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  1. Welcome back!!! Congratulations on you new little one. So sorry to hear about your health issues. I hope you can do WW again.
  2. Happy Anniversary!!! That is such a great accomplishment!!!
  3. kygrl

    I Made IT!

    Congratulations! :bcb_bravo
  4. kygrl

    I did it!!!!

    You are truly and inspiration!!!
  5. I'm back after a long break and I looked you up because you inspired me so much when I was here before. WOW! WOW! WOW! You look absolutely amazing!! I'm so proud of you!
  6. You look amazing!!! I've been off the boards for a while and I remember you from before. You have got to be very proud of the accomplishment you have made. You are truly an inspiration to those of us who have fell off the wagon.
  7. I received my Transfirmation set yesterday, of course it throws the calender off so I went ahead and did Hi Def Sclupt.(I actually completed it!!!!!) Should I go ahead and do Cardio Party tommorrow or make it a rest day and then do Hi Def Sculpt Express on Thursday? Also, I don't know if I am going to be sore tommorrow, I would say I did 95% of the moves right but is this enough?? Should I still do my walking or riding my exercise bike? I want to do enough but I don't want to over do it. P.S. Thank you JoAnne for helping me. I am still going to order the Transfirmer set in a couple of months, so my knees can build up a bit.
  8. kygrl


    Since walking on my treadmill, I have learned that it takes me about a minute to burn one stinking little calorie. So when I go through the kitchen and I see that piece of cake that has a million calories in it,can I pass it up?? You betcha!!!!
  9. (Most people walk in and out of your life........but FRIENDS leave footprints in your heart.!!) I hope you don`t mind but I used this for my signature. These words ring so true I just couldn`t resist. Thank you so much for so many laughs you have given me. You are a true blessing to BCB.
  10. kygrl


    I`m kinda new too, still searching the boards reading,learning,getting to know all these wonderful people. When I get the urge to screw up everything I have worked hard for these last two weeks,I log on to BCB and I read the tales of others who have felt the same way, they inspire me and somehow I forget all about my urges. You can do this,just believe in yourself.
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