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  1. I just wanted to say, I love core. And always will. I stop back in every few months to look at the recipes and meal plan. It's the way of eating I always fall back on when I see the scale creeping up or if I know my diet has been lacking. Right now I'm 10 weeks pregnant and I'm going to loosly follow core, I'm hoping it will help me to not gain a ton of extra weight but more importantly so I can feel good about how I'm eating and be healthy. I hope everyone is doing well!
  2. Just wanted to update. My little boy is now 18 months and with the help of the core program Im only 6 lbs away from my goal weight ( which is pretty low for me since I'm 5'5). I alway feel better to sticking to whole foods and core helps me do that and be balanced. We are actually looking to add another little one to the family soon, so I'm hoping to eat healthy this time around and follow the plan as well as morning sickness and cravings allow. Hope everyone is doing well!
  3. Thanks Kimberley! Good idea on sticking to just the weekly points as needed. I remember that the more you stick to sf foods the easier it is and better it works. I'm excited to lose this weight and I always always resort back to the core way of thinking when I want to be healthy and reasonable with my eating. Its the only "diet" ( tho I know its more a way of life) that I really feel comfortable doing while breastfeeding because it's not about cutting calories or fat and I can eat when I hungry,which is more often then not now! Thanks again!
  4. I'm gonna try to post a new ingredient every week so maybe we all can try something new. I want to try sautéing It in a bit of chicken broth, Ginger garlic and onions. And pour over brown rice or ww pasta. Any particular recipe you like for shrimp?
  5. Hey everyone! I was doing core for a few years before I got pregnant (as well as switching it up with points) and lost 50 lbs and kept it off. Well here I am, I rejoined ww's and my baby boy Eli is 9 weeks and though I tried points plus for a few days, I was missing being able to eat to satisfaction. Even more so while nursing, I need the fuel to keep on track. So I'm doing sf now. Does anyone know if I get extra daily points like with pp? I was getting 14 extra daily. I'm using them now too but I. Not sure If I should be. I mostly use them for reduced fat/full fat dairy as I find it more filling than skim. Any who it's good to be back! And I've got about 20 lbs to lose
  6. Great job so far! I just wanted to say, if your having a problem going to the bathroom, i bet thats why you didnt lose this week, atleast on the scale. I know for me it can mean the difference between 2 or 3 pounds!
  7. So i'm staying in kissamee florida with my husband and his buddies, they are playing in a Hockey turnament that Disney hosts. We are staying in a condo 20 minutes away from Disney. Please help me put together a grocery list of things of things i can keep there to eat for breakfast and lunch that are core, so i wont go off plan too much. I plan on walking every morning for about an hour. I'm training to start running doing the "couch to 5k" plan. I've got my pedometer to keep track of everything. and i'm gonna carry a notebook with me to keep track of what i've eaten ( i do that normally with core to make sure i stay on track, no measuring just keeping track of foods). So i'm thinking things that are basicly little to no cooking. Oh and i dont eat meat. So i do alot of dairy and soy for protein. and i've already packed from trader joes little packs of mix raw nuts, and lara bars which are dried fruit bars with no additives, tho neither are core, they are small to carry around with me while i'm out and my points from activity in the AM will take care of those. Fiber 1 Blueberries Soy milk Loads of fruit Thanks in advance for your help, gotta stick with core! through easy and tough times!
  8. I just kinda threw this together, and its baking right now. Heres the basics so lets see how it comes out! 4 cups oatmeal 8 oz unsweetend applesauce 4 oz milk 2 eggs 4 sweet n lows 1 bag frozen cherries depitted, chopped up drizzle of DV white chocolate syrup i've got it at 400, its got alot of liquid so i'm not sure it might take longer to cook. I put this in muffin tins. about 35 minutes or more. I'm excited to play around with the baked oatmeal, so many options!! I just did one with chopped apples, SF maple syrup and cinnamin, brought it to work with some fage yogurt that had cinnamin and sweetner in it and heated up the oatmeal. SOO GOOD together!!
  9. I compleated day five of my exercise for 40 days one hour on the treadmill
  10. This is day 2 of my exercise 40 days straight (till my vacation!! haha) Tredmill walk at 3.5 and 2.0 incline for an hour.
  11. I just wanted to say, I have oatmeal EVERY MORNING! but it wont last me long unless its a large bowl of it, i mean a whole bowl haha, i've tried cutting down but it wont last me as long. and try adding ground flax seed , that might help fill you more, and it doesnt taste like much. what i put in my oatmeal is a mix of quick cooking rolled oats and thick cut rolled oats. Banana Ground Flax seed cinnamin Da vinci SF caramel syrup its like banana bread. soo good, sometimes i have it two meals a day haha
  12. I just started working out this week. so this is my 3rd day there. i walked/jogged for 30 minutes and did a few weights. i'm still sore from just starting. on the plus side, i'm soo happy i actually got up and went this morning. i am NOT a morning person, i love my sleep. but i kept having dreams about ''ohh i cant forget to get to the gym, i want to sleep but i'll feel guilty" haha wierd dreams. you can tell i think about it all day right?
  13. Thanks again to everyone who's helping me!! I think i might stay veggie for a while since i still do cage free eggs for a protien a couple times a week. But core is great cause its cutting out the breads and such so i can stop all other kinds of dairy products. I had my first day yesterday, tho i didnt get enough fruit in, i got all my water and soy milk and about 55 to 60 of protein. i'm gonna look up ways to make the quinoa, it looks like you can do anything with it. Thanks again
  14. THanks for your replies!! i've done core before, for a few months, before i went veggie. I know vegan can be good or bad for a diet, thats why i'm counting calories with it, i tried without, and i did gain about 5 pounds back. But i would love not to have to count calories. Thats what i loved about core, that and its an awesome summer time diet cause you can eat so much good fruit and vegtables in summer since they are available locally. I dont like having to count in fruit to my calories, since i'm trying to eat more, then i dont end up having alot left after having my 5 servings, though they do fill, i need more protien. know what i mean?
  15. i'm trying to take the jump from counting points/calories being a vegetarian. I would like to make the jump to being vegan, or atleast trying it for a while. But if i try to do core with no seafood or fat free dairy. Can i sub soy stuff? I'm just not sure if its going to leave me with enough to eat, as is vegan is very restricting. Thanks for your advice in advance girls
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