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  1. I went back to weight watchers last night and today was my first day on program and I am excited this time! I like the new program. I am having trouble getting recipes with the new points. I was on here about 3 years ago and loved it. Im excited this time and want to put all I have and then some into this. I plan on joining a gym and getting this weight off!
  2. Thank you for putting this all on one thread! Just got the vanilla at the Super Wal-Mart and they have about 4 flavors and I did Not know about all the other yummy flavors. Can't wait to order some.
  3. Hit wrong button... 1 Surgar Free Fat Free Butterscotch pudding mix 1 apple cut up 1 can of crused pineapple in pineapple juice I guess it taste like caramel apple? Mix all together and enjoy sorry no point tally
  4. I just got this Weds. at WW. Have not tried it yet sounds good.
  5. Hi, I am Mandie I have been at WW for 16 weeks. I did good the first month I wrote down everything I ate I lost 10 pounds and then I thought that if I did not write down what I ate I can do good. Well I gained back 7 pounds. So, I took my 10 pound ribbion away from me and started to write eveything down. Weds. was my weigh in day and I got to get my ribbion back. I have to write everything down that I eat. I have 15 pounds left to get my 10%. I hope I can stick with it I WILL stick with it this time. Glad to be here!!
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