shwoing your daughter that sometimes you just have to stand up & say something. Good role modelling, and even better parenting. Mickee - did you get chance to watch a movie? The snow here is prettty deep, we don't have a clearing service as we have a snowblower - but I don't like to use it. I had to collect the boys from school today as they had been on a trip tubing, and luckily my neighbour came & cleared behind my car with his snowblower. I feel very fortunate in these conditions that I have a fab car to drive on the roads, in the summer i think we don't need 4 wheel drive - days like today I wouldn't be without it! The electrical inspection went well, just a couple of little changes to make, phew. Didn't get chance to run any of the errands I needed to do, guess that's what I'll be doing tomorrow. Lunch was fibre 1 with skim milk, banana Dinner will be WW spaghetti with tomato sauce with veggies & chicken. Have a good evening buddies!
  7. Hey buddies Hope everyone is having a good day. Kimberley - hope you made it to the hospital okay, and the test results are good. B: oatmeal L; D: I have an electrician coming today to certify the wiring in the house, as DH has done a lot of it. Just to be on the safe side before the sale! A nearby home sold at $11K over asking this week, bodes well for us! I then have to head to Home Depot for paint. I refreshed the bathroom trim, and the tape pulled off some of the wall paint (ugh). The leftover wall paint is no good, so I am hoping they can mix me a test pot of the right colour to touch up. I hate the fact that in trying to improve how it loosk I have made it worse! Dog training has been cancelled due to the snow, so no new things to practice this week! Have a great day buddies, make it count!
  8. Donna - hope you get some conclusive results soon Kimberley - good luck tomorrow for Jeff's testing. That's a lot to have to think about. Sending positive thoughts your way.
  9. Hey buddies! I am sure I posted here this morning...but it's not here. More painting for me today, lots of doors to paint!! I have one more coat to do, and also on the bathroom trim. Then I need to tackle the ironing. Soda - no doubt your kids are hoping for a snow day tomorrow! Michelle - how about making your own hummus, that way you know exactly what is in it, including how much salt. I make a yummy one with roasted red peppers & a little chilli. A friend brought over a curry one that was nice - I'm guessing a curry spice blend is all that is needed! Kimberley - hope you don't get too much snow if you have a hospital journey to make tomorrow. Hope it's nothing too serious. Teg - stick to the plan during your 2 days away from BCB! Kendrrra - 5am phone tree! Wow!! When my 2 were at preschool the preschool was close dif the school board was closed - so you just had to listen to the radio or check the board website. Mickee - hope the house cleaning is coming along!! Right buddies, back to my painting. Becky
  10. Linda!!! Hello!!! I wondered where you were these days!!! Lovely to 'see' you!! Good luck getting WW @ work started. It would be good to have your colleagues on the program too, lots of support for each other. Becky
  11. WTG on the losses buddies! I am down 2, for a total loss of 5.2 since re-joining 4 weeks ago.
  12. Hi Kimberley, of course I don't mind you asking! We sold the indoor play area in Sept 2009, as two of the 4 partners needed to move on. I have been book keeping for a cosmetics company part time, and taking French claases. I hope to get back into nursing in some way in Kansas, as I don't have the language barrier that I do here. I haven't nursed for 10 yrs though, so i have some re-training ahead of me! I will no doubt find voluntary work to keep me busy. The move is considered permanent. We don't plan to move again until the boys are finished school. Have a fab day!
  13. Morning buddies! Soda - I hope your son has a smooth transition. The end of an era for all of you. Michelle - that is creepy. Be safe - keep your door locked! Kenderra - welcome! Kimberley - WTG on joining. You can do it! I am off to WW in an hour or so. Need to blow dry my hair, a job I hate doing, but worth it when it's done!! I am hoping to see a loss, but it's PMT time, so there may be some water retention going on. Hopefully all my painting burnt off some calories!! B: banana at meeting L: D:I am eating out tonight, so will look at the menu on line before i go. Dinner will be followed by an hour or so of line dancing. Have a fab day buddies!
  14. hey buddies! Soda - have a fun afternoon! Teg - I would imagine the ebenfits are there if the spinach is frozen, as it's frozen when fresh & oftern food starts to lose its vitamins etc when left around for too long. Carolyn - welcome! Mickee - hello! I am busy putting the house back together. The paint looks fab. Have a fab day buddies!
  15. Hmm...doesn't sound encouraging for you...try chatting with us folks here on the SF board in the daily, we're a friendly bunch!
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