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  1. Have any of you mums out there gone from the post-partum jelly belly to fab abs? Please share your routine! I used to have decent abs, no six pack or anything, prior to my pregnancy. I don't know if it was the c-section or just the pregnancy in general but now my belly is ALL jelly. I hate it. It seems like no matter what I do, it doesn't get any less "jelly-ish". Even when I "suck in" and can feel that I have my abs as tight as I can make them, I still have the jiggle going on. Help! I want nice abs again!
  2. I think the Deep Chocolate ones are heaven sent!!!!! I love them to get my chocolate fix! Funny story...I saw on the website that the grocery store I always shop at carried them. I looked through that entire store about 4 different times trying to find them. Finally I went through the health food freezer section....there they were! I had no idea they would be in the freezer case! LOL So just FYI in case you didn't know where to look!
  3. Okay I figured the points from the Chili's website nutrition info Lettuce wraps w/o sauces - 7pts Sesame Ginger Dipping Sauce - 1pt Peanut Dipping Sauce - 5pts Nice to have options like these when going out to eat!
  4. This is my favorite thing to get at Chili's. I would like to assume it is one of the healthiest meals on the menu. Anyone know the point value of these??
  5. I earn about 5 activity points per day from exercising. (runnning, weight lifting & ab work) I know how important it is to eat all of your DPA but should I try to eat my activity points or are they there just in case you get hungrier from working out??
  6. Anyone have a tasty recipe for low point pizza?? Cheese only is fine with me if it keeps me low in the points!
  7. We're having a food day at work tomorrow and the theme is munchies. Mini sandwiches, dips, spreads, meatballs, etc etc. I need ideas on something to bring that is WW friendly & easy to transport.
  8. If you have a really bad day, point-wise, do you "erase" that day from your week. Meaning in that you don't use up all your flex points for the week from that one really bad day? I was just curious because on Wednesday, we went out to eat twice and I know my points were most likely over my DPA and FP for the entire week. I want to have my flex points available for "treats" over the weekend if needed but didn't know if I should forget about Wednesday and move on, learning from my mistakes of course , or if I should stay hard core and not use any of my flex points this weekend.
  9. Hi! My name is Tara. I literally just started WW on Tuesday 7/3. I am doing the program at home. I used to always be the thin girl. Then I got married, added a few pounds, then I turned 21, added a few pounds, then I had a baby, added a few pounds. You can see where this is going. I am someone that will kill myself at the gym but then I would screw it all up by eating the wrong things. I am looking forward to being accountable to the people here on the boards. My goal is to reach my goal weight by October 1st because we are going on vacation then & I want to be able to take tons of pictures on vacation & not feel embarrassed how I look.
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