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  1. Morning everyone....i havent been on the board all week...its almost the end of the semester and i have been really busy with projects, papers and presentations. I woke up this morning feel downright miserable and angry at myself. I am so disappointed and frustrated with this whole eating healthy losing weight....why???? Because I could never seem to get it right. I want so badly to get the weight of... I had a goal that by the end of march i would be 5 lbs lighter.....that didnt happen. I could nevr find the time to cook or even exercise because I am so busy with work and school and then so darn tired. Yesterday was ridiculous for me because i did not track nor exercise....the day before started well and then went down the drain at lunch because i was so hungry. This morning I woke up and said to myself that I was just going to give up....but deep down i just.... i must go. I will be back to chat later.
  2. Hey everyone!!!! Just a quick post my bf and I are going for sushi....he is afraid to try it but nothing a little pressuring cant do We will chat later...
  3. Yes I am. i didnt go to school last semester so i went back this semester...a part of me wants to give up on it but I wont i will continue on.
  4. Ok Jayne am I suppose to post everything right here in this forum and what is the format if any?? Well I can go to the grocery store for stuff but I wold like to try something easy to prepare but different.
  5. Hey again everyone. I must say it feels good to be back in the swing of things nd to get some great support. My day was whoooaaaa...not that good. First of all I got to work at 9 when I should have been there at 7. And I still had to leave work early that is at 3to pick up my car. I know my boss will kill me if she finds out. By the time I got home i was so exhausted I never left my vehicle because ended up falling asleep in the carport....in the car for about two hours. LOL my mom had to come and get me after she realized I wasnt inside. I was just soooo tired. I promise to get more rest though. I need some dinner ideas for tomorrow...any suggestions???
  6. HEY EVERYONE!!! I am so sorry I didnt get a chance to post yesterday...I was on the site and them BAM- I lost connection. I was messing with it all night trying to get it on. Anyways....I have some very exciting news to share. Firstly yesterday was my weigh in and I am now 150 lbs....1.6 lbs down from my starting weight yipppeeeee!!! Also previously I have been hassling about exercising and working out....I just couldnt do it. But yesterday I gathered some weird emotion in me and I said you know what I can do this. I went to the gym and did some high intensity workout on the elliptical machine. Withing five minutes I was sweating. I thought the workout would never end. THirdly, after the gym I went home not knowing that there was a birthday gathering going on for my cousin with greasy food....I had already planned to eat baked potatoes, mushrooms, broccoli and chicken breast and guess what I walked straight pass the greasy food and went into the kitchen to prepare my own meal. Everyone laughed at me but I didnt care. I stayed within points range an dthats all that mattered. Today was another victory for me. My colleagues kept shoving food in my face and I declined. When the rest of their food order arrived at work, I left and went to subway for lunch and I am having it in the comfort of my home right now. I am just so excited to share these celebratory events with u guys. Toodles
  7. Jayne you are funny Well beginning tomorrow I will try my best to post my exercise, water intake and more. I will try to post every AM before work and PM before bedtime. I hope by mid April I make it to 145lbs....I would leap for joy to get out of the 150's. Here is my proposed meal plan for tomorrow which is also my weigh in day...I will try my best not to make any meal plan detours. Breakfast 2 whole wheat waffles 2 pts 2 tablespoons light syrup 1 pt 3 scrambled egg whites 1 pt 1 orange 1 pt Lunch 1 regular hamburger bun 2 pts 1 Boca garden vegetable burger 1 pt 1 slice 2 % cheese 1 pt Lettuce and tomato 0 pts Salad with 10 sprays salad spritzer 0 pts Dinner 1 piece boneless skinless chicken breast 4 pts steamed broccolli 0 pts 1/2 cup sliced grilled portabella mushrooms 0 pts 1 baked potato 3 pts snacks: 1 Dannon light and fit yogurt 1 pt 1 apple 1 pt
  8. Hello everyone! Its me Pinkles well Phylicia again. It has been over a year since I have spoken to any of you, that is until tonight. I saw strawberryjayne on my messenger and I decided to bid her hello. In this she reinvited me back to the boards, a place where I long ago left and even stopped the program due to funds, lack of time, lack of motivation but mostly because of an overall feeling of anger and resentment of the fact that I was not losing any weight well not as fast as I wanted. I started to feel like a failure. I was so embarrassed to come back here but believe me..there is no other place to be right now. I am at my highest weight ever and to lose this is all I want to do right now. I hope I can fit right back in and be as encouraged and strong as you guys are. Love Phylicia
  9. I am a little late with the birthday greetings but.....How is everyone?
  10. Hey guys!!!! I missed all of u throughout the day.....I so wish I had the free time i use to or even internet access at work....my job sucks. They have us blocked off of it. (is that right, two off's of??) You gave me such great advice. I was wrecking my brain tryin to figure out how to tell them but i will just let them know. The other job offers health and dental insurance as well as performace based incentives. My job...my salary has remained stagnant eversince i started working....even though its the bahamian government. Anyway enough about that...other things have been goin on with me. I have to sit out the semester....and this would have been my final semester but....finances have not been there....and because i took so llong to take in my transcript to the scholarship office.....i have to wait until january.BUMMER! and besides that....these classes that i needed are only offered in fall...i was considerig just going to a technical and vocational school just for the fun of it.....i dunno. Well i am going to prepare for the gym so toodles!!!!! By the way how do i make a shepherd's pie WW friendly?
  11. HEYYY!!!! But first off... OMG CHRISTIE I AM SOOO HAPPY FOR YOU YAAAAYYY I WILL BE AN E-AUNT NOW!!!!! I cant wait!!!!! I know i am late but i have been working so hard yesterday and today I am drained. Yesterday I was suppose to b e to work at 8 AM...i got there at 8 15 which is late but would you believe my supervisor reported me to the boss!!!! The little....ughggghhhhh!!!! I am so pissed about that. What do you guys think about this....there is an opening at the american embassy for a visa clerk.... I have the experience but they want to know if they can call my present employer. What do u guys think???? The job pays more and I won't be working shifts plus it offers the basic benefits my present job does not offer like life insurance etc. Anyway...I am happy to report that I have been exercising daily....I know I promised to use only 17 of my WPA's, i think i used about twenty. Well i will be back tomorrow. LOVES U ALL
  12. Oh Jayne am I ever so soryy....no need to fret. I have been going through alot. We nearly lost the house but God was on our side and i am tooo glad to say that things ar well. I was so busy living on my own and all of my mom's utiity bills were in arrears. The electricity was off the telephone even the darned cable went off. I had to put aside paying for meetings and focus more on the home issues. I am a good little accountant so we are almost back on our feet. BY THE WAY GUYS.....I GOT A CAR FOR MY BIRTHDAY!!!! I bought it myself....its a right hand drive vehicle (japanesemodel then) and isnt anything fancy smancy but is faaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrr better than my old car......i love it so much. Hopie yopu are a mess but i really do appreciate u....... u made certain to message me. Kritzy you are so right about spoiling tgem....everytime i have a few dollars to spare (and sometimes even if i dont) i get him a little gift. Well to everyone....this may be last che ki foir the night...that is until tomorrow evening so toodles!!!!!
  13. Morning guys!!! How is everyone??? Thank u much for the birthday greetings and well wishes two weeks ago. I just got back home after a few days away....i needed to relax. i have not exercised in a few days and have been eating terribly- the end result was weight gain. i gained so much weight....i'm at 149.6 borderline 150 more than i weighed before. But this week...i made some commitment to change the things which caused ,my weight gain to begin with.....i aim to:earn at least 6 AP's, use only half of my WPA's (and not more than the 34 i was given) and to prepare 50% my own meals. My goal weight loss is at least two pounds. My little sister had a little baby...it was a boy...am i ever so excited. It rained so much here lately. The lightning and thunderstorms resulted in loss of electricity and in some parts of the city it even hailed. well im out for noiw...have to assist wit sunday dinner. Bye all
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