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  1. jkitt


    Hi everyone, I've lost 27 lb so far and am at a point where I think my number of daily points should be changing. I've heard about a "quiz" to take to determine the number of points I should be eating. Can anyone tell me where to find this quiz? TIA! Jennifer
  2. jkitt

    Salsa points?

    Thanks for the reply, Blake. I won't be using any sugar, corn, or beans, so I was hoping for 0 points with just the veggies. Thanks! Jennifer
  3. Hi everyone, I have all these fresh tomatoes in my garden and would love to make some salsa! Trouble is, I'm not sure how the points will work. I have found in my book that 2 Tbsp. salsa = 0 points, but if I eat more than 2 Tbsp, when will I need to count points? The salsa won't be anything fancy - just tomatoes, jalapenos, basil, green onions, etc. Any thoughts? TIA! Jennifer
  4. I feel a lot better. Thanks for the wonderful support, everyone! Jennifer
  5. Hi everyone, I am relatively new to this board, but love the support I see here! I have lost 17 pounds so far - yeah! (about 70 more to go) I've done well staying within my points and am exercising 5 days a week. I've been losing about 2 pounds a week. I'm somewhat confused though; I guess I thought I'd see a bigger difference in my body after that amount. My husband says he can tell, and I can definitely feel a difference in my clothes. Some of my pants are almost too loose now. However, I went shopping today, thinking I'd be able to go down a size in shorts, but the size down was too tight. Also, none of my daily aquaintances have mentioned anything about me looking different. I'm beginning to think my scale is lying to me! Anyone else experience this and when will I "really" see a difference? Jennifer
  6. Thank you Laurie and Tinka! I appreciate your help! Jennifer
  7. Hi everyone, This is my first post on this board! I love all the support I see here! Yesterday my OB mentioned that she wants me to get more calcium and told me that the Viactive Calcium Chocolate Chews are 0 WW points. Does anyone know if this is true? TIA!
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