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  1. I just typed out a whole huge reply, and then it didn't take it, ugh! Anyway, I'm not crying about this or worrying about the past/future, or anything, really. I'm just confused and discouraged. I'm a very optimistic person, I just need a little kick in the butt sometimes. I guess I could use a little more water or exercise, even though I didn't really pay attention to that last time. I do weigh in once a week. I've always weighed in on Fridays, but my points reset on Sundays... does that affect it? I don't know why it changed it to Sundays, but it says I can't change it "for a few weeks" And I'm doing this at home, no meetings for me. Thanks guys
  2. So I stared on here in 07'. I lost a good amount of weight. I started at 220, and ended up at 175. I loved it. Once I reached 175, I thought, "I can do this! I don't need WW anymore. I can do it myself." STUPID IDEA. When I started up again a month ago, I was around 230 (I was on a bad scale, so that's kind of a guestimation) Anyway, I started on 11/21. It's now 12/17 and I am "down" to 227.6. For all I know, I could have started at 227 anyway, so I consider myself to have lost no weight at all. In 07', I lost weight every single week. By this time, I would have lost 6lbs, at least. I'm so bummed guys. What should I do? FYI, I'm 21, 5' 2.5" tall, go to school for medical assisting, and I'm on Lo/Ovral-28 birth control pills. I'm thinking about switching my BCP next pack anyway, though, because it exacerbates some of my (visible) PCOS symptoms (which has never effected my weight before)
  3. Well, I never had the Applebee's kind, but the Chilli's kind (Sweet Shots) are really good! They have Dutch Apple Caramel (230/6/1), Seven Layers of Chocolate (310/16/1) and Strawberry Vanilla Cheesecake (220/7/5). Even though it's heavy on the points, the choc. one is my favorite if I can afford the extra!
  4. Well, I must have gotten a cold last night/this morning and I am RAVENOUS! I haven't gotten a cold in a long long time, and back when I did, I wasn't on WW... so I can't remember if this is normal or not. I'm just glad that I have a good deal of weekly points left, but still, it's annoying! Anybody else get that?
  5. Hehehhe... short people unite!
  6. YAY! Finally! I'm SO proud! I can definetly see the difference, and I feel so GREAT! I have more energy and I really feel in control of what I look like now... What an ego boost! Even though I'm a lurker on here, I visit very often and love to see all the advice and love in this community! Before: After:
  7. So, I love cheese, and grilled cheese is one of my favorite ways to enjoy it. I figured out a great way to have it and not make it be 11 points like the ww online tool says! Pepperidge Farm Light Style 7 Grain Bread That's the bread, two slices comes out to 1 point, if I am not mistaken. Kraft 2% American Cheese Slices And that's the cheese, 2 points for two slices (One doesn't make it cheeeessyyy enough lol). And for cooking, I found the best way is to toast the bread, put the cheese in it, spray outsides of bread with "I can't believe it's not butter" spray, and then put it in the broiler in the oven, turning it every once and a while until the cheese is done.. it melts fast! And for even less points, you could use the ff cheese, but I usually like to have a little bit of fat, or else I get hungry later! Enjoy!
  8. put it on anything? hehe, sorry, I Ohhh, they do have some on the website... here are the low-fat recepies (none are too interesting though ) http://www.franksredhot.com/recipe/rb/franks/?id=122&cname=Low+Fat
  9. Ahhh, this has been worrying me a lot lately... I just hope that the fact that I am young and don't have any hanging stomach or anything that hopefully I don't have that issue... stupid discovery channel planting worries in my head... lol
  10. Oh wow! That sounds almost too good to be true! Hehe, maybe I should get it... what should I start with?
  11. Cozzana

    Kashi Vive

    Yeah! It is great! I haven't really tried the other Kashi cereals, but this one is seriously better than any other cereal I have tried so far And, at least for me, it's the kind of cereal that I only want a tiny bit of milk in, because it has so much great texture, I don't want to make it soggy (Yay! Less points!)
  12. Cozzana

    Kashi Vive

    OH MAN! This stuff is good! I guess Kashi just came out with a new cereal, and it's so amazing. "Toasted Graham and Vanilla" Smells like smores, and tastes even better. And even more amazing than that, it really fills you up. Normally I'm hungry shortly after I eat cereal, but this stuff really works for me! It's got a whole bunch of great things in it too, here's more info ^_^ http://www.kashi.com/ourfood/Vive/ProbioticCereals/Default.aspx
  13. Well, I'm new here too, but, I honestly think that if you stick to the plan, and make some supportive buddies on here, there will be no stopping you! You really can do what you want if you put your mind to it WW is working awesome so far for me... there are so many little changes that really make a big difference, and I just hadn't realized them before. I wish you best of luck, and we are all here to help you on your journey!
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