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  1. Hey buds! It is the MIA girl. Sorry. I re-enter the workforce tomorrow. It happened very suddenly. I figured it would. I interviewed last Wednesday and they said it would be a couple of weeks before they contact folks for the 2nd round. Well, they called me less than 24 hours later. My 2nd interview was Monday. I had another interview with a different company on Tuesday. On Wednesday, I got an offer. I spent all day Wednesday negotiating and added 15% to my salary. I had actually only asked for 10% more, but their counter-offer came back as 15% more, but they wanted me to start Monday. I was hoping for a week or two to get my life in order. But, how could I turn down 5% salary increase. So, I've been running around non stop since Thursday morning. I bought a bunch of new clothes. I doubt the new company will want me showing up in jeans and tevas like my previous job. ALSO..... I gained a size :-(. I don't know how people do regular living stuff and hold a job at the same time! Its 7:00, my eyes are blurry cuz I'm so tired. I still have two loads of laundry to do. I have totally forgotten how to multi-task so I apparently can't do laundry and dishes at the same time even though I have machines to do both!
  2. Good morning all! Bad buddy checking in after Karen came looking for me. I'm here! I though you all had turned into a bunch of lushes when I saw the title of today's thread. lol. I get it now. Water! I'm on my 2nd cup of coffee. I am too lazy to make more coffee (this is yesterday's coffee reheated - yuck). I'm too lazy to make more coffee, so I will be switching to water soon. My back has been killing me for the past several days. I don't know what is going on there. Ohh, Nancy, swimming sounds nice. Its just so cold around here I never think of swimming. Have fun with that. I don't think I can find the time to go swimming today, but maybe later in the week. Esther: can you pick up some fresh veggies for me too? For that matter, can you chop them for me? Sandy: good luck with the doc. Are you feeling better these days? You know, the problem with donuts is that I don't need to have just A donut. I need to have 5! Karen: I really really need to come down there and visit you and your goats sometime. Rhonda: snotty head, eh? I hope that gets better soon. Christie: Hi! I see you on FB all the time. I see the pictures of Lexi too. She is getting so big. Doesn't she have a birthday coming up? Or did I miss it? I have two meetings today at the church and an interview tomorrow. I have tons of stuff to prepare, so I better get on it. chat with ya later.
  3. Esther: The church I have been going to had 3 people in Haiti when the earthquake hit. They were trapped in the hotel for 55 hours before they were pulled out. One died, one lost a leg and the third is doing ok. They were there doing mission work as well.
  4. I just spent the past 4 hours putting packets of supplies together to be shipped to Haiti. These supplies are not emergency, but will be needed. The school packets contained 6 pencils, about 150 sheets of paper in notebook form, a ruler, a pencil sharpener, a box of crayons, etc. The cleaning supplies included bottles of laundry soap, general household cleaner, sponges, latex gloves, work gloves, cloth towels, etc. These supplies will be shipped to LA and then put on a ship to go to Haiti. I figure it will take about a month to get down there. The organization is still trying to figure out a distribution method once they arrive. We put together about 30 pallets containing 26 boxes each, each box had 12 school supply packets. I don't know how many cleaning supply packets were put together. Its barely a dent in what is needed, but this depot will be working for weeks to put more together. They ran out of some supplies today, like toothpaste. There were groups putting together hygiene packets, but they had to stop when they ran out of toothpaste. Yesterday, the organization cleaned out 2 Sam's Clubs of their entire stock of toothpaste! Anyway, this kind of work really does my heart good. I think my favorite part of the experience was watching and teaching the kids. Some of the kids wanted to take a couple of pencils or boxes of crayons home with them. When they learned that the pencils and crayons were for children who had lost everything - all of their toys, all of their clothes, their schools, their houses, etc., I could see a bit of understanding in their eyes. They started naming off some of their own toys that they would like to send over to these children. Imagine, a 7 year old boy willing to send his toy trucks to Haiti! Its moments like that that make me feel better about the future of humanity. There is no way to communicate the vast numbers of children or people in need to a 7 year old. I don't think there are many adults who can comprehend it, or even want to comprehend it. But it is ok to consider one person at a time...
  5. Hi all. Well, since Karen has kicked me out of my hammock, I might as well do something with myself. So, I am heading down to a site where they are putting together emergency packets for Haiti. Tanya: your remodel is looking good. I always like tan and brown for the permanent stuff and then use color for highlights. My kitchen has dark green lace curtains, towels, etc. My bathroom has lavender towels, bathmats, etc. My bedroom has maroon comforter and curtains, etc. As for paint, you need to decide on the mood you want for the room. Bright and cheery? Go with yellow or a bright green. Mellow and relaxing, go with blue or even a bluish grey. Home Depot's paint section has lots of color combinations you can explore. I would definitely do more than one color. Oops. gotta run. Christie: You are in my thoughts!
  6. Hi everyone! Sandy: Congrats on the challenge! You rock! Katy: I hope SC is taking it easy. Nancy: Have a good time with your son. Karen: I see you stole my hammock again! darn ya! Tanya: I am jealous you got to sleep in. Christie: So sorry to hear about your dad. Big hugs for you. I know its a tough time. Rhonda: Congrats on the ebay sales. It sounds like it is really picking up. Lisa: Good for you on your cooking. I like stocking up on stuff for the week or the month. My freezer is currently filled with soupj and chili. I'm going to broil a few chicken breasts this evening to put on salads throughout the week. To those I am missing, you get to pick your own personal - a) kick your butt into gear or your butt will kick you outta gear; b) You are in control of your own life, no one else is; c) do what you need to do today, tomorrow will take care of itself I didn't sleep well again last night. So, add me to the list of sleepy buds. My heart is heavy with the events in Haiti. Sometimes I am ashamed about how fortunate I really am.
  7. Sandy, I like veggies, but I don't consider them filling. I think the only thing that really gives me that full feeling is protien and carbs. I just can't seem to get anything moving on the job search and networking. The train is all out of gas and can't get out of the station. Karen: I'm really tempted to go crawl back into to bed. I'm tired and freezing cold. Bed seems like the best solution for each. But I can't do that. Too much stuff to do. I am falling behind on my job search plan and I need to get back to it.
  8. good morning ladies. Well, its probably afternoon for a lot of you, so Good Afternoon! I took the sleeping pill last night and it worked pretty well. I got a good night's sleep, but I still feel like I am dragging. I think I have some catching up to do. Before going to bed last night, I threw a bunch of chili fixings in the crockpot. I will be eating that for a while, but its more like a pot of beans then chili. I don't think I put enough spices in it. They are fairly decent and will do. Katy: Glad to hear SC got the clot taken care of. Karen: To bad about the pending house guest. Hopefully, he wont stay long. Esther: Good job on the work out Rhonda: An ebay sale! Good for you! Tanya: thanks for the post on the filling foods. Some of them make sense, but some don't. i just don't find veggies to be very filling. Sandy: enjoy your training Cressa: How are you doing these days?
  9. Hi ladies. I'm just doing a very fast check in. I haven't sleep well the past few nights. Last night I think I slept a total of 2 hours in 20 minute intervals. I tried to take a nap, but it just wasn't happening. My brain keeps running in overdrive. I've cancelled the rest of the day and plan to veg on the sofa, then take a sleeping pill so I can get a full night of sleep. I'll check back in tomorrow.
  10. Soooo, most of the buds are probably snoozing away already. I thought I would just pop on to get a jolt of inspiration. I forgot how inspiring it is to jump on and see all you wonderful ladies plugging away with your exercise and all that other goodness. The food stuff hasn't gone so well today. I haven't over eaten, I've under eaten this time. The day just blew by without any time for eating. After my first post in which I reporting I had only had a banana to eat, I was starving, but nothing in the house sounded good. I have no junk food in the house which is what I would have turned to. Instead, and first, I remembered seeing an interview with Dr Oz (I think that was who it was) and he recommended you eat a piece of wheat bread with a bit of olive oil 30 minutes before dinner to curb your appetitive. So I did that, but added balsamic vinegar to the olive oil. yum-o. Then I had some of my modified veggie soup and added in some cheese. That did the trick. However, I did that at about 3:00 and then got caught up in some meetings. Its now 10:00. I just got out of the church council meeting which lasted waaaaaay too long and got me all wound up. So, now I am enjoying a 3 pt beer, there will be a 2nd and then something simple (apple and cheese) before bed. Good night all!
  11. Hi buddies... Happy Monday. It is Monday, right? I feel like it should be Tuesday or Wednesday. Oh well, that means there is still time to get a jump on the week. I blew it yesterday. My dinner was tortilla chips dipped in chili con queso and beer. Oh, and I had some orange bread (or maybe it was cake) for breakfast. Trying to get back on track today, though. I've only had a banana and I am really hungry but nothing sounds good. Karen: congrats on the 7 lbs down! Tanya: Its only Monday, don't get overwhelmed yet. You have all week to do that. Esther: Stay warm. Too bad about the pipe. Drats. The computer or the website is acting up. I will have to come back later.
  12. Hi buddies! Is it Friday already! Tanya and Karen: Thanks for the motivational stuff. It is so easy to forget the basics in life that make it worth living. Rhonda: Beautiful! Cressa: Sorry the seniors pooped on you. Everyone else: Happy Friday. Today's menu plan: b: oatmeal w/ banana and milk L: veggie soup (it has sweet potatoes and barely in it so its not 0 points) - I will probably throw a bit of cheese in there too. D: fajitas (chicken, red and green bell pepers, onions, ff sour cream, ff cheese and salsa wrapped with ww tortilla) I will have to think about a snack. I'm also going to try to do 30 minutes on the treadmill and then some crunches, squats, push up and lunges. (2 each! - j/k) The sun is shining today, but its cold outside. That's ok. I like it when the sun shines. We don't get that very often during the winter around here. Ok. One more cup of coffee and then I will switch to water or tea.
  13. I just slammed out the church 2010 budget. $250,000 spent! I had a good time doing it and I KNOW I am a budget geek and get enjoyment out of something everyone hates. The general philosophy, everyone tighten their belts, but we don't "really" expect anyone to do so. wink wink... I can't tell you how many times I said, "What the..." tonight while reviewing 2009 numers. Ok, I think I have asked this before, but I can't remember... Does wine count as a fruit?
  14. G'evening ladies! I feel like I have been spinning my wheels all day, but haven't gotten anywhere! Phew. I'm exhausted and I still have to go do my church volunteer stuff. Its budget time and I am way behind the schedule I set for myself. I will have to plow through it tonight, though. I'm doing ok with the food today. I had a blueberry smoothy this morning and then spent about 20 minutes trying to brush the blueberry skins off my teeth. They are buggers to get off, but the smoothy was good (orange juice, milk, vanilla yogurt, a banana and some frozen blueberries). For lunch I had some left over bean soup with parmasean cheese mixed in. hmmm... was there something else? I don't think so. I've had three glasses of Fresca mixed with Crystal Light, a pot of coffee and about 1/2 glass of regular water with my meds. So, it looks like we have a bunch of buddies buying new clothes and a bunch who are freezing!! I freeze some of the time during the day, but I'm unwilling to turn the heat up too much because I know I will be miserable when the hot flashes hit. At night, I turn the furnace down to 60 degrees and then sleep under a light throw blanket. It seems to be working so far to keep the night sweats down. I've found 5 companies to target with cold letters and calls. I don't expect any of them to have jobs for me, but this is going to be primarily a networking activity. My career coach and I have been going back and forth on the letter and I do believe its looking pretty good. The first 5 will go out tomorrow and then I will start following them up with calls next week. My goal is to do 5 letters and 5 calls per day. I'm off to budget! chat with ya later
  15. Hello Ladies, Ok. I'm going to make an effort to post every day. Please don't hound on me if I don't do personals or don't respond to everyone's post. Sometimes its pretty time consuming to read everything. I finally got around to hitting the grocery store today. The cats were out of food, so it was important. I wouldn't have survived another morning without wet food to put in their bowls. Mind you, they are fine with dry food and they aren't going to starve anytime soon, but the ritual is so important for them. In general, my plan for this week's food is as follows: B: yogurt with fiber one cereal mixed in OR smoothy w/ frozen blueberries, yogurt, milk and a banana. L: Veggie soup - I've added sweet potatoes to starch it up a bit. I think I might add barely to it as well. If I don't have soup for lunch, I will have a chicken ceaser salad or some other kind of salad. D: Fajitas!! Its going to be a Mexican week! I have a stockpile of whole wheat, low carb tortillas. The fajitas will have 25% meat (I have beef and chicken) and 75% veggies (saute'd onions, green and red bell peppers). I have fat free sour cream, fat free cheese and fresh salsa. I may also do fish tacos with the tortillas, cod and mango salsa. Priority one will be to get my fluids up. Its hard for me to drink my quota of water in the winter, so I will make a point of doing that. Please bear with me for a while. I really need to prioritize my motivational efforts right now. I'm starting a cold call campaign for the job situation and its going to take everything I have to keep that going. I might have to make 100 phone calls before I get one promising lead, which is going to hit my ego like a set of brass knuckles. In the meantime... water, fruits and veggies water, fruits and veggies water, fruits and veggies hugs!
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