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  1. Nope. There is a wall in the way from anywhere I could see it, too. I'm not big on TV though. I'd prefer to put loud music on instead LOL.
  2. Thanks! She's a cutie and I appreciate her cooperation in breastfeeding for the extra points!
  3. Hey Everyone, I've MISSED YOU! I've been off almost a year, growing new baby SHAYLA! She arrive May 11, 2009 at a healthy 7 lbs, 20 inches... And now Mommy is up about a zillion pounds. Can't wait to get back into the groove!
  4. Today.. I bought the FIRM Cardio Inferno. I cannot do it. It is not that I cannot keep up the level. It is that I cannot do the moves with any sort of repetitivity! I cannot " scissor " my arms, I cannot keep track of what move is next, or before, and there is NO EXPLANATION for ANY of the moves... She just tells you what she's doing and barks out commands! To the left! To the right! Scissors doube double single! I feel like a moron. Is there hope for me? WILL I ever get it?
  5. I drink two HUGE cups of coffee in the morning. I count them as 2.5 points each. I put in 2% milk & chocolate syrup. Reduced sugar chocolate syrup is 50 cal vs 70 cal regular. Its also 25% more expensive. Do I switch?
  6. Kos, thank you so much. It is VERY draining. Mila had open heart surgery and right now, everything revolves around her... She gets 4 tube feeds a day ( 10, 2, 6, 8, and then she gets set up for the night ) and she takes 6 differant meds ( soon to be 7! ) three times a day, except they can't be given together. And then we do lots of food therapy, and not only do I count *my* points, but I also have to count HER calories and fluid!!!
  7. Summer is easier for me too... We are out and about at the park, not stuck indoors with food courts! I find it easier to keep OP if I'm not home to eat my heart out.
  8. I post extremely rarely, but I do read tons. I do WW on and off , but I do not go to meetings. It may sound like an excuse, but I have a special needs daughter who has a feeding tube, and I just can't leave her to pop off a weekly meeting. I have two close friends who both attend the meeting, and they keep me filled in... But we are having a disagreement about... refried beans. Specifically, low fat refried beans. Per serving - 100 cals, .5 grams of fat, 4 grams of fiber. According to one girls leader, they are 1 point per serving, so 2 points for 2 servings ( 1 cup ). According to the other leader, they are 1 point per serving, but *3* points for 2 servings ( 1 cup ). Since they are super delicious, I'd like to be able to count them accurately... any ideas?
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