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  1. I'm collecting friends today :) I don't quite get this whole profile thing, but figured it was time that I embraced it and got myself some friends LOL

  2. Hello! I don't usually post here, but I can't help it this week!! I'm TOTALLY inspired by Joanne's FIRM trip and ALL those workouts she has planned!! Just had to get in here and give Joanne her props!!! Please give lots of details when you return and maybe even pics???!!!
  3. Made it today for dinner - Made a lot and DH and I both LOVED it! THANKS!
  4. Just wanting to comment on this one since I just got my TransFIRMation set today after ordering on Aug 12th. Yesterday, I had spent about 10 minutes on the phone with customer service for them to tell me that the set shipped on 8/16 so I knew to expect it pretty soon. I called cause I hadn't seen any charge to my account yet, but I did get a confirmation email with an order number right after I ordered. I hope this helps and if you ordered same day as I did, maybe very soon you'll see your set! Mine was shipped out of Ohio. BTW, I'm a brand new FIRM convert and just popped everything out of the box today, read through the material and started on the schedule they suggest for beginners today! I'm SO EXCITED and ready to see some changes! Today was Hi Def Sculpt with no weights! Probably sounds really simple to you veterans out there, but it totally kicked my butt and I felt great when I was done! Good Luck to all!
  5. Woo Hoo, Lesa! Took me a while to find these pics, but I'm so glad I did! What an INSPIRATION!!! You look like a whole new person! WONDERFUL! STUPENDOUS! AMAZING!!! I'm SO looking forward to becoming a great success story like you are! THANKS FOR SHARING!!
  6. Welcome, Empowered! Glad you found BCB and all the great help that is available here. It took me a few days to "read around" and see where I thought I belonged. Have fun and stay empowered!
  7. Beautiful gift and great idea! (and boy did the title of the thread make me click the mouse as fast as I could!! )
  8. Hello! I'm new, too, and agree with MT that the big word to remember is PLAN! I just yesterday realized how little I was eating (which was not a good thing) and it all stemmed from me having a couple of days unplanned where I just stopped eating several meals instead of eating bad stuff. Either way it would have been wrong, so I need to work harder to plan each day in the AM and be prepared for all that my day can throw at me! My first couple of days were a bit of an adjustment, too, but it wasn't long before I was saying to myself, "I can't believe I am having this huge plate of food!" All good stuff! Just keep the right stuff on hand and you won't feel like you're eating a fraction of what you used to eat. Lots of fruits and veggies are my favorites! Cathy & hope to be chattin' with you on the boards!
  9. Hello Knitting Buddies! I saw the title of the thread and was immediately drawn in! I'm new to BCB, but not to knitting! Love it! I, also, have been passing the time with dishcloths lately - partly because of the heat of the summer months and also just cause its quick and you get instant results! Happy to hear there are lots more knitting fans out there.
  10. Congrats on your wedding and !! Great choice to get started now on healthy living and lookin' great!
  11. and I know you'll do well here! I have found that BCB even works to keep me away from food while inspiring me to keep up the great work and stay OP!!
  12. Mine was a picture. I usually do my best to stay out of photos, but my husband innocently took one while we were at the beach and I was just standing there watching the grandkids - not even in a swimsuit! - and when I saw it, I was completely horrified, mortified, shocked, embarrassed, etc! Still took me a while to land on a plan for me, but everything leads back to that picture!
  13. Welcome and great choice to get back in control! You've got lots of buddies here to help!
  14. Looks like you've already done some hard work! You will find tons of great support, inspiration and info here to get you to your goal! Welcome !
  15. Sorry I'm a little late, but WELCOME anyway! I'm new, too, so it takes me a while to get around on the site. So much to read and enjoy and be encouraged & inspired by! Greta 7/9/07 SW290 - looking forward to first WI
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