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  1. I'm a returning member, new to points plus. My husband is joining me on this journey. Today is our first day and my question is more for him than me-- what is the absolute MINIMUM of points someone should eat in a day? His daily target is 54, and here we are, halfway through the day, and he is focused on eating as few points as possible-- he's only had 4 points today! I am telling him he needs to eat more but we are wondering what is the absolute minimum that is OK to eat in one day? I know the minimum daily points target is 29, but is it ever ok to eat less than 29?
  2. Thanks, guys. your responses made me feel a lot better about the fact that i can barely sit down on the toilet today! TMI?? seriously, though, i can barely go up and down stairs, but if that's what it takes for the strength to "stick", then i will keep it up. i took a short walk today, and tomorrow i will probably do cardio or just a walk, and maybe by saturday i will feel able to bend my legs normally again...
  3. Hey guys, I went to this "muscle fitness" class at my gym this morning and it was quite a workout! i was wondering what exactly it means when your muscles start shaking...does that mean you should give it a rest, or is it ok to keep going? i have had this happen when i do the circuit training machines at the gym, but it wasn't quite as dramatic as it was this morning... thanks!
  4. sj1982

    Spinning class

    i just did my first spinning class on monday-- it was ROUGH!!! i consider myself to be fairly "in shape" and i could barely keep up-- i couldn't even stand up each time i was supposed to stand! i was a bit sore today but i have a feeling tomorrow will be worse. i am thinking about going tomorrow night, though....we shall see if i can even walk...
  5. and i hope you don't mind, but i am thinking about stealing your exercise ticker idea!!
  6. there was a thread put up on BCB recently that was referring to a book, but i can't remember the title, it was something about best foods/worst foods, and the poster had put an excerpt that listed these foods that one would think were "good" but that really had tons of fat and calories...one i remember was those mini turkey burgers at ruby tuesday's and there was a taco salad...does anyone know what i am talking about?! i can't seem to find it...
  7. self punishment is a really interesting concept. the past week and a half i have been eating like crazy, not keeping up with it and once i start i can't stop. someone mentioned on another thread how once they go off program it just snowballs from there because they feel guilty about having messed up so they just keep doing it. i think that is true for me, too. once i screw up once, i continue to punish myself for it. i am going to keep this thread in mind and look back at it when i am having one of those days/weeks/months. i have also noticed that the more i hang out on these boards, the better i do. the past few weeks i have felt too busy to keep up with the boards, and i have royally screwed up. in the past day or two, i have come back to the boards, and i already feel better and more positive and motivated to get back on track
  8. i definitely recommend posting in the weekly weigh ins board on the day of your weigh in. you start to know who weighs in on the same day as you and you look forward to hearing about their progress and sharing your own take on the previous week.
  9. i was going to ask about callas myself. i bought some bulbs for the first time, and pots and dirt and all that, stupidly forgetting that i would be moving soon and reallly wouldnt have time to deal with it till i did. now the bulbs are sitting there, not planted, and i was wondering if it would be OK to wait till May, after i move, to plant them. also, i was doing this as an experiment to see if i could plant my own wedding flowers, but if sometimes they take a year or more to bloom, i think i will have to forget that idea!!!
  10. hey, have y'all seen mrss lately? maybe i am paranoid, but she didn't post on this week's WI and i don't see that she has posted here...
  11. you are so right. i had a horrible, OFF-P week last week, and it started as just one meal, then that meal turned into a whole day, and then it just snowballed from there because i felt so crappy for having screwed up in the first place. it's really hard to get out of that mindset (i'm still working on it)~
  12. ANOTHER question today i went to a step class at the gym and when i got out i had the BEST exercise high ever. i started working out last july, and since then i have only felt a "high" TWICE. is there any way to make it more frequent?!
  13. wow, guys, thanks for the info. i will probably just return them, then. at work we sometimes go on 25-35 minute walks and i try to walk pretty fast, i just thought the weights would add a little more umph to it. but if it's that much stress on my joints, no thank you!
  14. ANOTHER question (that puts me at 2 above quota ) do any of you guy use ankle or wrist weights? i got some at the store today that are adjustable from .5-2.5 pounds each. some days my only workout is to go for a 20-30 minute walk around my neighborhood, so i thought about wearing them then. has anyone ever done this? i was also considering wearing the ankle weights under my clothes on regular days, like to work or when i go out running errands or going shopping. what do you all think of that? thanks again, guys!
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