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  1. what is baked oatmeal? I like cold oatmeal and often thought it would be nice to make an oatmeal bar and put in the refig for a fast snack or meal befor the gym
  2. Hey Ron, Congrats to you! I remember when you first started!!!! Way to stay with it! you are well on your way to goal!!!
  3. Hi Melissa, I would like to join again. I am currently on the blue team...I am okay if you need to change my team. I just love the support and accountably. so i am happy to be on any team.... my WI day is wednesdays. Thanks Kendi
  4. :bcb_upAbbie, what wonderful news! you earned it girl! enjoy your evening in your new jeans...woohoo!!!!! I am proud of you.
  5. Joyce, I am proud of you for moving ahead and being honest with YOURSELF... Everyone has slip ups...the important thing is you are back OP!!!! Good Girl! This is a way of life so no one is perfect...You are okay don't look back just look forward and know you are back in the right direction...go get some AP girl..you will be amazed! :bcb_march:bcb_up Go Blue..........
  6. okay BLUE I have a small loss this week 1/2 pound I am happy it is down and not up....Lets go blue...:bcb_march:bcb_march congrats to the Black Team.
  7. Hello to all, I want to post a loss of 0.4 for the week. at least it is going in the right direction...Go Blue team lets win again this next week............ Good Luck to all team too! we are all in this together...don't give up the fight to change our lives and get healthier........:bcb_march
  8. Amber, congrats!! I know you are on the top of the world and yes, you should be! way to go girl!!!!!!!
  9. Hello sciencegal!! WELCOME... you are in the right area:bcb_bigsm for new buddies...everyone on this site has always been wonderful to me....
  10. Thanks Joann!!!! I did the test a couple of times and I have never noticed the quote below!!!! I am glad you brought this to my attention.. I always thought it was just cuz I am vertically challenged!! Thanks again for the note... I am going to eat a 2 point snack!
  11. Hi Lillie, I thought i would drop a note to say congrats 28lbs you are doing GREAT!!!! That is fantastic!! I only get 16 pints... but the 35 flex points are there for a reason and yes, I do use them......SOOOOOOO buddie keep up the good work!!! you are an inspiration
  12. :headover: WOOHOO!! GO BLUE!!!! WE CAN DO IT! I WILL WORK VERY HARD THIS WEEK TO ADD MY PART!!!!!!! CONGRATES TO EVERYONE AND LETS TAKE ON THE CHALLENGE THAT CHAR HAS PUT OUT!!! This is what the biggest loser is all about! Congrates to all the teams the numbers are going in the right direction.... its a new week.........Have a great one!
  13. Good Girl Tanya! you can do it! :bcb_wink3way to get back on track... you have done amazing. enjoy your exercise.
  14. Hi everyone! this BL contest is sure working...I see lots of results...Good luck on having a great week to all teams:bcb_up I am reporting for the blue team a very small loss of 0.2 but it is in the right direction.. reading eveyones post is inspiring.....keep up the good work teams...we can do it...:bcb_march
  15. Hi Emily, you are so funny you hate mondays but had a terrific loss!! should now make you like Mondays..:bcb_LOL: or at least this monday! congrats on the loss.. I have not been very good a exercising...very hot here..115 today! to hot for the pups paws and just might burn the rubber off my tennies...okay that part is an excuse....i could at least do my HHAs but i have been lazy.. I have been eating op so that part is okay...
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